Jealousy Between Dogs And Children

How To Avoid Jealousy Between Dogs And Children?

When you are pregnant you begin to ask many questions and many doubts arise, even about your dog because you do not know how it will react to the arrival of the newborn or what it will do if you cannot dedicate too much time to it.

Jealousy Between Dogs And Children

Jealousy is a natural feeling that arises when one feels rejected or replaced within a nucleus or if one feels that someone else is preferred and one’s attention is reduced.

In this MyCuteAnimal article, we will give you some tips so that your dog is not jealous of the newcomer and on the contrary establishes a good relationship between pet and child. read the article to learn how to avoid jealousy between dogs and children.

Prepare the dog for the arrival of the newborn

In this article on how to avoid jealousy between dogs and children we offer you a small guide to make you understand which steps to follow to avoid unpleasant situations like this. Therefore, before the baby arrives, it is important to start changing your daily routine and some habits. In this way, the dog will begin to understand that things will not be the same again but that does not mean that his life will get worse.

Making the dog participate in this wonderful experience is a serious task: being a sensitive being and with its own feelings, the dog will have to take an active part in the process and put his effort into understanding that something is changing. In this sense, let the dog approach the baby bump.

Before the baby arrives, the whole family will start preparing things: the room, the crib, the clothes, the toys … Let the dog smell everything and walk around the things that will belong to the baby. Rejecting the dog or preventing him from these simple actions is the first step in triggering the dog’s jealousy towards the child. You must be the first to think that your pet is neither a danger nor a threat to the unborn child.

If the schedules or habits related to meals or walks change, it is better to make these changes as soon as possible to avoid jealousy between dogs and children: accustom the dog to walk with another person, leave him the food ready, set an alarm to do not forget certain habits, etc. Avoid letting your dog notice an abrupt change in his routine.

Once the baby arrives, it will be important to let the dog smell his things so that he gets used to his scent, which will help him get used to it.

Introduce the child to the dog

Once the baby arrives home, our dog will do everything to find out who it is because it is possible that he has never seen a newborn. If your dog has already gotten used to his scent, he will be more relaxed and calm around a stranger.

It is normal that at first, you have a hard time getting your child close to the dog, asking yourself “What if he were to mistake him for a toy? What if he got confused?”. You will see, it will not be so, because the newborn has a smell with specific characteristics.

Take the time for close introductions, even if eye contact needs to happen from day one. Watch carefully how it behaves. Little by little you will approach the child to your dog and do it spontaneously, Also because if the dog is good, docile, and calm with you, why shouldn’t it be also with your child?

The speech changes totally if we are talking about an unknown dog, whose character and behavior are not known, for example, if the dog has been recently adopted and comes from a kennel. In these cases, if you doubt his reactions, we recommend that you call the kennel or consult an ethologist to follow the presentation process and avoid jealousy between dogs and children.

Growth of the child together with the dog

Up to 3 or 4 years of age, young children are usually sweet and affectionate with dogs. When they grow up, however, they begin to snoop around and want to experiment more and more, which is why it is very important to teach your child what it really means to have a dog in the family: affection, tenderness, respect, companionship, responsibility, etc.

The child must understand in particular that even if the dog does not respond adequately to what is asked of him, he must never be beaten and must never force him to do anything: the dog is neither a robot nor a toy, it is a living being. Don’t forget that if a dog feels attacked, he may have unexpected reactions.

In order for the coexistence and affective development of the child to take place correctly and to avoid jealousy between dogs and children, it will be important to explain to our child what it means to have a dog. Above all, it will be necessary to explain to him the responsibilities to assume, how to take him for a walk, explain when and how to give him food and drink, etc. Involving the child in these daily activities is essential.

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