Greyhound Roaching

What Is Greyhound Roaching & Why Do Greyhounds Sleep So Much?

Greyhound Roaching? There is a good reason why greyhounds have garnered a lot of attention from pet lovers. These tall and kindhearted pets have never failed to capture our attention. They are one of the fastest animals on Earth.

Surprisingly, speed is not the only interesting quality about greyhounds. This breed of dog is famous for its unique sleeping position. They have this amusing habit of roaching.

They lay on their back and produce the groaning sound. So, if you ever see your greyhound in an upside-down position, do not panic. Let us see what this unique habit of greyhound tells us about their personality.

Greyhound Roaching – A Complete Guide

It is quite fun watching greyhounds sleep in a weird position. If you have never seen these cute pets sleep, they get into an odd yet comfortable position with their legs up in the air. The fun fact is that greyhound sleeps in an upside-down position to cool off or scratch their backs. In fact, roaching happens to be the first sign your grey has settled in your place.

Roaching is quite normal among greyhounds. However, that does not necessarily mean all greyhounds like this position. It is fine if you catch your greyhound sleeping in a normal position (like other breeds of dogs).

Still, if you own a greyhound, you are going to love to catch the sight of this pet in an upside-down position. Not only is it cute, but it suggests that your dog is content and comfortable.

Why Do Greyhounds Roach

Why Do Greyhounds Roach?

Another fun fact about this breed of dogs is that they can roach while awake. This happens when the dog wants to rest in a comfortable position. As these dogs grow older, they no longer enjoy this sleeping position.

The dog loves to roach on the mattress or a thick lawn. They need cushioning and adequate support for their back when lying on their back. Let us discuss the two common reasons why your greyhound loves to roach:

  1. To Cool Off

The next time you see a greyhound flipping onto his back, then he is probably doing it to cool off. If you have not noticed it yet, these dogs have the thinnest hair on their belly. You could also spot the blood vessels or the veins on their bellies clearly.

The reason they lay on their back is to expose the belly to air. They mainly do it when the temperature is high, or they get too warm.

This position helps the dog cool their blood vessels faster than the normal sleeping position. If you want to know how good the dog feels when it is lying on its back, then sit next to the greyhound and watch him give you the satisfying look.

  1. To Rub Their Back

Who does not like a nice back rub? Nothing feels more comfortable than having someone rub your back gently. That is exactly what greyhounds do to get the feeling of satisfaction. The only thing that sets this pet apart from other species is their unique reaction. So, the satisfying feel the dog gets from roaching is another reason why your greyhound loves to lay upside down.

If you own this breed of dog, you must have seen them getting ecstatic after rubbing their backs on the floor. Many breeds of dogs rub their backs on the ground, but they don’t feel as delighted as a greyhound.

That is because greyhound does not have the extra layer of fat found in most types of dogs. This helps them get their nerves as close to the floor as possible. The thinner your greyhound is, the happier it feels when scratching its back.

Do All Dogs Roach?

Not all dogs’ roach. In fact, greyhound happens to be the only breed of dogs that are seen roaching when they are asleep or resting. Even wild dogs never sleep in such a position.

If they flipped on their backs, they would probably be putting themselves into a vulnerable position. You must have never seen an ordinary dog roach like greyhounds. That’s probably because not all dogs have a big heart and fearless personality.

Greyhounds are not only the fastest dogs, but they are brave. Other dogs sleep with their bellies down. That is because they are too insecure to sleep with their legs in the air and belly exposed to the air. In fact, some dogs have the habit of sleeping with their eyes open.

It appears that they sleep in this position just to ensure that they would be able to spring to their legs if they were to be attacked.

As mentioned above, not all greyhounds roach. So, if you recently brought a greyhound home and you have never gotten a chance to catch him sleep in an upside-down position, then there is nothing to worry about. It takes time for the dog to settle in. There can also be other reasons why the dog is not roaching, such as lack of adequate cushioning or old age.


Why Greyhounds Sleep So Much?

Greyhound sleeps a lot. The main reason is that they lack that additional layer of fat found in other dogs. These slim and tall dogs do not have adequate fat deposits as other breeds. So, they sleep a lot to save energy.

You will be surprised to know that some greyhounds can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Generally, they sleep for 16-18 hours. Many pet owners mistake sleeping habits for their laziness. Sure, they seem to be a bit inactive than other breeds, but they can be trained.

Greyhounds can also oversleep because of anxiety or stress. If they have been separated from a family member, then they may oversleep for a couple of days.

Most greyhounds develop weird sleeping habits because of the new environment. They take time to settle in. You cannot expect your pet to adapt to a completely different environment the day you bring them home. Give them some time to settle in. Do not panic if they don’t roach or oversleep. It is normal.