Long Haired Akita

Long Haired Akita – UPDATED 2022 – Price, Breeders & More!

If you are in search of a loyal and loving pup, an Akita is one of the best choices. Akita is an affectionate, playful breed of dogs committed to the owner. These pups may not get along well with outside dogs unless trained but love the family members unconditionally.

The long haired Akita is an unusual, unique breed of the dog, not officially recognized by the kennel club breed standard. Let us try to learn about the long haired Akita, its characteristics, breeders, price, and other details.

Long Haired Akita – A Complete Guide

Long haired Akita or Woolie as it is called, is a beautiful, giant dog that looks like a teddy bear and is preferable for a family pet. Dogs of the Akita breed are distinguished by a nice-looking double coat that consists of a soft and thin undercoat and a hard, straight overcoat. A short coat is standard to this breed and long hair is considered to be defective.

However, long-haired Akitas look cute and are born when both the parents have a long coat gene. This breed is known to have originated from the Russian ‘Karafuto’ dog and the Japanese Akita to have a longer and thicker coat that keeps them protected in harsh, cold climatic conditions. This breed has a bigger bone structure as compared to the normal Akita, has a loving and kind temperament, and is more eager to please.

Though the long haired Akita is not recognized by the AKC or permitted to enter shows, it is a rare breed often admired by anybody seeing them. The coat is slightly longer than the short-haired Akita and demands more attention and care. The benefit is that these pups love to be groomed and you can build a loving bond with your pet through grooming sessions.

Akita dogs are giant but adored by those who like big pets. They have a beautiful coat and upright ears that give them a unique, beautiful look. They don’t need much exercise so there is no need to worry about running and walking with them all the time. They also don’t snore or drool a lot, which means they make less mess. If trained well, they don’t bark so much either.

Long haired Akita pups can live alone or with one more dog. It lives happily with you as your only dog and even tolerates well with other pets if you train it to socialize. It may want to be the top priority but can live with other dogs peacefully. It is overall loyal, affectionate, and loving to family members and family friends. You can expect your Akita pup to bark if strangers show up at the home. However, you can easily train it to stop barking when you instruct.

Long Coat & Long Haired Akita Puppy – What You Should Know?

Being a large breed, long haired Akita puppy can be difficult to control if not well-trained. This is why you should get this dog at a young age when it is a baby so that you can teach it everything you want it to learn. These dogs also have a lot of strength and endurance and should be trained to learn how they can use their energy positively. However, it is important to know that the Akita dogs are quite intelligent and may get bored during their training. So, you should try to keep it challenging and interesting.

Right from birth, long haired Akita puppy’s coat requires a lot more care than normal Akita. In fact, the long coat demands high maintenance and needs some type of daily grooming with the right tools to prevent matting. You should therefore invest in a few high-quality grooming tools and get your pup used to be groomed at home and by a professional as soon as possible.

As a pup, the long haired Akita does not have a long coat. The dense and fuzzy coat slowly pushes through to turn into a woolly mass of thick fur. Regular grooming during this growth is essential to keep its woolly dense coat from matting, particularly in areas like behind the ears. As its thick woolly coat comes out, a straight thick coat replaces it but the topcoat remains longer and requires care.

The seasonal blow can be irritating for long haired Akita and is messier as compared to a short coat. It can be challenging to keep the place clean and tidy during the blowing time. However, they don’t shed a lot at other times. Another consideration for the long coat is heat. Akitas can get uncomfortable with the long hair in warm weather. It is important to keep track of their sun exposure and ensure they go out only during cooler hours of the day and stay in the shade when it is hot outside.

Long Haired Akita Price & Breeders – UPDATED 2022

The long haired Akita breed originated in Japan from the Karafuto breed of dogs. The Akita was bred with Karafuto to produce a dog with a long coat to suit the cold weather conditions in Japan years ago. At that time, it was known as a leader and were bred to hunt, guard, and herd with their strength and endurance. Over time, they were bred to create loving, protective, loyal home companions.

The long haired Akita is not recognized by the AKC or allowed to participate in shows. This is why they are not bred officially and only a few breeders in Japan produce them. This breed is generally expensive and you can expect to pay anywhere between $2000 and $5000 to get a pup-quality pet from a reputed breeder.

Final Thoughts

Long haired Akita is one of the most beautiful dogs you could own as a companion pet. It is friendly, affectionate, beautiful, and loyal. It is easy to care for, though the long coat requires regular grooming and care. If you are looking for a new dog, long haired Akita can be easily found at adoption and rescue centers or breed clubs.