How To Euthanize A Cat With Over The Counter Drugs

How To Euthanize A Cat With Over The Counter Drugs? UPDATED 2021

Cats are one of the most loving and beautiful pets. When these cute animals live as a part of your family for years, it becomes hard to bid them goodbye. However, at times, you may have to decide to bring its life to an end. If your aged cat no longer enjoys its life or is suffering from an incurable disease that makes its life difficult, the best thing you can do for your pet is to give it a painless death.

A lot of pet owners decide to euthanize their pets at home with over-the-counter drugs. In this post, we try to understand how you can accomplish this and what you should know before euthanizing your cat at home.

How To Euthanize A Cat With Over The Counter Drugs?

There are several ways to put down your cat at home, to free it from the painful, uninteresting life it is living. Not everyone can afford to take the cat to the clinic one last time. They may have spent enough on treatments. The entire process of euthanasia in the clinic can cost a lot more than just giving them a high dose of over-the-counter drugs.

Most people believe that using drugs at home to euthanize the cat is more convenient. Euthanizing your pet at home makes it more comfortable for you and your pet. Sleeping pills are one of the best drugs you can use to give your feline a peaceful death. A commonly used drug is Pentobarbital Sodium, a powerful anesthetic medicine approved by the government and the agencies for euthanasia.

This medicine can either be given orally or through an injection. Euthanizing the cat with sleeping pills is more effective if used with sedatives. Sedatives help the pet relax and stay free of pain these sleeping pills can cause. However, it is advisable that you consult a vet for a suggestion on the best dose and product to be as harmless as possible.

Best Cat Euthanasia Drugs & Medications – UPDATED 2021

There are several over-the-counter drugs and medications that help treat health problems in humans but are often fatal for cats and used to euthanize them. Here are some of the best ones often preferred by cat owners.

Tylenol PM

Tylenol PM is a common over-the-counter painkiller found in every home. However, cats are extremely sensitive to these drugs and they can be fatal for pets even in small doses.

Large doses of this medication can cause poisonous effects in cats and put them to death. However, these effects can be painful so it is recommended to use this drug with sedatives for euthanasia.


One of the most effective over-the-counter drugs for allergies in humans, Benadryl works for cat euthanasia.

You can consider giving it a 15 times higher dose than a regular one to kill it. Such a dose of Benadryl will put your cat to comma in a few minutes after which it dies peacefully.


Cats are known to be highly sensitive to certain drugs, aspirin being one of them. It is due to their slow synthesis and digestive inability that they respond adversely to this drug.

Overdosing the cats with aspirin is a painless way to put them to sleep for a lifetime. A few doses of aspirin would put them down peacefully in a matter of hours.


Though insulin is considered to be a life-saving medication for diabetic patients, a high amount of this drug can put your cat down by dropping its blood glucose levels. Insulin can be easily obtained from a pharmacy and given to the cat without any professional help.

If you have decided to euthanize your feline, you can inject a big dose of insulin and see it going to coma in about ten minutes after which it experiences a painless, peaceful death in some time.

Cat Euthanasia At Home – What You Should Know?

Saying goodbye to your beloved pet is one of the most heartbreaking and challenging things to do. This is why most people want to do it in the comfort of their home with privacy. Moreover, the cat is likely to be more comfortable in the home in its last hours than in a clinic. Your pet may already have been stressed from vet visits and rides. You can avoid adding more stress by choosing to euthanize it at home.

Pet owners who don’t have easy access to vets and clinics also decide to euthanize their four-legged friends at home. A home-based process also gives more time to the pet and the owner to be together before they part forever. While the decision of euthanizing at home makes things comfortable and convenient, there are some considerations associated.

One may wonder about the costs, pains and techniques that best suit cat euthanasia at home. It is important that you understand the process completely and be prepared in every way. Pet owners should be informed of various options available to put the cat down. They should also know the implications associated with each of the options. Consulting a vet who explains the ideal procedures helps you understand what you can expect.

How To Euthanize A Cat With Xanax?

Xanax is an effective prescription drug that works as an antidepressant by affecting the neural levels in humans. It is not something you can buy over the counter because it has serious side effects. Sedation is one of the most common adverse effects associated with Xanax. This is why pet owners may consider using a high dose of this drug for cat euthanasia.

Xanax can be used with other over-the-counter drugs for a peaceful death of your pet at home. However, it is important to consult your vet about the appropriate dosage and implications to make sure your cat does not end up in pain and health effects.

Sometimes, the drug can show opposite reactions than expected. So, you can consider putting your cat down with drugs like Xanax but be cautious about the use of such medications to make sure you and your pet don’t fall into any trouble.