Bark Potty Reviews

Bark Potty Reviews – Best Balcony Pee Pads For Dogs (2021)

Apartment dwellers who don’t have access to open yards know the pain of picking up cold, urine-soaked potty pads a number of times a day. While these pads are much cheaper, they have high chances of leaking through and producing foul odor. Plus, potty pads aren’t environment friendly. Pads use plastic and chemicals to absorb urine.

A safer and more natural alternative to the mess is an indoor potty system. Ideal to be used by the urban population, or pet owners with mobility issues. Indoor potty boxes like Bark Potty are designed to be more sustainable to the environment and still be effective.

In this article, let’s review Bark Potty and pit it against other readily available methods of dog  potty disposal.

Bark Potty Reviews – UPDATED 2021

All all-natural dog potty, the Bark Potty works as a disposable bathroom for dogs. It is also a safe and eco-friendly alternative to potty pads. It is easy to set up and convenient to use. Since bark potty is devoid of any toxic chemicals that are found in pee pads, it is safer for dogs and humans living in the home.

Similar to indoor dog potties which have real grass on them, the Bark Potty is designed from real bark. The Bark Potty box is a flat, wax-coated cardboard box. Real bark is mixed with organic ingredients and that mixture forms the base which stays in place due to a mesh netting on top.

If your dog has a tendency to scratch the area after potty, you don’t need to worry about the compost getting flung all over the house. The box itself is 2-foot by 2-foot square, which is the perfect size for small and medium breed dogs. The brand also offers a double-box unit designed specially for larger breeds.

The inner wax coating prevents the urine from leaking through. When your dog urinates, the pee goes through the mesh net and soaks through the bark compost. The natural bacteria in the compost breaks down the pee odor.

As with poop, there are convenient poop bags installed at the top left corner of the box. All you have to do is pick it up and dump it in, something you would do if you were on a walk. The surface of the Bark Potty remains dry at all times, thanks to the hydrophobic bark resins that repel moisture. It draws out liquids to the bottom of the box and stimulates evaporation leaving the surface area dry.

Training your dogs to the Bark Potty is as easy as getting them to sniff it. As it contains natural scents that are usually found outdoors. These scents drive your pets towards the Bark Potty and makes training so much easier. The product also comes with a small bottle of pheromones which you can spray to entice your pets if they are reluctant to go near.

One Bark Potty box gives around 2 to 4 weeks of usage depending on how frequently it is used and by how many dogs. Although they may be a bit pricier than pee pads and indoor grass systems, they are healthier for your pet.

Balcony Pee Pads For Dogs – What You Should Know?

Pee pads made of artificial grass are a convenient and reusable option you can use both indoors and outdoors. Beneath the artificial grass layer, there lie plastic trays that help drain the liquid from the grass and keep the upper layer fresh and dry. Since the grass is artificial, it is odor-resistant and does not invite bugs and ticks overtime.

Some pee pads are made of moisture wicking fabric that absorbs urine quickly and can be machine washed. They lock in the wetness and come with a leak-proof plastic lining. Some even come with a quilted upper layer which offers extra comfort and effectively absorbs wetness.

Pee pads are a great way to potty train your pet and save your home from the mess. They are completely hassle-free, all you need to do is wash each piece of pee pad with warm soapy water and let it air dry.

Balcony Pee Pads For Dogs

Make Your Own Bark Potty

●  Find a tarp which is a little wider and longer than your bark area. A grey or a brown colored tarp is much less                noticeable than a typical blue tarp.

●  Lay down the tarp in the balcony or on your porch and fill it in with the bark mulch.

●  Use a couple of pieces of wood at the edges to keep the tarp in place.

●  Keep a trash can nearby with disposable bags to collect the poop in.

●  For regular maintenance, rake the mulch with a shovel to help keep peed on areas dry.

●  You can also spray vinegar every day or so to counteract odor.

●  A couple of times of year, try replacing old mulch with fresh mulch as a part of maintenance.

Bark Potty Vs Fresh Patch – How They Compare?

While both are natural, sustainable and eco-friendly dog boxes, they have certain differences. Since Fresh Patch is made up of grass, there are chances dogs might chew on it. If your pet loves to chew on things, be aware that Fresh Patch is not chew proof nor does it come in a chew resistant design. On the other hand, dogs can chew on the bark mulch laid down by the Bark Potty.

Fresh Patch runs the chances of damaged grass wherein fresh green grass can easily turn brown and nasty overtime. With its expensive price, Fresh Patch can start emitting bad smell quicker than Bark Potty. Unlike grass used for Fresh Patch, Bark Potty has a long shelf life.

The bark mulch won’t die or rot when stored. However, if you think your dog will prefer the feeling of fresh grass over bark compost, Fresh Patch might be the one for you. For the long haul, we would still recommend Bark Potty as a better alternative.