Can You Eat Porcupine

Can You Eat Porcupine – Are They Safe To Eat?

Have you ever wondered what kind of animals you can eat? Sure there are gazillions of species around us, and each of those has its distinct tastes and features. Some have tusks, while some have horns, some fly while some dive. However, almost all of them have flesh that can be easily eaten.

Except for one, that is a porcupine! A porcupine features a body that is entirely covered with quills that make it so difficult to even hold it, let alone eat it. Even though they have a small body, their quills protect them quite efficiently, especially if they are in survival mode.

Even if you manage to kill this tiny prickle, you will not be able to eat it as its body still stays protected. If you don’t handle them right, you will end up getting hurt very badly.

Can You Eat Porcupine – Why should you eat a porcupine?

If you are stuck in a situation where you can go nowhere and have nothing else to eat, then yes, you can eat a porcupine. Researchers and adventurers consider porcupines to be a very good survival food that gives you enough energy to work out the entire day.

Additionally, you can catch them quite easily. As they have no line of defense around them except for the quills, you can get them in your hands in no time. You don’t even need very advanced weaponry to deal with them. Your skills and bare hands are just enough.

How to handle the porkies?

As mentioned above, once you have dealt with the catching and killing, you need to handle the animal’s quills properly. There are not many tricks for this, but you should know the various correct techniques for it.

One of the best ways to handle the porcupine’s quills is to burn them away. Of course, you will not be able to do it till you kill it properly. But once you have, light up a fire and burn its skin away. As its body, especially the back, is entirely covered with quills, you shouldn’t risk it.

Therefore, burning its skin properly so that you don’t get stabbed is a good way to start the feast. Did you know if you burn the hair and quills of the porcupine, you get to taste a different flavor? This flavor is quite delicious, and porcupines are very popular for it.

Once you have lit the fire, you can tie up its legs and hang it upside down from a pole or something. This will roast its entire body properly. For the quills, however, you will have to keep the fire closer and burn them. Make sure you don’t just roast as you will get hurt if you even try to bite those scary porkies.

In case you manage to light up a fire using coals, what you can do is put your meal on it and keep rolling it over the coal. This will do away with all the quills and give you a nicely roasted snack. However, this process may take time longer than you can manage to stay hungry. But do remember, this is the best way to roast the entire body properly and produce that popular taste.

Once you are done, if you find any quills remaining on the body, don’t go about the process again. The quills would be much weaker now. All you have to do is scrape them off, and you will be good to go.

Skin the porcupine

After the roasting and burning away of quills comes another slightly difficult task. You have to skin your meal before digging in. This is important because obviously, you wouldn’t want to eat through the skin, and secondly, the chances of any quills remaining would now go down to zero.

If you have not done this ever, you should know, skinning is not a difficult task. You just have to gut your prey and pull it away from your skin. If you are a daredevil, you may even try skinning a porcupine without doing away with its quills. All you have to do is wear some leather gloves and go at it.

You might even try it without gloves, as all you need are the skills that will work with or without your gloves. You need to be very careful while you deal with porcupine skin. When your bare hands are on its skin, take special care.

Start with the no-quill zone.

You must have noticed how there are no quills on the animal’s front portion. In the belly region, under the tail area, and on the lower side of the legs, you will find soft skin with quills. All the quills on its body are on the back and then on the sides.

Therefore, if you start with these areas, the chances of you getting hurt would become almost zero. To make the skinning even easier, you can hang the body upside down from a pole. Tie the hind legs on the pole and let the body hang from it. If you don’t find a pole, you can always use a tree branch.

Now, you have to make a few cuts at the right places so that the skin comes out within seconds. For this, make your first cut below each hind leg. Your second cut should be closer to the crotch and between the two legs.

After this, you can pull away from the skin from the legs and tail area quite easily. And once the tail area is done, the rest of the skin comes off pretty easily from the entire body. To cook the body, you can either cut it into pieces or even cook it in one piece. Roasting brings out the best flavors of a porcupine.


So, can you eat a porcupine? Yes, you can, that too pretty easily. Just follow the steps mentioned above and get rid of the quills the best way. Once done, you will have a delicious meal to gorge on. Bon appetite!