Dog Ate Honey

Dog Ate Honey – Can Dogs Eat Honey?

Honey is a very popular traditional food. On the other hand, honey is also a true miracle medicine for many ailments, because it should not only be extremely healthy but also act as an antibiotic. Does this only apply to humans or is honey also healthy for dogs?

Dog ate honey – Can dogs eat honey?

Dogs are allowed to eat honey because it is also very healthy for dogs and, above all, easy to digest. Due to its antibacterial effect, it is wonderfully suitable for curing a wide variety of ailments and is also very well tolerated by sick dogs.

Since honey is mostly made up of sugar, all you have to do is watch out for the calories.

Can my dog ​​be allergic to honey?

Any allergens in honey have not yet been conclusively researched. It is known that pollen allergy sufferers can also react to honey from the pollen to which they are allergic.

Since honey can always contain the nectar of different pollen because bees do not have a purity law, it can never be ruled out that pollen allergy sufferers could react to any honey.

However, it is more likely that fructose intolerance is present if honey causes indigestion. This is particularly obvious if a dog cannot tolerate other sweet fruits well.

Nutrients in honey for the dog

In addition to sugar, honey also contains vitamins and minerals. B vitamins are present and vitamin C, which healthy dogs don’t need. Honey also provides potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

However, the concentration is not particularly high and the absolute amounts are negligible because a dog does not consume large portions of honey.

Inhibins are more important than vitamins and minerals. Inhibins are a group of very different substances that are hormones. They inhibit the growth of germs very effectively. This is where the almost antibiotic effect of honey is based.

There are also antioxidants, mainly phenols, enzymes, and flavonoids. Antioxidants help prevent cell damage in dogs and also heal them.

Honey against coughs in dogs

Honey is a tried and tested home remedy for colds, including for dogs. Our grandmothers have already used hot milk with honey against hoarseness very successfully, but milk should be avoided in dogs due to the lactose.

The beneficial effect of honey on all respiratory diseases is well known.

The fennel honey (a mixture of fennel and honey), which is available in pharmacies especially for this application, is best used. It contains no alcohol and is therefore as suitable for dogs as it is for small children.

If you want to give your dog fennel honey, you can use the recommendations for children as a guide or consult your vet about it. Accidental overdose has no harmful side effects here.

Honey for diarrhea

Honey is often recommended when dogs have diarrhea. Honey does not help directly against diarrhea but is great for getting a dog back on its feet after suffering from diarrhea.

The easily digestible honey, which almost every dog ​​likes to accept because of its sweet taste, is an ideal addition to a light diet thanks to its ingredients and high calorific value. With a weakened dog, additional vitamin C from the honey is helpful.

Especially dogs that have lost weight due to a disease of the gastrointestinal tract can quickly regain their normal weight with honey because it also stimulates the appetite. Everyone else should eat honey in moderation.

Can honey heal wounds in dogs?

Indeed, its antibacterial and cell-protecting properties make honey an excellent ointment. But dogs love to lick the honey off right away, so it’s better to choose wound care that doesn’t taste as good.

But if nothing else is available in an emergency, a wound treated with honey and covered with a bandage is always better than a completely untreated wound.

Don’t forget your dental care!

Honey consists of over 80% pure sugar. Because of its tough consistency, it is even more harmful to the teeth than sugar, because it can stick to the teeth for longer and thus damage the tooth enamel.

If a dog only gets a spoonful of honey from his people’s breakfast table in exceptional cases, nobody has to buy a dog toothbrush for it. Dog owners who feed honey regularly shouldn’t ignore their teeth, however.

People and dogs who cannot get used to the process of brushing their teeth are recommended to use special dental care chews. In a pinch, chewing a carrot with honey after a meal also helps to clean the teeth.

No dog food with honey

There is no ready-made dog food with honey. In principle, this is also very correct, because large amounts of sugar do not belong in a finished product for dogs. But the consistency of honey is perfect for mixing with any food.

So you won’t have any difficulties giving your darling honey, even if he doesn’t like it that much.

Is syrup as healthy as honey?

Sugar beet syrup, which is also used to sweeten dishes or as a spread, tastes similar and consists mainly of sugar like honey, but does not have its antibacterial effect.

It is therefore actually also suitable for enriching light foods with sweet energy for stomach patients.

Different types of honey

There are countless varieties and mixtures of honey for every taste. When it comes to the healing powers of honey, unheated varieties are particularly recommended. Inhibins are not heat stable. Natural beekeeper honey is therefore healthier than industrially bottled products.

Manuka honey, which is obtained exclusively from the nectar of New Zealand’s South Sea myrtle, is particularly beneficial. It contains a sugar breakdown product that arises when the honey matures in the beehive. MGO also has a strong antibacterial effect in Manuka honey.

If you want to heat natural honey because it has crystallized and you want to liquefy it again, it is best not to heat it above 40 degrees to maintain its healing properties.

Honey makes dogs healthy

There is nothing wrong with a spoonful of honey here and there. It provides valuable antioxidants and supports the immune system in fighting off germs of all kinds.

If you take care of your dog’s teeth and don’t feed him any weight that he doesn’t need, you simply can’t go wrong with honey.

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