Elhew Pointers

Elhew Pointers – UPDATED 2022 – Temperament, History & More!

Known for their exceptional natural ability, superior genetics, outstanding intelligence, and wonderful disposition, Elhew Pointers make a great choice for hunters and sports-lovers. It makes a nice companion for owners who are comfortable developing a responsive dog that loves to please. Let us try to learn more about the history, temperament, and other details of this breed.

Elhew Point Puppies – What To Expect?

Elhew pointers have a quite unique temperament and require a firm hand and several repetitions while training. They also demand regular ‘tune-ups’ to keep going right. They are highly sensitive and develop early. The owner should understand this compliant temperament and tailor the training methods accordingly.

To train these pups effectively, one should capitalize on the eagerness to please, natural abilities, and other traits unique to this bloodline. One thing owners should note is that Elhew point puppies don’t respond positively to or tolerate rough treatment. A strict voice tone and a stern look communicating disapproval are enough to correct any undesirable behavior.

For any instances of disobedience, a painless shake by the neck can be added for emphasis to re-asset dominance. Electric collars should not be used for training Elhew pointers. They know much and are compliant enough that the entire training can be done without using such aids. Improper usage of the device can completely ruin a Pointer. It should only be used to teach avoiding too dangerous behavior like approaching highways, chasing deer, pointing rattlesnakes, and others.

Elhew Pointer Temperament

Elhew Pointers are different from the pointer breed in terms of temperament. As a breed, pointers have earned the reputation for being independent and possessing strong willpower. Elhew Pointers are more sensitive, compliant, and approval-seeking. The temperament is quite similar to that of setters with the exception that Elhew pointers can be matured and developed much early.

The submissive temperament of Elhew pointers is linked to the superior intelligence for which the line was bred for so long. It is not clear whether they develop easily because of their exceptional intelligence, compliant nature, or uncommon natural ability. It seems that they have a combination of these attributes that help them develop so fast.

Elhew pointers are developed rather than trained. They are referred to as being genetically trained. This special quality refers to the outstanding natural instincts and the eagerness to please that distinguish this bloodline. When trained, socialized, introduced to sports, and encouraged to hunt, they become great hunting companions at a young age.

Elhew Pointer History

The origins of Elhew Pointer go back to the late Bob Wehle who bred Pointers throughout life to improve the traits. Wehle was the owner of a highly prestigious Pointer kennel, Elhew Kennels. He is known to be the premier breeder of English Pointers in the world. Bob was fascinated by genetics and used to breed champion dairy cows, thoroughbreds, and swine at times.

Bob loved bird dogs and English pointers and developed a line of hunting dogs that he named ‘Elhew Pointers’. To this day, he is considered to be the breeder who set the standard for Pointers. When he died, he passed the ownership of his kennel to Brian Hayes and it became difficult to justify Elhew line because it died with Bob. Nobody knew exactly which dogs he bred. With Brian’s death, Mel became the new guardian of the breed and continued breeding Elhew pointers to meet the standards set by Bob. She had worked closely with Wehle and kept trying to produce dogs that justified the line.

Elhew Pointer Vs English Pointer – How They Differ?

English Pointers as well as Elhew Pointers are strong-willed, stubborn, independent dogs ideal for sporting but English Pointers need a lot of exercise and are best suited for the country. Both these Pointers grow to a considerable height of about 28 inches and weigh 45-75 pounds. Elhew Pointers is a different line of Pointers with a temperament resembling setters as they are more compliant and sensitive.

The English Pointers are known to have originated centuries back in Europe bred using Foxhound, Spanish Pointer, Bloodhound, Greyhound, and other breeds. Elhew Pointers, on the other hand, was bred as a separate line by Bob Wehle and there is no clear idea of its parent breeds. They are both quick learners when given firm commands and rewards. Elhew Pointers make good hunting companions while English Pointers can be used for sporting, hunting, and dog shows.