Petami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

Petami Review – Petami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack (2021)

Petami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack, PetAmi produces a wide range of useful pet products and luxuries. All of their products are exclusive to suit your furry friends. Their exquisitely designed bags are the most suitable for carrying your small pets around.

They have different types of bags made out of sufficient material. Your pets will love them.

The PetAmi deluxe carrier is the perfect backpack that you can get for your dog/cat. This bag helps you carry your dog/cat wherever you go. However, they are best suited for trekking, mountain climbing, and picnics.

The insides of the bag are to ensure your pet’s ultimate comfort while you travel. There is a thick bed inside of the bag to ensure your pet is relaxing.

These bags also come in different colors you can choose one according to your mood.

Petami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

Product specifications:

– Size

The bag approximately measures, 12.5″ x 10.2″ x 16.3″ (L x W x H). This size will be enough for you to fit in your cat or small dog. You can also fit in small puppies. It can either be a short walk or a long road trip; PetAmi is suitable for everything.

Since there is enough width, your pet can move his/her legs around.

– Convenience

The bag has two-way entries with zips. Your pet can either enter from the back or through the ventilation zip. You can also keep this zip open while walking so that they can also enjoy the mood outside.

– Safety

You don’t have to worry about the ridges that your car hit while traveling. The bag is designed with safety as a primary concern. You can buckle up your pet inside the bag while traveling. It has a safety buckle with the strap to hold your pet still and avoid unnecessary movement.

– Comfort to carry around

PetAmi deluxe carrier will be not only comfortable for your pet but also easy for you to carry. The straps and buckles in the chest and waist give you ultimate support while walking. The shoulder straps are stuffed with thick pads to reduce pain.

– Review

The product is an excellent choice to move your dog or cat around. PetAmi will deliver the product as it is in the picture. Many customers who have used it have rated it five stars. Without flattering, the bag is praised for what it has. It is effortlessly comfortable and compatible with all kinds of pets. The bag can take up to 13 lbs of weight. Most of the cats can fit into the bag. If your dog weighs less than 13 lbs, congratulations; he/she will keep your company everywhere.

The life of this bag is longer than you expect. In the case of other bags, you might find the fiber inside tear off after some time. PetAmi assures your longevity.

The pouches on both sides of the bag do not affect the space inside it. Since the knitted lace on both sides is expandable, your dog is more likely to have his room.

On the whole, if you are a beginner pet parent, PetAmi could be the best you can give to your baby. The product would do justice to both your money and your pet.

PetAmi Backpack – What Should You Know?

Petami Review

PetAmi is especially for pet lovers who love to take their pets with them all the time. If you have a cat/dog for the first time, this bag is clearly for you. Some of you might be afraid of the allergies that your pet might get if It stays in the air for a long time. The inner walls are of high-grade polyester. You can also clean your bag after every use. It is easy to wash and clean with a cloth.

The bag has holes for ventilation and a zip attached to it. You can open the ventilation hole if you want. If you are on for a walk to the laundry or the grocery store, you can open this zip.

This bag is fantastic for beach Hangout. Your pets can enjoy along with you.

The sides of the bag have tiny gaps to allow airflow and regulate the ventilation. The buckle inside the bag is also optional. You can place your pet without buckling them up if you want.

Before placing your pet inside the bag, clean it with a wet cloth and let it dry for some time. If you want to wash it, it is up to you, but the best advice is to clean it with the disinfectant or wet cloth.

Now open the front zip or the back zip and let your pet inside. Once he/she gets comfortable, close the zips.

If you are going to travel on a bus or some heavily packed vehicles, it is excellent to keep the front closed. It will avoid unwanted intervention from others.

Pack all your pet provisions in one bag and get ready for a trip. No other brand has ever guaranteed this comfort for you, but PetAmi has.

PetAmi cares for your preference and your dog/cat’s comfort.

PetAmi Deluxe Carrier – How it Differs?

petami backpack

PetAmi stands out from other pet care products because of its unique features. At first, stand the design of the product. The bag not only ensures comfort and convenience but is also brilliantly executed.

The bag comes with two side pouches on both sides. You can use them to store your pet’s snacks, water, or even their favorite toys. The pockets are broad enough to hold water bottles and food packets.

If you use a stroller, you have to carry another bag to take all the things. With, PetAmi deluxe carrier, moving your pet around becomes even more comfortable for you.

The bag has a sleek styling. Like regular pet bags, it does not protrude out and look odd will you carry it. It is designed on the shape and looks very typical when you have it. This allows customers to walk in style without missing their babies.

Another exciting factor that most customers love is wearing the bag on both rear and back sides. Since it has a waist strap, it will be comfortable to wear it in the front.

The catchy thing about owning a PetAmi deluxe carrier is the free bowl they give. It is a collapsible bowl attached to a keychain. You can teach the bowl if you want.

Since hydration is vital for pets, this bowl is handy when you go on long trips or hikes. The bowl measures  5×3 inches when opened. It shrinks to 5×0.5 inches when folded.  The bowl can be stored in the side pouches or hung with the keychain.

Such excellent features are only available in PetAmi.

The openings on both sides of the bag allow you to feed your pet. You can open the bag from both left and right. This is quite unusual with dog backpacks. Most of the bags allow you only one opening. PetAmi proves to be more convenient by offering four different outlets.

There are two openings to slide your cat/dog in and two openings to feed them. PetAmi has brought these revolutionary options to your doorstep for the first time!

There is also a cute name tag on the front with a keychain. You can ink your pet’s paw in the name tag. PetAmi makes your travel experience even more special.

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket

PetAmi not only provides travel products for your dogs but also essentials. Dog blankets from PetAmi a soft, comfortable, and highly waterproof.

The size of the blanket is 30×40 inches. This size will most probably be suitable for small and medium-size dogs and all types of cats. The mat can be used both inside and outside of the house. It is best preferred to use it outdoors.

Since the mat is 100% waterproof, you do not have to worry about spills or stains. Even if your dog urinates in it, you don’t have to worry about it. This might can be best used to train puppies for their toilet habits.

The waterproof lining in the blanket allows water to slide down.

One side of the blanket is waterproof, and the other side is of soft fabric. This side can be used as a blanket for your pet to sleep. You can spread it out on your couch or bed, and in a second, it could turn into a fantastic pet bed.

The blanket is compatible with all weather conditions and hence can be used anywhere. If you are going for a picnic for outdoor camping, your dog can use it as a bed. If you are at home relaxing, then spread it out on the couch and relax together with your baby.

The merit of this mat is the high-quality GSM and microfiber polyester. It can withstand any scratch, dirt, and tears.

Even if you let your dog play with it, You will notice no considerable damage.

PetAmi deluxe carrier and blanket can be a great combo when you travel overseas. Your dog will not miss the home smell.

It is crucial to have your hairy partner warm and cozy. PetAmi understood this need and offered you this fantastic combo. Your pets are going to fall in love with the new blanket and their new backpack.


PetAmi is a trustworthy brand worldwide. From what customers have reported, it has never failed to cater to pet owners’ needs.

Cat parents understand the importance of bags. Dogs can be compatible anywhere their owner stays. It is not the same case with cats. They have to get used to the place and be comfortable. Without a doubt, your cats will love PetAmi.

You don’t have to search much for a comfortable bag. PetAmi is right here at your disposal.