Dog Ate Banana

Dog Ate Banana or Banana Peel?

Most dogs like bananas very much, because they are sweet, almost contained, unlike other fruits but no acid. Therefore it is not uncommon for dogs to feed themselves with stolen bananas. By then at the latest, every dog ​​owner will ask himself whether dogs are allowed to eat bananas at all.

Dog Ate Banana Or Can they eat bananas?

Yes, dogs can eat bananas. Because of their nutritional composition, bananas are not a staple food for dogs, but rather a snack. Bananas are even a cure for the stomach and intestines. As with any medicine, overdose should be avoided, otherwise harmful side effects can occur.

Can my dog ​​be allergic to bananas?

Yes, it can happen. Far more often, however, allergy sufferers do not react primarily to the banana but have a cross allergy with birch pollen.

This means that if your dog has a pollen allergy, you should be extremely careful when handling bananas. If you already know for sure that he is allergic to birch pollen, then it is better to keep him away from bananas.

Are Bananas Healthy For Dogs?

Bananas are high in potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6. They also contain small amounts of iron and zinc as well as other vitamins from the B group and vitamin A.

Magnesium and calcium are important for the musculoskeletal system, iron is necessary for blood formation and zinc supports your dog’s immune system. Vitamin B6 also promotes brain metabolism.

In addition to this overall healthy combination of nutrients, there are also vitamin E and other antioxidants that protect against cell aging.

Only the high potassium content is not unreservedly beneficial to health. Potassium is an electrolyte that muscles and nerves need. It is also necessary for the regulation of blood pressure.

The problem is that an oversupply of potassium can lead to heart problems. If you feed your dog with ready-made food, it is already receiving enough potassium. Only athletes or dogs suffering from a potassium deficiency due to illness have an increased need for it.

You are therefore not necessarily doing your dog good if you give him a lot of banana.

Bananas also contain plenty of pectins. This fiber stimulates digestion and can bind water, which can help with diarrhea. If a dog is already weakened by an illness of the digestive system, the extremely easily digestible banana with its high calorie and electrolyte content can work wonders.

This is supported by its calming effect on the stomach lining.

Bananas provide energy for sports dogs

The calorie content of bananas is comparatively high for a fruit. One kilogram of bananas has almost 900 kcal.

Dried bananas, which are mostly available in slices, even have almost 300 kcal per 100 g, which is half the calorific value of chocolate.

If your dog is a little too much on the scales, you should only give him bananas in very tight rationing. It looks a little different from sports dogs – for competitive athletes, banana is like an electrolyte drink for training or competition.

The high sugar content of bananas provides energy and magnesium support the muscles and protects against cramps. Nevertheless, it should not be overdone when feeding your dog. The banana is not a substitute for feed.

dog ate banana peel

Can bananas cause constipation in dogs?

It is widely believed that bananas have a constipating effect. This only applies to unripe (green) bananas. Bananas contain starch compounds that change during the ripening process. This is why unripe bananas can help against diarrhea.

Ripe bananas, on the other hand, have a digestive effect due to their fiber content. So if you want to give your dog bananas to relieve diarrhea, use fresh bananas only.

Fully ripe (brown) bananas can aggravate diarrhea on the one hand, but on the other hand, due to their high pectin content, they can bind water in the intestine and are still useful for liquid diarrhea.

It is not possible to predict which effect would primarily occur on your dog in an acute case.

Caution – Dog Ate Banana Peel!

For once, this is not about the risk of slipping on a banana peel. It is much more likely that a dog will eat a peeled banana if it helps itself from the fruit basket.

It is not uncommon for banana peels to be thrown away on the ground outside. If your dog loves bananas, he will find them and will likely swallow them faster than you can get them.

This is not a bad thing, because a banana peel should normally pass through the digestive tract of a healthy dog ​​without any problems and leave it in the normal way.

For very small dogs or puppies that have eaten a bowl and stem, it is better to speak to the vet. This also applies to dogs who already have known problems with their stomach or intestines.

However, eating banana peel shouldn’t become a habit. The pods are mostly treated with preservatives and pesticides and are therefore toxic.

What else does banana lovers like?

If your dog likes bananas, you can cook him a plantain instead of the usual banana. He may also like sweet potatoes (belongs to the bindweed family).

In contrast to table potatoes (nightshade family), they do not contain any solanine, so they could be fed raw. Still, it wouldn’t make sense because your dog cannot utilize the nutrients from the raw sweet potato.

Are there bananas in dog food?

There is as yet no ready-made food for dogs that contains bananas, but dog snacks with bananas are already available in well-stocked specialist shops.

A clear “yes, but …” to the banana for dogs

The answer to the question of whether dogs are allowed to eat bananas can be answered with a restricted “yes”. If your dog can handle the calorie content of bananas, there’s nothing wrong with letting him snack on ripe bananas regularly.

But you should be sure that he is not getting too much potassium with it.

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