Dog Ate Nylabone

Dog Ate Nylabone – UPDATED 2021 – What To Do Now?

Nylabones are chew bones made for dogs to help them out in times of teething. These toys are not apt for eating or swallowing. However, if your dog has happened to eat its Nylabone, it’s essential to take necessary actions immediately to save your dog from undesirable and dangerous circumstances.

This article will focus on providing a detailed description of Nylabones. We will also explain why they are apt for chewing, signs your dog has eaten a Nylabone, and what can you, as a dog owner do to help your puppy.

What is a Nylabone?

As mentioned above, Nylabones are a form of chewing toys made for dogs to cleanse their gums and teeth during the process of teething. These are available in several shapes and sizes to fulfill the requirements of different dog breeds.

It’s incredibly safe for dogs to chew on Nylabones. These chew toys come in different flavors ranging from chicken, cheese, apple, peanut butter, and beef, making the entire experience even more pleasant for your dog.

They’re made of flour, nutrients, vitamins, and fiber, which are very healthy for your dog. It’s essential for dog owners who choose to get non-edible Nylabones for their dogs to ensure that these are only chewed.

If your canine swallows it, there can be several unwanted consequences.

Advantages of Nylabones

Chewing on things is a common habit that dogs develop over some time. It is a way dogs explore the world and try to understand actions that would follow if they chew on things. However, the use of nylabones familiarizes dog with the idea of biting and chewing. This prevents them from chewing onto your furniture or carpets. Other benefits include the following:

Cleans Teeth and Gums

When dogs chew on nylabones and rub them against their teeth and gums, it cleans the teeth by removing any food particles stuck.

Many Nylabones also contain plague removers or toothpaste that further help maintain the fur-balls’ dental hygiene and keep their jaws strong and healthy.

Helps in Avoiding Boredom

Nylabones help in keeping dogs occupied during the troublesome period of teething. It reduces the pain and discomfort to a great extent and provides a soothing experience and sensations that make the process easy-going and manageable.

Dog Ate Nylabone – Consequences of Eating

As the name suggests, Nylabones have Nylon construction, which is a synthetic material that undergoes several chemical stages. In other cases, Nylabones may also use a plastic or rubber material that is equally harmful as Nylon for your dogs.

In case your dog has swallowed a Nylabone, you must take him to the nearest vet as soon as possible for a checkup. Eating or consuming a Nylabone can lead to clogging or choking in the throat or stomach.

Additionally, it can cause gastric infections in your dog due to the toxins released from plastic or other materials used. If the chewing toy has come in contact with something dirty, additional conditions can also occur.

Besides, it can be challenging for large pieces of Nylabones to pass through stool, and the dog may require surgery in the most extreme cases. Before you begin to panic, it’s best to contact the vet for proper advice and information.

What Should You Do?

It is easy for pet parents to panic in such situations. However, you should adopt a practical approach at this point. By remembering the below points, you and your canine can overcome this intense situation.

  • Prevent any further damage: To avoid any further damage, you must instantly take away the Nylabone and remaining shards from the dog.
  • Consult a vet: You must consult a vet or a nearby clinic for the best possible advice and care. Taking steps on your own could worsen the case, creating life-threatening circumstances for your dog.
  • Do not treat at home: While you can solve many cases at home, it’s best to consult a vet to avoid risks. One must avoid making their dog vomit unless asked or told by the vet to do so. This can further complicate issues for your dog.

How to Choose a Safe Toy to Prevent Eating or Swallowing Nylabone?

It is best to consider the breed and size of your dog along with their tooth and jaw size before purchasing a Nylabone. It is because if smaller bones are unsuitable for larger dogs to chew, breaking apart bone or swallowing is more likely to happen.

Thus, to avoid such mishaps, pet parents should consult the vets or pet shop agents.

How to Care For Nylabones?

Nylabones are practical and useful tools for your dog. However, they require a certain amount of care to save them from deterioration and keep them fit for use.

If your dog is using a Nylabone, listed below are some effective methods that can be used to care for Nylabones and avoid mishaps with your furry friends:

  • Avoid storing Nylabones in places with high temperatures.
  • Clean or scrub Nylabones regularly without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Replace Nylabones immediately if their size reduces considerably or their knuckles begin to loosen up.
  • Allow your dog to use a Nylabone under your supervision only.

Wrapping up

Nylabones thus has both benefits and disadvantages. They’re useful toys for dogs you should use and store appropriately. Nylabones are available in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to suit different dog breeds.

They’re available in both edible and non-edible forms. If in case your dog has swallowed or eaten parts of the toy or the entire Nylabone itself, it’s most suitable for you to contact the nearest clinic or vet for your assistance.

It would help if you avoided treatment at home as it may worsen your dog’s condition. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to remember that if dogs swallow nylabone, they can easily choke. This may prove to be fatal. So, quick advice is necessary for such situations.

Through this article, we thus hope to have answered all your concerns and questions about dogs eating a nylabone.