Dog Ate Styrofoam

My Dog Ate Styrofoam – UPDATED 2021 – What To Do Now?

Out of curiosity and the will to explore, dogs tend to get in trouble. They often get their hands and mouths onto some of the most hazardous and absurd items. However, this becomes an even more significant problem when swallowing these, creating several health issues.

If your dog has eaten Styrofoam, here’s what you can do!

This article delves into the issue in great detail. It focuses on the signs your dog has eaten Styrofoam, its consequences, and what you can do as a dog owner to resolve the issue.

What Is Styrofoam?

Styrofoam refers to close-celled polystyrene foam used in making walls, containers, roofs, and foundations. Its texture can often seem confusing and fun to explore to dogs.

Owing to your furball’s exploring nature and enthusiasm, you as dog owners may have to face troubles when and if your dog has decided to eat Styrofoam.

Consumption of Styrofoam isn’t risk-free. While you can quickly deal in small quantities, vast amounts of Styrofoam consumption can be dangerous. You can learn all about the health hazards of Styrofoam below.

Signs Your Dog Has Eaten Styrofoam

The effect of eating Styrofoam on your dog’s body depends on the quantity consumed and swallowed. If your dog has consumed a small amount, he should be fine. However, if your little beast ingests a large amount of Styrofoam, it can be a problem! Some of the signs you may observe in this case are:

  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in defecating
  • Whining
  • Stomach or abdominal pains
  • Lethargy
  • Complete lack of appetite

My Dog Ate Styrofoam –  What To Do Now?

With single Styrofoam ingestion, it may not affect your dog in any manner. However, if eaten daily, it can be very harmful to your dog’s body.  It will then be toxic as it consists of plastic. Their kidney and liver may get overworked while processing plastic continuously, and they may eventually collapse.

The chemicals in Styrofoam can also give rise to several infections and diseases in dogs, including cancer. Cancer is one of the most commonly occurring diseases in dogs above the age of 10 and even younger who don’t have a favorable prognosis.

If your dog is unable to pass the Styrofoam through defecation on his own, it may require surgery. Thus, prevention is the key to avoid such drastic conditions and situations.

Why Would Your Dog Eat Styrofoam

Dogs get attracted to small, stimulating objects. When it comes to Styrofoam, it isn’t the Styrofoam ball itself, but the material inside the Styrofoam that attracts the canine. As a result of this, dogs are keen on chewing on or eating Styrofoam cups and other Styrofoam objects.

What Does Styrofoam Do To Your Dog?

In addition to the symptoms of eating Styrofoam mentioned above, it can also lead to a great sense of discomfort in your dogs. It may happen in the form of intestinal blockages or stomach aches.

Most ingestions of Styrofoam happen in the form of packing peanuts. It is because dogs seem to find these entertaining and easy to ingest.

The smaller the size of your dog, the greater is the risk of ingesting Styrofoam. In such scenarios, it’s best to avoid any risks. Visiting the vet for proper solutions and treatment is highly recommended.

Especially when the Styrofoam piece is quite big, it can cause choking hazards as well. Most of the time, the dog’s kidney and liver cannot digest a complicated form of plastic like that. Large quantities of Styrofoam can even lead to multiple organ failure for the canine.

What Should You Not Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Styrofoam?

As a responsible dog owner, you mustn’t adopt any home remedies to help your dog who has ingested Styrofoam. You must especially avoid making your dogs puke out the Styrofoam by yourself. Your vet may recommend this, but you shouldn’t take the risk if you haven’t done it before.

Making your dog puke should be done under the supervision of a vet can affect precisely the opposite of what you may want. The Styrofoam may get stuck in the esophagus during the process and choke your dog. It may worsen its condition and make it even more challenging to cure.

How to Keep Your Dog Away From Styrofoam?

To avoid all such dangerous situations that may arise for your dog from Styrofoam consumption, listed below are a few steps you can take:

    • Clear all tables and floors properly after packing or unpacking things
    • Keep a close eye on your dog to avoid mishaps.
    • Use dog-proof trash cans to avoid Styrofoam consumption from toppled over garbage.
    • Train your dogs
    • Walk your dogs under close supervision to avoid Styrofoam consumption at other locations.

Your Dog’s Point Of View

If you wish to ensure your dog’s protection, take a minute to view things from your dog’s perspective. While this may sound silly to you, spending some time to do so can save your dog’s life from several troubles and dangers.

While doing so, you can sit on the floor and try to look for all possible places and things where your dog can find Styrofoam and eat it.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can assume that consumption of Styrofoam for your dogs isn’t healthy in any manner.  Though styrofoam can be a fun time for your pup, it is better to avoid it wholly.

Depending upon the quantity of Styrofoam consumed by your dog, you must ensure proper treatment and diagnosis. Visiting the vet is a highly recommended option to prevent further worsening of the dog’s condition.

Symptoms that may arise post Styrofoam eating in your dog include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches, and much more that may even require surgeries in the worst-case scenario.

However, as responsible dog parents, you must take proper actions to prevent such situations from arising. You can do this by training your dog, using dog-proof trash cans, supervising your dogs, and keeping them away from dangerous spaces.

You can even take some time out to view their place from their dog’s perspective and take all possible measures to protect them. We thus hope to have answered all your questions through this article.