Dog Window Perch

Dog Window Perch – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide!

The outside world and glimpses are fascinating, especially if you are cooped up inside all day. When you leave for work or other social engagements, your loyal buddy often feels like he is missing out. And that is because he is- on fun, playful, and exciting outdoor times that help him expend the excess energy he has.

Living in these unusual and difficult times, you probably can now understand his penchant for gazing out of the window even more. The sun does seem to be shining extra bright, and the wind perfectly cool when you are housebound, isn’t it?

That is why dog perches and window beds become such a handy instrument in helping your dog sit comfortably while he looks out the window.

They love to simply sit and watch, but if the watching is being done on your couch, then the chances are that it could be wearing out. Couches aren’t meant for that. They may start to show serious wear and tear. That is why it becomes important to get a separate window perch or window bed for your furry friend. That saves your couch and gives them a good spot for their daily lookout time as well.

Dog Window Perch – What Should You Know?

Dogs are animals of the outdoors- they love playing in the sun, getting trained outside, and doing their exercises outdoor.

But it is not always possible to get them enough play or walk time outside. That is why you can very often find them gazing intently out of your windows.

They love to watch the scene- find it funny and exciting to see squirrels, birds, other people, and sometimes even other dogs. But there can also be a worrying factor attached to it. If your buddy starts to feel aggressive and barks excessively when he is looking through the window, the chances are that he needs help.

The excessive and aggressive barking is a sign of a lack of socialization and a buildup of frustration. Watching through the window is probably frustrating him even more as your dog isn’t able to go out in the open. Proper positive reinforcement training is a must if you want that barking to stop

But that is usually not the case as most dogs, if they get proper outdoorsy playtime, are not aggressive when perching on the window.

A perfectly customized window perch not only makes it easier and more comfortable for your dog to sit and relax but also protects your window sills. The scratches, otherwise, could give your window a shabby look if you don’t put a window bed or a perch near it.

DIY Dog Window Seat With Ramp

As the window perches and bed are usually high off the ground, it is necessary to attach a ramp to it so that your dog isn’t jarred when he tries to jump up and down.

Ramps should be preferred over stairs because the stairs can jar the legs and the back of your dog. With continued use, it can even cause IVDD, especially if your dog is small or has shorter legs. With ramps, your friend is unlikely to severely hurt his back.

It can be quite expensive to get one online or from pet stores, but DIY is here to save your day. DIY dog window seats with a ramp are not only easy and affordable but are fun to make as well.

You could begin by using the tools you already have in your home. Or you could get some important materials like plywoods, superglue, screws, sandpaper, etc. if you’re in the mood to be creative.

If you want to use the stuff you already have, then just rearrange a nice sturdy shelf or table. Then properly attach a nice cushion or pillow to it-you could even glue them for good measure. Get ramp or DIY it too. Make sure to carpet it properly. You could experiment with colors and paints to make your dog’s perch attractive.

You can also get a window seat and bost it up at the bottom before adding the ramp. Or just place an elevated dog bed near the window.

You can also alternatively build a bench and cushion the top to make it a DIY window perch. Place it at a nice corner with a window so that valuable space in your house is saved as well.

Another intriguing but creative way to make your DIY dog window perch would be to get Trofast frames and put them up near a window. You could even get boxes or bins of appropriate sizes and fit them inside the hollow container space. Cover the steps and the top with carpet or mats and cushion to finish off with this one.

If you are one of those that indulged in finding out your hidden creative and carpentry abilities this quarantine, then you could go one step further and build a plywood ramp. You could then attach this ramp to the window seat. This makes it easy for your buddy to go up and down when he’s perching to look outside.

Building a DIY plywood ramp is easy. You could take two triangles of plywood and shape them correctly so that they have a steep slope when placed on the ground. Be diligent when you sand the edges. Then fit rectangular-shaped plywood on top and put them all together.

Again, carpeting it or placing a mat is mandatory. Place it near the window and by the window seat so that your good boy doesn’t have to jump far down. Or hurt his legs and back.

Best Dog Viewing Platforms

You can find sturdy, affordable, and best dog viewing platforms online on Amazon, Etsy, Petsmart, and many more places.

If you want to customize and find the one that is more suited to your space and your dog, then DIYing, it is also a great option.

Some of the best dog viewing platforms you will get are those that you craft with your own hands.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes, looking outside is the next best alternative when you can’t take your furry best friend outside. But you must monitor their perching behavior as well. Don’t hesitate to slide shades in and shut the window behind curtains if unwanted and negative behavior is displayed.

But otherwise, it is a great way to let your dog destress and release his frustration and relax. Looking Outside can even be therapeutic and ends their boredom. It can even be a coping mechanism and a great distraction.