Goldendoodle Shih Tzu Mix

Goldendoodle Shih Tzu Mix – Temperament, Intelligence & More!

Shih Tzus are one of the most popular dog breeds as they are affectionate, cute, and playful lap dogs. There are several Shih Tzu mixes that have become highly popular as well. The Goldendoodle is another affectionate designer pup resulting from a mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle. These two breeds are mixed to get a healthy, adorable pup that makes a great pet.

In this post, let us try to learn about the characteristics of the Goldendoodle Shih Tzu mix to help you find out whether you should get one for your household.

Goldendoodle Shih Tzu Mix – A Complete Guide

Shih Tzu is a highly popular companion dog that falls in the Toy category in the American Kennel Club. Ranking 20th in terms of popularity, the long-haired pup can turn out to be highly obedient if trained at a young age. This breed has a long royal history as they were originally bred to warm the laps of the Chinese elites. It is because of this past that they show pride, dignity, and self-awareness even today. At the same time, they are intelligent, kind, and loyal.

Goldendoodle, on the other hand, was originally bred as a bigger version of the popular designer breed Cockapoo. It can range from small to large based on the Poodle a Golden Retriever is bred with. It is an excellent family pet and versatile working breed that works well as therapy dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, and even sniffer dogs. These pups are social and get along easily with everybody. They don’t have any aggressive traits and can be easy to train with proper technique.

The Goldendoodle Shih Tzu is a gorgeous hybrid of the two breeds. They inherit the intelligence and looks of their parents to make loving, friendly, obedient pups. The long-haired breed gets its appearance from any of the parents and can be white, red, black, dark brown, or any combination of colors. The size and weight of the pup depend on the size of the Goldendoodle parent.

Goldendoodle Shih Tzu Temperament & Intelligence

Goldendoodle Shih Tzu makes an ideal family companion with a quiet and calm nature. It likes socializing and is interested in pleasing its owner. With the courtesy of the Goldendoodle parent, these mixes are intelligent designer dogs with temperaments that suit households with pets or kids. They often shower a lot of love on you but expect affection and attention in return. They can live in the city as well as country settings but they do better in a fenced yard rather than apartments.

Goldendoodle Shih Tzu is intelligent with a royal attitude that can make it hard to train. They are not known to show any aggressive behavior but require proper socialization to get rid of fear and shyness. They also should not be left alone, or they can suffer from separation anxiety. A proactive and patient parent should find it easy to train this pup by socializing it from a young age. Like any other dog breed, this pooch thrives well in an environment of positive reinforcement.

The best way to train these pups to obey is to crate them and provide toys and treat to keep them busy all day. This breed is a light shedder, so they are perfect for people suffering from allergies. They can be brushed weekly or biweekly and can be clipped if desired. Their big fluffy coats demand frequent grooming and trimming to ensure good health and look.

Golden Retriever Shih Tzu Mix Full Grown

A golden retriever Shih Tzu mix is quite an unusual breed but is a nice pet to have at home. The two dog breeds are different in size, appearance, and characteristics, so they can make cute, adorable pups and grown-ups. This type of pup grows to be loyal, intelligent, and friendly. They are interesting middle-size dogs with intelligence and attitude that makes them easy to train. They are also more social and adaptable as compared to Retrievers.

If socialized well and trained from a young age, these dogs get along well with family members and other pets in the household. As both the parent breeds are healthy with not a lot of potential health issues, the Golden Retriever Shih Tzu mix is also healthy and not prone to serious illnesses. Like any other breed, it has some diet and grooming needs. Being active and energetic, it likes exercises and physical challenges.

Mini Goldendoodle Shih Tzu Mix – A Complete Guide

A mini Goldendoodle generally coming from a mini Poodle parent is bred with a mini Shih Tzu to get a small offspring. Mini Goldendoodles are popular for their low shedding coat, easy temperament, adorable look, and social intelligence. These mixes are between 12-20 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 15 and 40 lbs. The exact size of the miniature mix depends on how big the parents are.

Mini Goldendoodles can have a straight, wavy, or curly coat with a fluffy, soft appearance. However, these pups are energetic, outgoing, and social. They are also intelligent and should be given a lot of physical and mental activities every day. They can turn destructive and anxious if not challenged enough. They require positive, consistent training right from puppyhood. They are protective of their homes, owners, and even toys.

A mini Goldendoodle Shih Tzu mix is a moderate shedder but the long-haired coat demands regular grooming sessions. Like any other breed, these pups also need trimming and bathing once a week to keep their nails, face, and eyes clean. These miniatures are not likely to show any aggressive behavior and are sweet and friendly, which is why they are so popular among families.


Being a special, unique breed, ‘Goldendoodle Shih Tzu mix’ is a designer dog not commonly found. However, if you are looking for a loyal, active, cute, friendly, and energetic pet with good intelligence, this pup is certainly a good option and makes a great companion for the family, pets, and kids.