Golden Retriever Summer Cut

Golden Retriever Summer Cut – Best Summer Haircuts For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Summer Cut? Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular and loved breeds around the world. They are known to be gentle, loving, devoted, outgoing and easy to train dogs. Their most pleasing attribute is the beautiful golden coat that gives them a unique look and their name. Having a golden retriever as a companion is a real joy but it comes with special care requirements.

The golden retrievers are shedders and should get regular grooming. And when summer is around, you may think of shaving off the hair to keep it cool. However, with the right information, you can maintain the beautiful coat of your golden retriever without having to spend a lot of money or time on grooming.

In this post, let you discuss all you should know about summer haircuts for golden retrievers and the grooming considerations to keep the dog happy during summers.

Golden Retriever Summer Cut – What You Should Know?

Your long-haired golden retriever needs special attention in summer as it starts feeling the heat. The double coat of this breed is thick and water-repellent and needs a lot of care to keep looking great. The dense undercoat has short woolly hairs while the outer coat consists of long guard hairs. When the temperature is extreme, the undercoat of your golden acts as an insulator to keep it cool. The outer coat also guards the skin of the dog from harmful rays of the sun.

While most owners believe that shaving a golden retriever will keep it cool in summer, it is definitely not a good idea. The double coat of your pup actually protects it and keeps it cool in the heat. A shaved dog is, in fact, at risk of overheating. Once shaved, the double coat of a golden gets damaged permanently and it will never grow to be the same again.

There are several hair cut options and grooming methods you can adopt for your golden retriever to save it from extreme temperatures in the summer months. These styles will ensure the dog retains its protective double coat and looks beautiful all the time.

Golden Retriever Swimmers Cut

Trimming A Golden Retriever For Summer

The perfect way to groom your golden retriever for summer is to trim the hair short and not shave it completely. This type of haircut is called a puppy cut and involves trimming the hair to 1-2 inches in length while leaving some feathering on the legs. The tail is also trimmed though kept long. While a groomer can easily trim your golden retriever, you can groom it at home with a pair of dog clippers.

And if you feel that puppy cut can be too severe for the dog, you can choose to keep your golden retriever looking neat and tidy by trimming some of the areas. You can trim areas near the paw pads and feet, fur on the legs, hair in the ears and the tail. Trimming will keep the dog looking great and feeling cool in summer.

Summer Haircuts For Golden Retrievers

Extreme cuts are not meant for golden retrievers. A good cut for this breed has a balance and symmetry. It is not advisable to get severe summer cuts on goldens. Here are some summer haircuts that would keep the dog cool as well as protected.

Simple Trim

Most groomers and owners like this style as it doesn’t involve much cutting and keeps it true to the natural hair. A good simple trim cut just needs some trimming, feathering and thinning out the chest and neck areas. The dog exposes the hair beauty in this cut and you can maintain it with regular brushing.

Teddy Cut

Some owners like keeping their pup’s hair short in hot months and adopt the ‘Teddy Cut’ that lets them keep it short without removing their double coat. This haircut involves clipping the body to a shorter length while the legs are kept in a natural coat shape with the help of scissors. The feet are kept short and curved and the tail is also trimmed.

Golden Retriever Swimmers Cut & Field Cut

Some golden retrievers have so thick hair that it doesn’t dry fully between their splashes and swims in rivers and lakes if they like swimming. A Swimmers Cut is a great haircut for such goldens as it saves them from the hazards of not drying completely. This cut trims the coat short but it is not shaved completely. This will make sure the pup remains dry between swims and stays away from the smell and risks of skin problems.

A field clip is another amazing summer cut option for golden retrievers. It is one of the choices for owners who don’t want a style clip. This is a short grooming style often given to dog breeds that work in fields so that they don’t catch burrs in their fur. This hairstyle suits summer grooming for a golden retriever.

The groomer uses a #9 or #10 or even a shorter blade to remove most of the coat from the legs and body. A field clip can also be called a shave down and it can be customized for your dog to make it looking its best.

Final Thoughts

The long-flowing coat is a beautiful attribute of a golden retriever. We hope this guide helps you maintain the beauty of your canine friend while keeping it cool in the hot climate. Apart from these cuts, you can consider grooming tips like regular brushing and bathing to keep it looking great while the coat helps it stay protected against extreme temperatures.