Blue Fawn Pitbull

Blue Fawn Pitbull: A new family friend (UPDATED 2021)

Are you looking for the best gracious companion for your kids? A little companion who would get along with your kids forever with minimalistic efforts. I bet a cute little puppy will be the greatest birthday present for your kid.

Dogs have been the companion of humans since ancient times. They were the first animal domesticated by a human. It won’t be an astounding fact that they are still the idealist animal with whom humans socialize easily. They can even interact with us in their ways.

For a little lonely child, a little doggo will be his best friend. It can play and learn with him. Well, a friendly and not so big blue fawn pitbull can be the best preference.

Let’s Find Out A Little More About Blue Fawn Pitbull

Pitbulls are one of the most famous dog breeds globally. They are proud as well as powerful. These cute pups come in different ranges of magnificent coat colors and sizes. Among the many breeds, the blue fawn pitbull is the most loves and interesting breed. This doggo has a blue coat with a touch of silver and a wonderful red nose. The Blue Fawn Pitbull is an exquisite breed of dog and is a very loyal companion.

The term ‘Pit Bull’ refers to a particular group of dogs and not just one breed. It was initially crossbred of Bulldogs and Terriers; as a result, these doggies are sturdy and powerful. The pitbull can be the ideal bodyguard for your kid, powerful and loving at the same time. They become the protective eye for the kid and the family whom they love dearly.

Pups, although they are adorable and friendly, it is important to start taking them to meet other dogs. It is imperative for them to get along with other dogs as well as people from a young age to make sure they trust in their new friends.

Is Blue Fawn Pitbull attractive?

Let’s look at the various attractive features of the Blue Fawn Pitbull. It has the most stunning appearance, which can be a delight for the kids to admire. It has a silvery-blue coat, which distinguishes it not only from other pitbull breeds but also other dog breeds.

It has a cherry-red nose, which is a center of an attraction along with the coat color. They are extremely loyal. They are powerful and chunky dogs and can even fight other dogs if needed. As you can see, that is the much-needed requirement when it comes to the protection of your little kids. A little training and what a wonderful pet this doggo can be!

Initially, the pitbull breed was bred for dogfighting, but over time, this beautiful doggo has become the most beloved pet. All it needs is a little training and a lot of love.

They are 17-19 inches at the shoulder and about 40-70 pounds in weight. They have a life span of 8 to 15 years. What delight this is! They are a great companion not only for kids but also for adults and couples.

Some other features

In addition to their silvery blue coat and red eyes, these doggies have other remarkable features too. They have extensive, flat skulls and deep muzzles. They also have a strong and wide jaw, which gives them a menacing look.

They have a stocky and muscular physique. They have an acute whip-like tail and a long body. Their fur is not too thick and furry, which sometimes make them ideal as a pet. A pet with less hairstyling, what a delight!

Their wholesome manifestation speaks for power and strength. This sometimes makes them the best guard dogs.

Is the Blue Fawn Pitbull Rare?

Yes, the Blue fawn Pitbull is a rare breed. This is because of its remarkable silvery-blue coat and red nose, which is a result of gene dilution. Although various kennel clubs recognize them, they are not as commonly found as other colored Pitbulls. You might are going to spend with a loose grip this time! They require specific breeding, hence a little expensive.

blue fawn pitbull puppies

Does Blue Fawn Pitbulls Make Good Family Dogs?

These pups are a jolly new family member. This beautiful coated dog is an excellent family companion. This doggo is gentle and loves to please his master. They are so adorable that they will cuddle with you on the couch even if you don’t ask them to do it.

  • This pup is a well-behaved dog when given proper training.
  • They are amicable and devoted dogs to the owners.
  • They are easy to train. Unlike some breed which requires a herculean task to give training, these unique coat companions are much easier to train and teach to live around kids and other pets.
  • They are a little emotional sometimes, which makes them connected with family. They even shadow the characteristics of their owner.
  • They are best at socializing. This can reduce one fear of them getting involved in fights with other dogs. But the thing that must be kept in mind is that you give them enough time to get used to their surroundings when still young.

Although all the facts mentioned above are positive but with the right training at a still early age, all of that is mentioned above is achievable.

The Blue Fawn Pitbull around kids

In a family with little kids around, a new pet is always welcome. But at the same time, it is also a matter of concern for the adults while choosing the friendliest companion for their little angles.

The blue Fawn Pitbull outshines many in the race; not only is it a very beautiful dog, but it is also amicable to kids. Since it is not a very large dog breed, the kids will feel safe and friendly around it. Because of its strength and courageousness, it can also become the friendly guard of the kids.

It is great at socializing and learns faster. It is an energetic and playful dog. It can pay for hours with your kid, unlike some doge who likes to sleep more. This doggo can be the best companion during the motor skill learning period of your kid. You can engage the puppy and kid together in learning activities and have a great time with the family.

Caring and needs of a Blue Fawn Pitbull

Food and diet: The Blue Fawn Pitbull is a strong and energetic dog. So you should provide him with a healthy and high-quality bowl full of dog food every day. They also need proteins to maintain their muscular appearance, which can be easily found in dog foods. They also need to exercise regularly, or they will become obese.

Cleaning and grooming: Due to less thick coat that is not too furry, they need at least hairstyling. That is, they are not high maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming. A gentle brush will do most of the task making their coat shiny again.

Training and exercise: It is advisable to get the little puppy trained in the early stages to avoid aggression like all dogs. But since they are friendly and easy to train, they train faster and better than most other dogs that can be stubborn sometimes. Due to their physique, they need regular exercise, or they will become lethargic and obese. Exercise also keeps them active, agile, and playful.

Are Pitbulls Emotional Dogs?

Yes, these dogs show a wide spectrum of behavior and emotions. They find it easy to bond with their owners and other dogs.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

This breed is not only people-oriented but is also starling at bonding with other animals. It can become the new friend of your older four-legged friends easily with a proper introduction from a very early age. If done properly, your little pitbull will become friends with any animal or person.

Final Thoughts

A Blue Fawn Pitbull is a starling pet and an amazing new family member. It gets along easily with not only other people around but also with other animals. It a great companion for a kid. It can play and teach your kid at the same time. It is easy to maintain and take care of. It does not require any extensive care and almost any member of the family and take care of it, and in return, it can take care of any family member. They also do not need any extravagant diet or training. They are easy to teach about how to live in a new environment.

This is a very rare exotic breed of dogs. The temperament of this doggo is also pleasing and child friendly. So, if you are looking for a friendly, goofy, and high energy pet who can be a guard and a friend at the same time, this Blue Fawn Pitbull is the ideal pet.