Thunderleash Reviews

Thunderleash Reviews – Thunderleash No Pull Reviews (2021)

Walking your dog is one of the most crucial parts of being a dog parent. However, it is not the most straightforward job for either the human or the dog at times. Even well-trained dogs can get stubborn or hyperactive, which leads you to pull on your dog’s leash. Sometimes, you cannot put pressure enough, and you end up getting pulled off by your dog.

Getting pulled away enough to lose your balance is not an ideal thing. You might get hurt or get into an accident. If you lose your balance, your dog gets control over your body and can drag you to a distance. This situation has to be tackled with the right product, and Thunderleash No-Pull is one of such products.

What is Thunderleash No-Pull?

Coming from the company that produces the ThunderShirt, Thunderleash is one of those solutions that you will never want to go back on. It has an easy to get on and off-leash design that allows the dog to walk without half-choking themselves. However, it does not even let the dogs full you into unwanted situations.

The leash allows you to have a comfortable grab on the leash while being in total control of your dog’s walking direction. One of the remarkable things about ThunderLeash is that it is a convertible product. It can be used both as a no-pull leash and a regular leash. ThunderLeash No-Pull is one of the cleverest yet straightforward ways to stop your dog from pulling.

How to Use Thunderleash No-Pull?

Thunderleash employs a straightforward mechanism that discourages your dog from pulling instinctively. The leash comes attached with a no-pull hook and a standard leash hook. The standard leash hook is attached to the dog’s collar, and the leash is then wrapped around the dog and pulled through the no-pull hook.

Thunderleash No-Pull

Since the leash is wrapped around the dog’s torso, it will put mild pressure on the dog’s body whenever he tries to pull. This pressure itself will be enough to communicate to the dog that they’re going out of the line. As the pressure increases, the pulling will automatically diminish because the dog would want to avoid pain in their torso.

However, with that mechanism, it is possible that a dog might get too stubborn and pull regardless of the pain. That is not something to worry about with the Thunderleash as it comes with a safety buckle. This buckle allows you to manage the maximum pressure that you can enable on the dog’s torso so that they do not choke with too much pressure.

Since the pressure is put on the torso and not on any joint, your dog will still be able to walk normally. You will not have to face the risk of your dog falling to their side due to excessive pressure.


Thunderleash Reviews

Now that we know all about what Thunderleash is and how it works, let us look into a different aspect of the leash.

Recommended by Trainers

Professional trainers around the globe recommend Thunderleash no-pull. When used at an early stage, the leash can train the dog to understand the difference between normal and aggressive pulling by shifting the safety limit of the safety buckle.

Trainers use consistent feedback in the form of gentle torso pressure as a training mechanism. This is one of the most positive and safe professional training tools for teaching dogs how to be well-behaved during a walk.

Thunderleash is known to work for 80% of dogs. However, it can be used to train stubborn dogs that might cause more trouble.

Healthy Reinforcement

There is a reason why most positive feedback trainers prefer Thunderleash over any other training tool. The constant, healthy, and safe feedback that the dogs get through torso pressure is a healthy way for them to know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Thunderleash allows dogs to learn in a positive and healthy manner. It helps better the cognitive abilities of the dog, along with teaching them good behavior.


While buying Thunderleash, you can choose from three different sizes. The product is available for a toy, small, and regular-sized dogs. Therefore, you can buy the size that perfectly fits your dog to ensure that they feel only mild pressure on their torso.

The smallest size is ideal for dogs who weigh below 12lbs. It is the perfect size for puppies and small breed adult dogs.

The medium size is perfect for dogs who weigh between 12 and 25 lbs. When not used with a harness, this size is 6 inches long and ¾ inch wide. The wight of this leash is perfect for small breed adult dogs or large breed puppies. It can also be used for dogs who weigh about 35 lbs. However, getting a large size would be better if your dog is likely to grow in size.

The large size should be used for dogs who weigh more than 25 lbs. Since this large size is a little heavy, using it for dogs weighing more than 35 lbs would be a better option. This site is one inch wide and 6.5 inches long without a harness.

You can make minor adjustments to the size using the slack and safety buckles. These buckles are responsible for creating a diameter that will go around your dog’s torso.

Ease of Use

Thunderleash is incredibly easy to use the product. The end of the leash that you’re going to hold comes with soft padding. Therefore, it allows you to hold the leash without callusing on your palms or causing friction-based pain.

As for the no-pull mode, it is easy to use as well. Wrapping the leash around your dog’s torso will hardly take 5 seconds but will multiply the enjoyment that you can experience while walking your dog.

Dual Design

Thunderleash is an excellent harness if you are going to be using it for multiple dogs. It can be used in two manners. You could either wrap it into the no-pull hook and enjoy a no-pull walk, or could use it as a regular leash.

The best thing about the dual design is that you do not have to force your dog into feeling the pressure during each walk. You could take them for a walk with the regular harness style, and if your dog seems to be hyperactive, you can swiftly shift to the no-pull style leash.


Thunderleash has proven to be effective for 80% of dogs. It is useful in the training process. However, if you use the leash for aged dogs, they might take time to adjust to the pressure. They, too, slowly learn from the positive reinforcement.

Since the Thunderleash’s largest size is a little heavy, your large dog might take time to adjust to the weight. The leash is not ideal for encouraging the dog to walk on a loose leash. However, it serves its purpose perfectly and dials down the pulling by a significant amount.

Value for Money

Considering that Thunderleash can be used in two forms, it serves a lot of utility. Thunderleash can work as your dog’s primary leash. Since the leash’s build quality is exceptionally soft yet sturdy and easy to clean, it serves well at its price point. Thunderleash does come among the pricier leashes available in the market, but its utility is true to its price.

Weiss Walkie vs. Thunderleash – Which is Better?

Both Weiss Walkie and Thunderleash are no-pull leashes. The working mechanism of both the leashes is the same. They both apply subtle pressure to the dog’s ribs to communicate bad behavior. Weiss walkie was introduced to the market before the Thunderleash and can be considered as a pioneer of no-pull leash functionality.

When we compare the two leashes, the Thunderleash stands out for three reasons.

Grip Comfort

Weiss Walkie features a loop-style grip that is made of the same material as the entire leash. Thunderleash’s loop-style grip is padded. Therefore, Thunderleash is much more comfortable to hold and use than Weiss Walkie.

Leash Shape

Weiss Walkie is a round-shaped leash, while Thunderleash is a strap-style leash. While the difference is subtle, but we believe that the strap-style is more comfortable for the dog. That is because the pressure they feel on their torso would be divided into a relatively larger area instead of a round-leash.


Weiss Walkie does not feature any safety buckles to control the maximum amount of pressure that your dog will feel. This can be difficult for stubborn dogs who pull regardless of the pressure. With Thunderleash, you can ensure that regardless of your dog’s stubbornness, there is only a limited about of pressure that will be forced on the dog’s ribs. The rest of the pressure will be distributed to the collar harness instead of being focused on the ribs.


More than 50% of dog parents experience dog-pulling. Not only is that uncomfortable, but also possibly dangerous. Thunderleash is the perfect solution to dog-pulling. It helps in positively teaching your dog how to walk nicely compared to using a regular collar leash that can potentially choke your dog.

With three sizes and five colors to choose from, Thunderleash No-Pull is a great product for dog-owners who want to rid themselves of the issue of dog-pulling.