Dog Ate Balloon

Dog Ate Balloon – UPDATED 2021 – What To Do Now?

We all love it when we have parties, and our dogs enjoy that too. They get to play with the party balloons and chase them around; it is all fun and games until it pops and your dog puts it in your mouth.

Dogs never really care about what they are putting in their mouths; they are just like toddlers who like to put any object in their mouth they find lying around thinking it is a snack.

If your puppy eats a piece of a balloon, it isn’t that harmful, but it can also be dangerous at the same time if he chokes on that piece of a balloon.

Dog Ate Balloon – What To Do Now?

You should immediately call the vet as soon as you get to know that your pet has eaten a balloon. If the vet’s clinic is nearby, we suggest that you take your pet to the clinic directly.

Otherwise, you can ask your dog’s vet for advice as to what you should do. They usually will ask to induce vomiting in your puppy.

Usually, when the dog eats any random object or a balloon that might be harmful to him, there is a 120-minute time in which you can take your pet to the vet or wait for any other action. But if it is already more than 2 hours, then you can only wait for your puppy to poop it out.

You should know one more important thing: always talk and take advice from your pet’s vet before instigating vomiting in the pup. It is because you need to be sure that your dog does not have any medical condition that might get triggered, or else it can endanger your dog’s life.

How To Make Your Dog Vomit?

  • Make sure to feed your dog correctly before instigating vomiting in him. If your dog’s stomach is full, it will be easy for him to vomit, and it will perform as lube to push the balloon upwards.
  • Before you start the process of instigating vomiting in your dog, you need to give him 3% of hydrogen peroxide through a plastic syringe which is needles. The amount of the substance usually is 1ml each pound of the dog’s weight. But it would be better to talk with your dog’s vet before giving him that because sometimes the amount can differ according to other factors.
  • Your dog should start vomiting within 15 minutes and if he does not vomit by then, give him another dose of hydrogen peroxide. If your dog still does not vomit, then take him to the nearest pet clinic immediately.
  • If your dog does vomit, then check for the balloon, if it is there, then all is well and good, but if it is not in there, then collect the sample of it, the possibility is that it is still stuck in his digestive system.
  • Clean up the vomit using all necessary precautions because the dog vomit has a harmful substance to humans.
  • Talk to the vet, and unless he/she advises something else, take your dog and the vomit sample for an examination.

What Happens If The Dog Digests The Balloon?

The balloon would have reached the intestine and passed the stomach by the time the 2-hour period ends. If you have already gotten the balloon out of it, then everything is fine, but if not, then you have to watch your dog and see if the dog starts showing any weird symptoms that might be concerning.

The concern signs and symptoms you should look for are:

  • Drooling- Usually, they start to salivate just after they eat the balloon. Drooling might be the sign of some intoxication or if the balloon gets stuck in your pet’s esophagus. Watch your dog and take notice if it shows unusual behavior.
  • Vomiting- It is okay if your dog vomits because it means he is ejecting the balloon, and it usually happens after some hours after eating the object. Although, if your dog does not vomit out the balloon and continues vomiting for days and weeks, then it could be a sign of some severe illness.
  • Loss of Appetite- Losing the appetite is never a good sign; talk to your dog’s vet regarding this because it is possible the balloon is stuck in his intestine and not letting him eat, or he is not feeling well due to something inside his body.
  • Drowsiness- If you see that your dog is tired, sluggish, or groggy, it is considered to take him to the clinic immediately. Tiredness is usually a bad symptom and is usually a sign of some serious issues such as- anemia, muscle soreness, or infection that prevent his body from getting active.
  • Stomach Ache- If your pup is having abdominal pains, it might be because of an infection in his stomach or the balloon is stuck inside his intestine resulting in discomfort and stomach ache. Stomach ache might also be a reason for your pet to act tired and lack appetite.

Sometimes your dog might not show any signs of concern for days and weeks, and it is a possibility that he is fine and might have expelled the balloon in his stool, and you don’t need to be worried. However, we suggest getting your dog examined and checked-up in a clinic.

Pica Condition

Pica is one of the reasons why your dog is eating balloons or any unnecessary objects. Pica is a psychological condition that creates the need for eating things that are not meant for eating. This condition is found both in humans and animals.

Dogs having this condition eat unnecessary object like balloons because of:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Frustration
  • Lack of attention

Your pup might not have Pica, dogs are curious, and sometimes they eat stuff like balloons out of curiosity and interest. However, if your dog does eat unnecessary objects often, you should get him examined for his good.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know all about dog consuming ballon risks, you can take the necessary steps to avoid it. You must look out for unusual symptoms and take great care of your dog consumes balloon. We hope you find this article helpful enough in any risky situations with your pup!