Can dogs eat arugula

Can Dogs Eat Arugula?

You can feed arugula to your dog. Especially those who cook a lot at home keep thinking about which foods are suitable for their beloved dog. Is it okay if the slightly withered arugula leaves end up in the dog’s bowl and are it okay if the four-legged vacuum cleaner eats the arugula leaves that have fallen?

With rocket, also known as rocket, you don’t have to worry at all for the following reasons.

Can dogs eat arugula (rocket salad)?

The good news is, your dog can eat arugula generally known as rocket salad without hesitation. As for humans, salads and green vegetables in particular are very healthy for dogs. Regardless of whether you mix rocket with the fruit and vegetable part of the Barf meals, add rocket cut into small pieces to the wet food, or feed the dog with some rocket leaves in between, you are guaranteed to do something good for your four-legged friend.

You can also dry rocket for your four-legged friend, grind it finely, and use it to refine the meals of your four-legged friend. The rocket powder can be sprinkled over wet food, but also barf meals.

Which ingredients in the rocket are good for the dog?

The rocket contains vitamin A and numerous B vitamins, as well as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, and copper. However, when buying a rocket, you should make sure that it is organic.

Heavily contaminated rocket salad can often be enriched with nitrate, which is converted into nitrite in the human body, but also in the dog’s body. However, if you use a rocket from the organic farmer, dogs and humans can enjoy the salad without hesitation.

Possible allergies in the dog to arugula

Dogs can also develop allergies and intolerances. In general, however, dogs tolerate rocket very well. However, some four-legged friends get gas if the arugula portion is a little too big.

The mixed fruit and vegetables per feed ratio should not be higher than 30 percent.

Benefits of rocket for the dog

If you prepare a salad at home, you can always put a few leaves aside for your four-legged friend. If you have marinated the salad with apple cider vinegar or kombucha vinegar and high-quality oil, the dog is also allowed to eat it, provided that you have not used salt for the marinade.

Cons of arugula

If you have observed that your dogs get gas from arugula, then you should feed them less.

Another disadvantage is that the rocket should best be finely pureed so that the dog can absorb all of the ingredients. Unfortunately, this means some effort when preparing dog food.

A notable disadvantage of arugula, however, is its high nitrate content. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has measured nitrate levels between 4700 and 4800 mg per kilo of rocket in various studies.

The WHO states an acceptable daily amount of nitrate (ADI, Acceptable Daily Intake) of 5mg per kilogram of bodyweight, which means that even a few grams of rocket in humans will exceed this value.

For example, nitrate is suspected of causing cancer in humans.

If these values ​​are now also applied to the dog, arugula should only be fed in small quantities and only in organic quality. However, other types of lettuce, such as iceberg lettuce or leaf lettuce, are preferable.

Is arugula poisonous to dogs?

No, arugula is not toxic to dogs in small quantities. However, pay attention to the origin and value of organic quality.

What other foods can the dog eat?

You can also feed your dog many other types of lettuce. These include, for example, iceberg lettuce, dandelion, lollo rosso, lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, or romaine lettuce.

Does dog food contain arugula?

Our dog food is becoming more and more varied and many dog ​​food producers use popular fruits and vegetables. Rocket can be found in dry food as well as in various wet food.


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