Portion Pro Rx Review

Portion Pro Rx Review – PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder (2021)

Pet feeders are recently getting highly popular as they make feeding easier for parents. You can find a wide variety of models in the market to choose from. One of the most popular products is the Portion Pro Rx that takes pet feeding to the next level with automatic control. It offers a convenient way to take care of the diet of all the pets in the house.

In this review, we take a closer look at the product and learn more about its features, advantages, limitations and price to help you decide if it the ideal pick for you.

Portion Pro Rx Review – UPDATED 2021

When you have more than one pet in the house, it gets difficult to feed the right amount of food to every pet, particularly if you have a busy life. The Portion Pro Rx is a unique solution that employs an innovative RFID technology to control meal portions of each pet and prevent stealing. This product aims to make your pet feeding experience stress-free and simple, even with pets that have special dietary needs.


Automated Portion Control

It saves you time spent measuring food portions. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pets get the right amount of food automatically every day.

Scheduled Meals

This unit also takes care of the pet feeding routine. You just have to set the times you want to feed the pet and the feeder will ensure consistent mealtimes on a regular basis.

Easy Setup

Working with the pet feeder is as simple as setting an alarm clock. It features an LCD screen to program the unit with ease.

Stop Food Stealing

With the patented RFID system and pet-safe doors, there is no chance of food stealing. This makes it easy to feed multiple pets without any worry.


  • Sturdy, well-constructed unit
  • Made out of food-grade materials
  • Simple set up and programming
  • Motorized sliding food door mechanism
  • Prevents food theft
  • Allows feeding small amounts of food
  • Ceramic coated stainless steel food bowl
  • Accurate dispensing
  • Power outage recovery
  • Pet-safe access door design


  • Doesn’t have a battery backup
  • Needs buying extra tags to block multiple pets
  • Somewhat pricey

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

The PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder is aimed to keep your pets healthier by taking care of their meals and portions. It is designed to ensure that every pet in the house is fed the right amount of food each time. It avoids any overfeeding and keeps the pet weight under control, saving you money spent on vet bills. It works on the patented RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that gives access to pets by reading information on their ID tags.

You can program the feeder and attach the RFID tag to the cat’s collar. Whenever the pet comes in the feeder’s range, the door opens for the pet, restricting access to other pets. When the pet walks away, the door closes. The pet feeder allows programming the amount of food you want to dispense, the number of meals to be served and the number of times you want the food to be dispensed.

The PortionPro Rx pet feeder can be programmed to feed anywhere from ½ cup to up to 6 cups of food per day. The food for each pet can be divided into 2, 3, 4 or 6 meals in a day. The compartment holds up to 30 cups of kibble. The feeder operates in two modes – closed and open. When in the open mode, the food bowl remains open until a pet comes in its range. The pets you don’t want to access the food in this mode should wear the RFID tags.

In the closed mode, the door remains closed until a pet comes in its range. The pet wearing the RFID tag will get access to the food. The door closes after 15 seconds once the approved pet walks away. The pet has access to food all the time but the unit controls what time and how much the pet gets. You can always stay updated on the pet’s feeding schedule as the screen shows you the complete information about the meals the pet ate, its portions and the next schedule.

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

Portion Pro Rx Tag

The Portion Pro Rx pet feeder includes one tag for a pet. If you have more pets in the house, you can buy additional RFID tags to use the automatic feeding system. The tags are lightweight and waterproof so there is no need to keep the pets inside when it rains. The weight of each tag is about 10 grams. It includes a lithium 3V battery for operation and it is not replaceable. The estimated tag battery life is about 1 year, though the actual life depends on the pet activity.

The RFID tag is designed to communicate with the pet feeder to control food access for pets. The feeder can recognize the tag at a distance of about 2 feet to allow access to the food bowl automatically. All the pets in the house should wear a tag and all tags are unauthorized by default. You can program the tags to authorize the pets for food in the feeder.

Portion Pro Rx Price & Where To Buy

The Portion Pro Rx pet feeder is priced at $199.99 which is quite affordable as compared to other automatic feeders in the market. For this price, it is great value for money with all the features and functionality it offers. Most other pet feeders don’t allow controlling how much the pet eats in a day. Portion Pro Rx also comes with theft prevention to give you complete peace of mind.

You can buy this pet feeder from the official manufacturer’s website. Included with each unit are the power supply, food bowl, bin and lid, food belt and one RFID tag. It is covered under a one-year limited warranty. The pet feeder is also available at other online stores including Amazon. You can save on this purchase with discounts and offers available from time to time.


Portion Pro Rx is a high-quality automatic pet feeding system that makes it easy for you to take care of your pet’s daily diet and portion. It can be programmed to feed the pets at specific times every day and locks out pets from accessing food meant for other pets. The door ensures the pet is never hurt and never jams. This unit is a great choice for those who have multiple pets or pets with special dietary requirements. It is also an excellent way to automate pet feeding to save time while making sure the pet stays healthy.