Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Cardboards

Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Cardboards? UPDATED 2021

Ever wondered why your little fluffs are always busy munching something? Well, every guinea pig owner does in the beginning. It is usual for this question to arise if you are a new pig parent. The answer would be anything.

Yes, you heard it right. They chew anything and everything they find. Is chewing a bad habit? If you ask it for a guinea pig, the answer is definitely a big no. Guinea pigs do not chew on purpose. It is a part of their growth.

As a parent, you might be worried at first about their weird chewing habits. It is entirely normal for guinea pigs. We have listed the reasons and answered some of your questions below.

 Why do Guinea Pigs chew so much?

Guinea pigs are from the rodent family like rats and mice. Their teeth keep growing on and on till the end of their life. Therefore, they chew on anything they can find to keep the teeth length in check.

If they stop chewing or cannot find anything to chew, their teeth might grow out of control. This extreme growth can become a danger to their health.

Can’t their teeth be just cut off? I hear you wondering that. As a matter of fact, they can be cut. Chewing is a natural habit in-born in guinea pigs to keep their teeth in shape. Rarely, guinea pigs come out of that habit. So, you do not really have to go that extra mile and cut it or trim it.

Does chewing damage their teeth? In the case of guinea pigs, they do not. There are seldom cases of guinea pigs going for tooth transplantation. In such situations, the pig might already have a teeth infection or poor oral health. Normal chewing is actually good for their health.

Should I provide something for my guinea pigs to chew?

Yes, of course, you should. When in the wild, guinea pigs chew on whatever they want but being in a home environment, they do not have many options. If they run out of something to chew, they might start to chew on the box they are kept.

Healthy snacks and mineral munchies are available, especially for guinea pigs. Giving excessive mineral chewable might lead to deficiency and digestive problems in guinea pigs.

There are some items exclusive and natural for guinea pigs to chew on. They include twigs and wood (safe wood)

Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Cardboards?

Cardboard boxes are extremely safe for guinea pigs. You must be careful of those cardboard boxes as it is safe for them to only chew and not eat.

Many people mistake chewing for eating and give guinea pigs snacks. This is a bad practice. However, some parts of the cardboard and wood still go inside. If it is in small amounts, that will not be much harmful.

If you give snacks in place of chewable, the extra amounts of nutrients will cause obesity and obesity. However, there will be no short-term effects. Regular intake of minerals might not be suitable for your Guinea pigs.

What other snacks can I give your Guinea pigs?

There are some healthy and cheap munchies for your little piggies available in the market.

  • Hay sticks
  • Grass mats

Hay Sticks

Guinea pigs really love hay sticks so much. They are a partially healthy and unharming type of chewable. You cannot randomly give any bar you find on the road to your guinea pig. That stick may not be safe enough for your piggie.

There are lots of factory-made sticks online. These sticks are created from grass and wood residues. They are clean, polished, and exclusively designed for chewing.

These sticks also come in flavors. They come in all fruit and vegetable flavors. Before you ask, yes, these flavors are not exactly healthy but harmless. Only organic and edible flavors are mixed in the making of these sticks, so you do not have to worry about your little piggies’ appetite.

You can get these sticks as a pack of 250g on an average. There are also organic sticks available. It is comparatively a costly option but is not much different from the standard sticks. They are produced from organic grass. So if you wish to keep them organic, you can definitely try them.

Grass mats

Grass mats are interesting properties to get for your guinea pigs. They also form an excellent lounge for your fluffies to lay and chill. They, in fact, are multipurpose mats.

Grass mats are typically made from organic grass. They are hand-woven into a bed of soil without the use of any chemicals and wires. These beds are small in size and are safe to eat. So do not worry if your piggies munch them, mistaking them for original grass.

You can see a number of grass mats online, but only some of them are safe. Most of them have wires or threads at the bottom. It will require you to remove the bed after your pigs much off the grass. So, before you buy, look out for some hand-woven grass beds that need minimal attention.

Grass mats cannot be replaced with new grass. So every time they munch up the grass, you have to get a new one. This might be a bit costly, but they are really good for occasional use.

 Wrapping up

If you notice closely, you will see that grass and wood are the primary materials in most of the chewable. This is because naturally, grass and wood are accepted by the Guinea pigs’ digestive system. These little fluffies cannot exist just on these. They also need other supplements through food.

If you feel your pet is asking for more chewable and avoiding food, it is advisable to approach the nearby vet as soon as possible. This chewing might make your pet addicted to just these chewable. They will also tend to avoid food if that happens.