Dog Muzzle Punch

Dog Muzzle Punch – How To Stop It & What You Should Know

A dog muzzle punch is when your dog intentionally punches you on different areas of your body with its mouth closed. This bump can be very powerful and sometimes can even cause your dog to bleed on its nose.

A dog muzzle punch often happens when your dog is in a playful mood and calls you to play with him.

Not always will it be a friendly invitation. If you feel that the muzzle punch is a bit forceful than usual, then it is wise to back off. The next move of your dog might be a bite.

If your dog muzzle punches a stranger who is a guest, then it is an indication that he must maintain distance from your dog. When dogs feel that someone could be a threat, they will challenge them. This muzzle punch could be a sign of challenge, and the next step might be snapping.

If your dog does this often, you don’t have to worry about it much. It is not always the same with all dogs. Sometimes a dog might look playful and be angry at a guest for no reason. You need to keep a close track of your dog’s body language to know what they are trying.

Why does my Dog Punch me?

Punching can happen on various occasions. Dogs mostly do this to seek the attention of the owner. If your dog punches you when you are away from him, then it means he wants your attention.

You can easily identify this point because it will be gentle and friendly. This is not a random punch. Dogs mostly punch the back of your left hand just to remind you that you have been missing out on something.

If your dog is recently denied something that you love the most, then he might approach you for it. If you have been busy with work recently, then you have noticed your dog doing this often. This is not anything that you should be afraid of. This is just a friendly reminder from your dog to give him some attention and time.

However, there can also be other reasons for A dog to muzzle punch you. This is the most common case with owners.

How to stop a dog from Muzzle Punching?

As mentioned before, there can be several reasons for your dog to muzzle punch. Only if you find out the reason and rectify it you can stop your dog from punching. If you cannot find out what the problem is, you can also take your dog for some therapy or training. Before you do so, take a look at the following reasons we have listed below.

If you relate to any of it, then you can try to solve the problem by yourself.

dog muzzle pattern

Reasons for your Dog to Muzzle Punch:

Let us have a look at the reasons one by one,

  • He might be defending his territory from other dogs. Dogs punch not only humans but also other dogs. When you take your dog for a walk, you might have seen your dog furiously running and barking at other dogs and urinating all the way home. This is a sign of defending his territory. Male dogs mostly do this. A punch might also be a sign of this.
  • Whenever a guest or someone new comes to the house. The first thing a dog will think is that the house is in danger. He tries to protect it. It is normally an owner’s job to calm down the dog. What if you fail to do that? Then we might attack the stranger as a precaution.
  • He may not want to share his toys for food. Some dogs get possessive about their toys and a portion of food being shared with another dog. This mostly happens when you buy a new puppy. You have to be careful after getting a new puppy for the first few weeks.
  • If a dog is afraid, then it will choose to attack. If your dog is afraid of some sudden noises and movement, it will prepare itself for a fight. This makes a dog attack the source of the sound.
  • Sometimes the dog might see strangers as a challenge. When some dogs get friendly with strangers and play with them, they might punch them as a sign of a challenge. This challenge is not much serious but if your dog is stone-faced, then get him out of that place before he turns furious.
  • If you have stopped giving your dog treats recently, he will often remind you of the trips you used to give by muzzle punching your hand. This is also a kind of attention-seeking, but in this case, not for your time but for the treats or something he used to get.
  • Some dogs might also bump their noses as a sign of pain. If it is a sign of pain, then your dog will not be much active. Time for you to take him to the vet.
  • Some dogs during their meeting period do this to grab the attention of their owners. If you have two or more dogs, you might have noticed this behavior within female and male dogs.

Dog Muzzle Punches Baby? Here is What to do

This is most common in households with small babies. There might be two main reasons for it.

One is that the dog might be scared disturbed by the sudden cries of the baby. He might also dislike the baby constantly disturbing him. Some dogs start loving their baby siblings quickly. It does not have to be the same for all dogs some might take time.

Another reason is that you might be missing all the attention he was getting before. So, as a result of frustration, he might be muzzle punching the baby.

The solution is really simple, and it completely lies in your hands. Dogs are just like babies. You just have to give them what they want. Try to make them get close and used to the baby.

To wrap up

Some dogs might require special treatment, and some do not. I think your dog needs some behavioral therapy and training. It is better to prefer that. Muzzle punching does not have to be regular.

If it is occasional, then the problem might be a temporary one, like grabbing attention.