Can Dogs Eat Salami

Can Dogs Eat Salami?

Almost everyone likes salami and without exception, all dogs like to join in at any time. Quite a few even beg violently when they smell the strong aroma of salami. Many dog ​​owners already know that pork is not necessarily good for dogs and are skeptical about salami. Right?

Can dogs eat salami?

No, dogs shouldn’t eat salami, because basically everyone knows that spicy sausage made from raw pork is not good for dogs. But even if something falls, it can be harmful under certain circumstances, because raw pork can be very dangerous for dogs due to a virus.

As a consolation, there is even salami that is made especially for dogs.

Can dogs be allergic to salami?

Dogs may be allergic to salami. For one thing, pork like any other food – can be an allergen.

On the other hand, salami often contains so many other ingredients and spices that it is generally impossible to say whether there might be allergens for a particular dog.

If your dog has reacted to sausage preparations with breathing or digestive problems, it is better not to give him salami at all. You’re sure to find something else that he likes too.

No raw pork for dogs

Salami is mostly made from raw pork. Pigs can carry the Aujeszky virus. Infection is always fatal to a dog. It is a herpes virus that causes inflammation of the spinal cord in dogs that is incurable.

As the risk of epidemics is rated as relatively high by law, veterinarians are not allowed to treat sick animals. You must report Aujeszky infections to the competent authority and kill the animals concerned.

There is therefore no reason whatsoever to take the slightest risk.

The virus can survive for several months in the meat of slaughtered pigs. It can therefore really never be ruled out that a salami could be infectious. Even beef or poultry salami can contain a small amount of pork.

If you want to feed such a sausage, it is best to pay close attention to the ingredients.

How about smoked salami for dogs?

Salami is smoked in a process known as “cold smoking”. The smoking process takes place at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees so that the sausage is not heated as much as possible. Heat would kill the Aujeszky virus.

The temperature range for cold smoking is, however, well below the normal body temperature of a live pig. It is thus obviously impossible that salami smoked at this temperature would be safe from the virus.

Are all types of pork sausage dangerous for dogs?

The risk of transmitting the Aujeszky virus only affects raw meat products. This includes all smoked and air-dried salami or ham variations.

Brewed or cooked sausages such as Jagdwurst or Wiener are not dangerous.

However, they are not particularly healthy for dogs because they still contain a lot of fat and spices. But of course, it’s not dangerous if you give your dog a bite to eat now and then.

This also applies to salami pizza, because the salami that was baked in the oven has been heated sufficiently.

Salami as a snack for dogs

For understandable reasons, real salami does not use a feed producer for its dog food. However, some food manufacturers have made sure that there is salami that has been specially produced for dogs.

Of course, there is no risk of a virus infection here. You can get the cute snacks in the shape of salami as dog salami from Ocanis made from pure venison.

Better not use salami for the dog

Salami doesn’t have to be dangerous for dogs, but it is always possible. In addition, salami, which is safe virus-free because it has been heated, is also extremely unhealthy for dogs.

This also applies to beef or poultry salami, because these variants are also very fatty and strongly flavored.

Only salami from the dog food retailer is unseasoned and not too salty. Any other salami, in large quantities, will cause dogs to feel very thirsty and have indigestion. If you want to make your four-legged friend happy, give him dog salami or something completely different.

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