Dog Ate Toothpick

Your Dog Ate Toothpick? Here’s What You Can Do!

Dogs are a remarkable opportunity to mist. You are away from their sight for a moment, and they may snatch morsels off the dinner table right that instant. To avoid situations like these, it is always recommended that you train dogs not to steal food off the dinner table.

But well, accidents happen! Your canine companion may swallow toothpick along with the morsel. And so it happens!

Read on to know the problems of swallowing a toothpick and find out solutions to the issue:

Problems with a Toothpick

Toothpicks are generally of two types- plastic and wooden. You may think that the dog’s body may digest a wooden toothpick and that it’s not a serious concern. But that’s not the case.

Both plastic and wooden toothpicks can be extremely dangerous for the furballs. The toothpicks have sharp ends that can get lodged in the esophagus. Thus can cause a partial obstruction in the digestive tract. In the worst-case scenario, it could lead to difficulty in breathing.

Moreover, if the toothpick enters the stomach, it may pierce the internal organs, causing internal bleeding. This situation may further lead to gastrointestinal problems. The larger the toothpick, the more could be the trouble.

Dog Ate Toothpick – What To Do?

Now that you know the problem with toothpicks, here’s what you need to know if your fur buddy has swallowed one:

Keep toothpicks out of their reach.

Make sure that sharp objects like toothpicks are out of your dog’s reach. You must also train your dogs so that they do not steal food off the dinner table. This thing may prevent accidents like these in the future.

Call your vet

Toothpicks can be extremely dangerous for your digs. Therefore, you must call your vet immediately and take their advice. It would be best if you informed the veterinarian about the type and size of the toothpick and the age and breed of your dog. This response may allow them to give useful advice.

Possible Solutions

Accordingly, the vet may advise you of the following solutions-

Wait and watch

Sometimes, the veterinarian may suggest you wait and see any repercussions of swallowing a toothpick. The toothpick may get chewed up in bits and pass through the digestive tract quickly, causing trouble to the dog’s body.

However, this is an ideal case scenario. The toothpick may cause trouble on the way through. Therefore, it uses a slightly risky method.

“Wait and watch” may also require you to check the stools of your dog.

Treatment at Home

Sometimes, the vet recommends you feed a piece of bread to the dog. The bread will stick to the toothpick and push it down the throat if it’s stuck there. This method also helps if the toothpick has gone down the throat.

The bread will stick to the toothpick and cover its sharp edges. This remedy will ensure that the toothpick does not cause any damage to the internal organs while passing through the body. If the feces are bloody (dark or ruddy), it may be indicative that the dog’s body cannot give bowel movements properly.

Endoscopic Removal

Endoscopic removal involves giving anesthesia to the pet. Then the endoscope is pushed down into the stomach to locate the toothpick. After finding the toothpick, tweezers are used to grab the toothpick and remove it.  This method is a safe approach but at the same time quite expensive. Talk to your vet about your budget, and they shall accordingly suggest a food method.

Surgical Removal

Surgical removal may be recommended in some cases. It involves giving an anesthetic, opening up the stomach, and removing the toothpick. This process is followed by stitching the organs back up. This method is used when the endoscope cannot reach the toothpick. However, since it is a significant surgery, it is not without risk.


  • Discomfort: If your dog is walking uncomfortably and has a poor posture, it could signal an underlying problem. In this case, the toothpick could be bothering the doggo.
  • Vomiting: Vomiting is the body’s natural method of getting rid of foreign objects. However, it is dangerous because the toothpick might get stuck in the throat while vomiting.
  • Loss of appetite: If your dog isn’t eating well, it may signal gastrointestinal problems. Lack of appetite must not be neglected as non-serious. It could signal underlying international issues.
  • Lethargy: If your dog appears unusually lazy and with comparatively low energy levels, then there is a definite need for a body checkup.
  • Blood: Blood in the feces or vomit signifies that the toothpick may have led to internal bleeding. Take your pet to the vet immediately in this case.
  • Fever: The temperature of a healthy dog should be around 101-102. A higher temperature is a sign of infections.

What Not To Do If the Dog Has Swallowed The Toothpick?

One standard procedure generally adopted by pet parents is to induce vomiting. You must avoid this in all circumstances. Since a toothpick is a sharp object, inducing vomiting will do more damage than good. In its process of coming back up, the toothpick may damage the esophagus, causing more trouble.

You must not avoid calling the veterinarian. Even if you see no symptoms, it is better to consult the vet immediately.


Toothpicks should also be out of reach of the fogs. The dog must not swallow them even mistakenly.

Wood toothpicks can even be poisonous for dogs. A plastic toothpick is even worse.

It is this important that you are extremely careful when handling these things. Such sharp objects, no matter how small, can be fatal for the furballs.

In case the dogs accidentally swallow toothpicks, then you must call your vet immediately. It’s best to take their advice before making a decision. With prompt medical treatment, your dog will be excellent in one or two weeks. You and your furry companion will be going for walks and playing in no time!