Best Dog Hair Gel

Best Dog Hair Gel & Styling Products – A Complete Guide

One of the most exciting parts about being a pet owner is the grooming sessions. Apart from keeping your beloved companion clean and healthy, a proper grooming session helps keep your pet looking great all the time.

There are several dog-safe products you can use to bath, and style your pooch. You can even find hair gel and styling products to give the desired look to your pup, whether or not they are appearing for a show or photoshoot.

In this guide, let us discuss the primary considerations about using hair styling products safely for your dogs to keep them looking their best.

Best Dog Hair Gel – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

Hair gels are excellent styling options for pet owners looking to keep their four-legged friends looking great. While it is natural to be tempted to use a non-toxic human hair styling product for your dog, it is important to note that human hair gels can be problematic for animals and result in serious consequences. You should look for appropriate, approved dog-safe alternatives to style your pet’s coat for shows, photoshoots, or as part of regular grooming.

A dog’s coat is prone to attracting a lot of grime and dirt. Applying a sticky substance like hair gel can leave a sticky mark with all the dirt and dust coming in contact with the hair. Another important consideration is the risk associated with matting. Though hair gels can finish up grooming for a dog’s hair, there is always a chance of hair clumping together and resulting in discomfort. It is therefore advisable to keep the pet’s hair combed and clean all the time to avoid any such problem.

Always look for dog-safe hair gels which are non-toxic and clear. A water-based gel is the most recommended option for dog hair styling. Moreover, make sure the product is approved by the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association to avoid any side effects. These finishing sprays leave the coat shiny, smooth, and easy to brush and help you maintain the health and beauty of your pet’s coat.

Understanding Dog Hair Styling Products

As pet owners look for more options to style their pups at home, the market sees new and new products intended to help you groom conveniently to give your pooch the desired look. From leave-in conditioners to hairspray and hair gels to spritzes, there are several options when it comes to styling your dog. These products are specifically made for pets and are safe for everyday use.

Apart from pet-safe hair gels, you might need a good brush depending on the dog breed. You can get a slick brush for a long-haired canine while rakes are great for dematting. Short-haired dogs may need bristle brushes while steel combs help detangle to give your pooch a smooth coat. Then, there are plenty of options for leave-on conditioners and other products aimed at making it easy to style your dog’s coat. Regardless of the type of haircut you choose for your pup, there are so many dog hair styling products to choose from.

However, it is important to be careful when selecting products for your dog’s hair. Always prefer reputed brands to ensure quality and safety. Dog products should be formulated keeping in mind their skin and hair type. Make sure the products are free of any harmful chemicals or preservatives that could compromise their health if ingested while licking.

Pet Safe Hair Gel – What You Should Know?

It is always fun to style your dog’s hair so they look cute. However, it is important to remember that they are animals and have unique requirements. Products designed for humans are not always pet-safe. You might be tempted to share your hair styling products with your pooch but it is worth noting that human hair gel is not suitable for dogs for several reasons. You should avoid using even a non-toxic product on the pet’s hair and rather look for pet-safe, approved dog alternatives to avoid any potential issues.

Hair gel made for humans generally contains alcohol to dry out the hair. These hair styling products also have some preservatives to prevent any bacteria growth over time. Though not instantly harmful in tiny doses, such chemicals and substances can be unsafe for pets when used for extended periods. Ingredients like perfume scents, alcohol, and preservatives used in hair gels can pose risk to your pup’s health and result in serious illnesses of the stomach if ingested.

DIY Dog Hair Gel – How To Make Dog Hair Gel At Home?

If you are concerned about the ingredients in store-bought styling products, you can consider making a DIY dog hair gel in some easy steps. Preparing a dog hair gel at home lets you customize the product to your dog’s needs and saves you a lot of money. It takes only a few minutes and lasts a couple of weeks, so you don’t need to make it often.

To make a hair gel suitable for use on your pup, simply take some unflavored gelatin, about half to one teaspoon, and a cup of warm, distilled water. Dissolve the gelatin in water by adjusting the quantities to match the consistency you need. Next, cool the mixture in the fridge for about 2-3 hours, and then add a few drops of essential oil if you like and mix well.

You can easily customize the hair gel to your dog’s styling requirements. By tweaking the amount of gelatin, you can achieve the right hold for the pet’s hair. If you prefer to use a scented gel, you can create your own fragrance by adding some essential oil. Lemon, lavender, peppermint, and sandalwood essential oils are also beneficial to the hair’s health, so you can consider adding any of your favorite.

Once done, store the hair gel into a squeeze bottle and store it in the refrigerator to extend its life. Consider labeling the bottle so that nobody mistakes your pup’s hair gel for something else. A DIY hair gel not only saves you money but gives you the assurance that you can use it for your pet without any concern.

Final Thoughts

Hairstyling products are great for pet owners as they help maintain the coat style and shine. However, it is important to choose hair gels and other products carefully to make sure they are safe for use and don’t cause any potential harm to your beloved pooch.