Why do dogs lick people

Why do dogs lick people?

Have you ever thought why do dogs lick people? If you have a dog or have dealt with a dog, you will know that they tend to lick a lot.

Dogs have a limited communication system and because of this, they use their body language as best they can to express their emotions and feelings. In this article, you will find that dogs lick for many reasons and not just to show love or affection.

Some Reason Why do dogs lick people?

The reasons that lead a dog to lick people are numerous and many are related to wanting to show their affection:

  • He loves you: like humans, dogs show their affection by kissing the people they love, reciprocate this show of love!
  • Fear: if they lick lightly, the gesture can be synonymous with fear, fear, or submission, especially if it is accompanied by low ears and a tail between the legs. He’s showing loyalty to you and doesn’t want to be scolded.
  • Hunger: if you notice that he licks his face excessively when he opens his mouth, the meaning is obvious: the dog is hungry. This behavior is typical of puppies because it serves to indicate to the mother that they are hungry.
  • It cleans you: in general, dogs are clean animals. Mom cleans the newborn puppies and continues to do so for a long time, even as they grow up. Adult dogs lick each other as a show of affection.
  • Explore: Dogs often lick things they don’t know. Remember that these animal senses of dog, especially smell, are more developed than humans. Furthermore, there are numerous cases in which dogs, by licking, try to communicate to the owners that they don’t know.
  • Wakes you up: If you are sick or resting and the dog wants to go for a walk or is hungry, for example, the dog will most likely wake you up by licking your whole face.
  • He licks the air – he’s just trying to tell you you can trust him, he’s calming you down.
  • He licks you too much: the dog is agitated and nervous, maybe he even wants to throw up.

Remember that dog body language is very extensive and can even surprise you if you understand it completely.

why do dogs lick peoples faces

Why is my dog ​​…

If it’s the first time you have a dog and you don’t know how to behave with him, at MyCuteAnimals we will help you understand some of his behaviors.

  • Why does my dog ​​follow me everywhere? 

This is a very frequent question. Remember that dogs are social animals who love to follow those who love and care for them.

  • Why do dogs howl? 

If your dog is very loud and barks or howls often, try to figure out how to make him feel more comfortable indoors.

  • Why do dogs tremble? 

Some dogs, especially small ones, tend to shiver.

Teach your dog to stop licking 

One of the best way to stop your dog licking you, is to ignore his behavior. after he stops licking give him praise and reward for listening, so that they won’t repeat this behavior in the future.

As time passes, the licking should fade away as your dog realizes that it is not providing them with any sort of reward.

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