How To Make Your Own Bully Sticks

How To Make Your Own Bully Sticks? (UPDATED 2021)

Every human being loves a pizza treat once in a while. Similarly, all dogs love treats once in a while. The only difference is the thing that the treat is made up of. Dogs cannot have pizzas as their treats. It is also obvious that humans cannot have bones as their treats.

There are many kinds of treats available for your cute little pooches. They include meaty, delicious ones that they can gnaw on as well as some normal biscuits shaped like bones.  One of these treats is Bully Sticks. These are digestible dog treats that can be homemade as well. These sticks should be cooked properly to avoid any kind of sickness to the dog.

A lot of people think that the bully sticks are made of muscles based on how the dogs keep chewing them. However, these sticks are made up of dried steer or bull phallus. As they are made of these, they are considered as by-products as well.

Homemade Bully Sticks – What Should You Know?

Ensure Purity

It is important to be confirmed about the ingredients of the bully sticks. The bully stick is made up of only one ingredient. Hence it is important to be sure that it is pure. It should be 100% safe for the dogs to consume these sticks to avoid any kind of illness. Being purely made of the one ingredient required, these sticks can be consumed by the dogs multiple times a week.

Ensure Safety

There are chances of bacterial contamination if the sticks aren’t cooked properly. However, these chances are low, but these sticks do have some residue strains of bacteria. Another issue with bully sticks is their hardness. As they are dehydrated to a great extent, there are chances of dogs getting their teeth fractures. This issue is however, controversial as these sticks are also recommended for dogs to have tartar removed from their teeth.

how to make homemade bully sticks

How to Make Your Own Bully Sticks?

  1. Raw Materials – all the butchers and slaughterhouses keep bull phalluses with them. They ensure purity; hence it is best to get the ingredients from them. It may seem absurd buying that part of the bull from your local shop. But once done, it’ll be a lot easier the next time.
  2. Cleaning – the cleaning process of the meat is done in three steps. First, to make it healthy, the excess fat is cut off from the meat. This also ensures the treat to not be calorific. Next comes the slicing down of the phallus. This releases the meat of excess and unwanted fluids. Third comes the bathing process of the meat. The meat should have a clean water bath for some hours. Following these steps would give you a slice of hygienic raw meat to make.
  3. Cooking – cooking these sticks properly can take up to days. These sticks have to be cooked up for several days. They should be bakes at around 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure the meat to get properly dehydrated. Being dehydrated ensures the treat to be a long-lasting one.
  4. Cutting – bully sticks are not pre-available in small sizes. They come in huge long sizes like a rope. After being cooked, they have to be cut into smaller pieces. Once cooked, it is then advisable and recommended to cut the sticks into smaller sizes.

Bully Stick Ingredients – What Is It Made Of?

The bully sticks are made up of only one ingredient. The ingredient is bull Phallus. one alternative to bull phallus is Steer pizzle as well. Getting to know this might come as a shock to many first-time dog owners. As alarming as it may sound, there is nothing to get worried about in this case. The only thing to take care of in the case of these sticks is their purity. These sticks should be properly gone through manufacturing regulations. If being made at home, they should be cleaned and cooked properly.

Non – Beef Bully Sticks – What Should You Know?

As much as this header doesn’t make any sense. Bully sticks without the bull phallus just aren’t possible. However, there are treats named as bully sticks that do not have any bull meat in them. They are made up of other materials that give a similar taste and shape as that of a pure bully stick. Non-Bull bully sticks may not make any scene. However, it surely is more than just a phrase.

Bully Sticks Alternatives

Bully sticks are not harmful treats for dogs. They are even loved by the pooches. However, the owners might not be comfortable getting bull pizzles in their house for their dogs. Not just uncomfortably, but other factors such as religion and the smell might also be some hurdles for the owners. Hence there are alternatives to the meaty sticks. The number of alternatives available might just be infinite, but here are a few to list.

Chicken Chews – these are easy to make and can be made at home quickly as well. The only thing needed for this is boneless chicken thighs. The thighs have to be cooked at around 180 degrees Fahrenheit to the extent of getting fully dehydrated and chewy.

Carrots – carrots are great for the dogs’ teeth and are healthy as well. They won’t last long as chewy treats but can be given more regularly than the bully sticks.

Deer Antler – Deer Antlers are the longest lasting treats for dogs. They are one of the best ways to keep the teeth of the dogs in shape. However, when given antlers, dogs should be supervised, especially if it’s a puppy.

Summing Up

Bully sticks are one of the best chewy and long-lasting treats to give to your four-legged friend. They ensure your pooch’s teeth to stay in shape and help remove tartar as well. The only thing to be careful with these sticks is their purity. Impure and raw cooked sticks can lead to bacterial infections in dogs. For the first-timers as well as others, their dogs getting ill is not a good sight for sure.