Mini Hippo Dog

Mini Hippo Dog – Everything You Need To Know (2021)

Have you ever heard of Mini Hippo dog before? If the answer is No, then you are not alone.  Many people don’t know about this dog, it is the latest designer dog breed, and it is gaining popularity recently.  Mini Hippo Dog is a cross between Chinese Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel, and this medium size dog is the result of the cross. Mini Hippo Dogs have big heads, which look a bit similar to hippo’s head that is why it is called Mini Hippo Dog.  To know more about this new designer dog breed, you should first understand the characteristic of the crossed parent breeds.

Mini Hippo Dog is a new breed and most people are not familiar with the temperament or nature of this designer dog.  Here in this article, you can find answers to most of the major questions about this dog breed.

What is Mini Hippo Dog Breed?

Mini Hippo designer dog is a cross between Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel, but no one knows the origins of this dog.  Mini Hippo Dog got its wrinkled head and shoulders from its parent Shar-Pie and the kind and gentle face from its other parent Cocker Spaniel. They are also known as Cocker-Pei gets the genes of both the parents; cute appearance and kind face. When you take your cocker-pie for a walk in a park, it is sure to grab some attention from other people.

How Big Do Mini Hippo Dogs/Cocker-Pie Get?

A completely grown Mini Hippo Dog can be around 18 to 21inces, and it weighs approximately 40 to 65-pounds.

What Are The Most Basic Temperaments of Mini Hippo Dog?

Chinese Shar-Pei and Cocker Spaniel are two different breeds that make it hard to visualize what temperaments would the Mini Hippo Dog will get. But, luckily, Mini Hippo Dog breed inherits all the good genetic factors from these two breeds.

The Mini Hippo is friendly and it is known for its good and social nature and they can easily get along with other pets and kids. This dog breed is calm and intelligent like Chinese Shar-Pei, but, sometimes, Mini Hippo can be stubborn, and the loyalty of the dog can make him/her get jealousy quickly and leaving the Mini Hippo alone for a long time is not good and they don’t like it at all.

The Mini Hippos are loyal like Shar-Pei and very playful like Cocker Spaniel, which makes this breed unique and a great family pet.  The Cocker-Pei breed is caring and social, but it is still a calm and a bit independent dog.  The Mini Hippo can be trained easily but they don’t need to be controlled specifically like Shar-Pei.

This breed is also known as the quiet breed as they do not bark a lot and the first time owners can choose this breed as they are easy to train and manage.  Also, this breed is the perfect choice for people who live in the apartment complex. But, remember, Mini Hippo dogs do not like to be left alone for a longer period so make sure you come back soon when you leave your dog alone at home.

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What Is the General Appearance of Mini Hippo Dog?

Mini Hippo Dog’s head looks somewhat similar to a smaller version of hippo since it got the name Mini Hippo, however, these dogs are cute and the most adorable and friendly dogs.

The Mini Hippo Dog coat is soft, silky, and straight and they come in three different ways that include:

  • Brush Coat: Brush Coat Mini Hippo dog contains silky and velvety texture and the length of the coat is less than one-inch.
  • Beat Coat: Beat Coat Mini Hippo dog contains wavy and smooth and coat length is longer than one-inch.
  • Horse Coat: Horse Coat Mini Hippo dog contain rough texture and the length of the coat is ¼-inch.

What Is Their Nature & Behaviour?

Mini Hippo Dogs are very friendly and social, and they like to play with kids and other pets like any other breed.  It is the best family dog breed that gives a lot of happiness to the entire family. The Mini Hippo Dogs are very independent at the same time very affectionate and doesn’t like to be left alone.  This kind of bipolar behavior and nature in Mini Hippo Dogs have been inherited from both parents.

The independent nature of Mini Hippo Dog can be seen clearly and they test the overall patience of its owner.  Though this breed is considered intelligent, sometimes they get very stubborn for no reason. The owners of this breed can easily understand if their canine is not very happy as they produce loud and different bark. They also bark when they are playing and some dogs bark when they see strangers walking close to their owner’s house.

Some of these Mini Hippo Dogs get very possessive of their owners, which results in jealousy in some cases.  They are the great watchdogs and the best companions, and they guard the house of their owner faithfully.

How big do Mini Hippo Dogs get?

In general, the fully grown Mini Hippo dogs grow between 13 and 20 inches tall. Their weight can differ from less than 20-pounds to more than 60-pounds. As you all know that American Cocker Spaniels are smaller in size compare to the English breed, so you can expect smaller hybrid brood from this cross.

What Kind of Training Do Mini Hippos Need?

It is easy to train Mini Hippo Dogs, and it shouldn’t be hard at all. The Cocker Spaniel parent is very keen to please their owners and they love learning new things every time with its families. However, the Shar-Pei parent is very cool and calm, and the fact is, they know how to potty train themselves, isn’t it cool!!

Make sure to follow a consistent training, Mini Hippos Loves exciting and short training sessions and follow the positive reward procedure for better results.  Also, make sure that your designer dog gets some stretching leg exercises every day.  Taking him/her for regular walks in parks and playing some exciting games where your dog can run safely is the best for your Mini Hippo Dog.

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What Diet Do Mini Hippos Dogs Need to Follow?

You should feed only two times a day to your Mini Hippo Dog, and make sure to feed only the high-quality diet.  Kibble with less of by-products and more of meat is the best option to feed your pet dog.

What Health Issues Do Mini Hippo Dog Usually Experience?

When it comes to the health care of your Mini Hippo Dog, you need to take care of a few things as this breed gets seasonal allergies easily. Avoid corn and wheat in their food as they are allergic to these foods.

The ears of Mini Hippo get infections very quickly, which is why their ears must be cleaned often to stop getting infections. Most of these Mini Hippo Dogs also suffer from an eye condition called Cherry Eye. It is a health condition where the third eyelid bulging from the eye socket and this condition needs surgery. Also, the eyes of Mini Hippos should be cleaned often to avoid any irritation or infection.

Also, make sure to brush the teen of your Mini Hippo Dog regularly to avoid any tooth infection or decay.

How Long Do a Mini Hippo Dog Live?

The Mini Hippo Dog lives approximately between 10 and 15 years.

Do Mini Hippo Dogs Shed?

Like any other breed, Mini Hippo also shed their coat, but it is seasonal and they shed comparatively less than other breeds. Mostly this breed sheds during spring or fall seasons just for a few days only.

Finding a Mini Hippo Puppy

Currently, most of these designer breeds are getting popular; however, the Mini Hippo Dog is yet to get popularity as it is a less known mix compared to other designer breeds.

If you want this breed as a pet, then you need to do some serious searching and bit of waiting to get your puppy from a reliable and reputable breeder. It is worth to wait a bit longer to get this brood as they can keep you very happy. Also, make sure to get the healthiest puppy and ask the breeder several questions before buying the puppy.

Avoid buying designer puppies at pet stores or puppy mills, as they often produce to meet the market demand and make a quick and easy profit with little concern for dogs or puppies.

The average cost of a Mini Hippo Puppy is anywhere between 350 dollars and 650 dollars. Also, the cost can vary as per the age of the puppy.


Mini Hippo Dog is the perfect pet that you can look for if you want to adopt a dog as it is a loyal and very friendly dog. This dog is the best option especially if you want to enhance your lifestyle.

But, if you have to leave your dog alone at home due to your work pressure or if you are looking for a guard dog, then Mini Hippo is not the right option as it doesn’t like to be left alone for a long time.