Aquapurr Reviews

Aquapurr Reviews – Best Automatic Cat Faucet (2021)

If you are a cat owner, you probably know that these furry creatures are fussy about the source of water they drink from. They are often attracted to flowing water and ignore drinking from a bowl or dish. They like dipping their paws in the faucet that has water flowing out of it. This is where the concept of automatic cat faucet emerged from.

In this review, we talk about the innovative Aquapurr fountain system that aims to improve your cat’s drinking experience. This review discusses the product’s features, advantages and implications to help you understand whether it is a worthy purchase.

Aquapurr Reviews – UPDATED 20

Aquapurr was invented as a simple way to offer fresh running water to cats without having to deal with the cleaning and maintenance of traditional water fountains. This device gets owners rid of refilling bowls and clean reservoirs as it requires no cleaning. Moreover, there is no need to take care of batteries, filters or electric supply. It features a convenient setup that busy cat owners would surely appreciate.

The cat drinking system consists of a platform, a hose and hardware connections. It fastens directly to the spout and assembling the entire system is simple and quick. The platform is the biggest part of the unit and is designed to be thin yet firm and sturdy. It has an ‘L’ shaped connector with a hose at one of the ends and the other end open for inserting a pivot. The cat drinks at the pivot.

Whenever the cat stands on the aluminum platform, the weight activates a spring-type button at the bottom to create pressure in the pivot. Cats smaller in size and weighing around 3 pounds can also activate the unit so this system suits small and big pets. It includes a valve that lets the cat use it on a regular basis.


  • Automatic water supply for the cat
  • Easy to assemble without any tools needed
  • Always makes fresh water available
  • No worry about power outages
  • Aluminum panel doesn’t rust
  • Ideal to prevent feline acne
  • No cleaning requirement
  • No need to change water from the bowl
  • Stainless steel connectors won’t rust with time
  • No risk of bacteria like in still water


  • Doesn’t have a filter
  • Some sinks won’t have so much space
  • Can scare the cat in the beginning

Automatic Cat Faucets – A Complete Guide

Automatic cat faucets are a great way to make sure your kitty always has fresh water available. These motion sensor cat water fountains offer flowing water to the cat without any effort on the owner’s end. While leaving your faucet running continuously wastes a lot of water, automatic systems start the water flow when they sense the cat’s presence and shut off when it leaves.

While there are several options for automatic cat faucets, the first consideration is the type of drinking water system that suits the cat personality. If you have a feline that gets easily scared by noises, you want to look for a quiet fountain. On the other hand, a cat that loves drinking water from a faucet would want something that attaches to the sink like the Aquapurr.

Automatic Cat Faucet

Another consideration for an automatic cat faucet is hygiene. You should look for fountains that are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. While plastic units are easily available and affordable, stainless steel and ceramic are better choices talking about the ease of maintenance and hygiene. You should also ensure that the fountain is easy to refill. A great option is to look for something that attaches to your water supply like a sink faucet so you don’t have to remember adding water.

Self-Cleaning Cat Fountains – What You Should Know?

Cat fountains are a great way to provide flowing water for your pets and come in a wide variety. However, it is important to consider the hygiene of your feline friend when using these systems. A number of fountain systems are recirculating in nature, circulating the same water again and again to save waste. This means the water gets dirty and stale. Cat saliva mixes with the water to grow slime. They generally have filters to keep the water hygienic. Cleaning such a system is a hassle because you need to carry it to the sink, disassemble and clean.

A self-cleaning cat fountain like the Aquapurr does not have a filter and doesn’t require manual cleaning. They don’t recirculate water so there is no reservoir to clean. It always has a fresh flow of water available to the cat for drinking. Moreover, there is no worrying about having to refill the fountain every day. This type of cat fountains also has no pump noises to deal with. Aquapurr works on the mechanism of pressure exerted by the cat’s weight. Self-cleaning cat fountains are small and portable and need lesser space as there is no reservoir.

Best Cat Drinking Fountain – UPDATED 2021

There are several options for cat drinking fountains available in a wide variety of features and mechanisms. Aquapurr is the best choice for an automatic cat fountain as it requires no effort beyond setup. It employs a motion-sensor technology to trigger the fountain only when the cat is around. This saves both energy and water. It connects to the faucet and doesn’t hinder the use of the sink. It connects to almost any faucet and runs quietly.

Here are some more options to consider:

JNWAYB Smart Cat Water Fountain

It is a great choice for a motion-sensing water fountain that doesn’t need to attach to the sink. It operates in three different modes including an automatic mode that runs the fountain when the cat enters. It is made out of BPA-free materials and features a multiple-filtration system to keep odors away. The bucket holds 2.5 litres of water and it can be detached easily to clean. The ultra-silent pump is shockproof.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

One of the most popular lines of automatic cat water fountains, the PetSafe Drinkwell makes it easy to make drinking water available to your pet. The Platinum model has a large water reservoir to save time refilling. It also offers an adjustable flow feature to customize the water flow for the pet. Also included is a carbon water filter that keeps bad odors and taste away. Integrated LED illuminates the reservoir for easy viewing in the nighttime.


Aquapurr is certainly one of the best products for cats that have developed a habit of drinking water from your faucet. It is a self-cleaning, automatic water fountain that saves you from having to worry about cleaning or refilling. Simply attach it to the sink and your cat always has a fresh stream of water available.