Why Is My Dog Eating Dirt All of A Sudden

Why Is My Dog Eating Dirt All of A Sudden?

As you observe your dog in his daily activities, do you notice that he regularly eats dirt? This little habit can quickly turn out to be dangerous for your companion. He ingests substances potentially harmful to his body. It is therefore important to understand why your dog eats soil, to be able to remedy it.

Why Is My Dog Eating Dirt All of A Sudden?

These may be the reason for your dog to eat dirt:

Thirst for discovery for the puppy

Much like the oral stage in babies, puppies need to experience the world around them with their mouths open. You’ve probably seen it already, chewing on anything and everything amuses them, but also allows them to understand, what is edible and what is not!

The earth turns out to be interesting, the dogs scratch it with their paws and thus reveal some interesting flavors for their overdeveloped sense of smell. All that is needed is for the puppy to quietly savor the fresh soil in the garden or the green plant!

If you do not need to worry about it in the first months, you must on the other hand ensure that your dog does not persevere beyond 5/6 months.

Your dog is bored and lets you know

A dog who stays alone for a long time during the day, without a playmate, who does not walk regularly, will soon be bored. Repeated punitive or even aggressive behavior on the part of a master for his dog is a factor in behavioral disorders in animals.

The dog who suffers from loneliness or stress will look for different ways to attract the attention of his owner. Express your discomfort, but also take advantage of the contact that the situation can provide. Eating dirt will undoubtedly lead to dirt in the house, and give rise to remonstrances and punishments, if the facts are repeated. During this time, the owner pays attention to the actions of his animal and the dog has understood it. Pursuing is the hope for him, to see his suffering understood, and that his master will find a solution.

He wants to fill his hunger or possible deficiencies

Your dog’s food must meet all of his needs, depending on his age and activity. Although this is not the most common cause, your dog may experience hunger pangs throughout the day. Ingestion of soil (or something else) may be a way for him to fill his stomach and achieve a feeling of temporary fullness.

Likewise, if your pet does not find enough minerals in the composition of his bowl, he will tend to look for them elsewhere. Indispensable for good bone development and brain function, but energy intake, trace elements, minerals, and vitamins must be present in sufficient and proportionate quantities in your dog’s diet. Turn to your veterinarian, he will be able to advise you, to adapt your animal’s diet, so that he stops eating soil.

He has Pica syndrome

Have you already gone through all of the above cases and your dog continues to eat dirt? The latter can suffer from Pica, this serious condition is an eating disorder, leading the dog to eat anything and everything. All these inedible substances, and not providing the slightest mineral or vitamin benefit: plastic, wood, paper, or even electrical wires can end up in your animal’s body and cause irreversible damage.

Pica is usually the result of sudden trauma, a situation of intense stress, modifying the usual canine behavior. It can also be explained by poor eating habits, another disease, or the onset of senile dementia. The syndrome can occur at any time in the life of our animal and must necessarily make you react.

  • Rapid consultation with a veterinarian is essential, in association with the advice of a canine behaviorist. The latter can, in the absence of any other disease, help you restore the psychic and emotional balance of your animal so that it finds a healthy and adapted diet.
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