Milbemax Vs Drontal

Milbemax Vs Drontal – Difference Between Milbemax & Drontal

Pets can be infected by a variety of parasites but the most common of them are worms. Pet owners are generally not aware when their cats and dogs are infected, and they can cause serious illnesses in humans as well. This is why it is important that you have an effective treatment plan in place with the help of a good dog wormer.

In this post, we take a look at the two popular deworming medications and try to understand how the two differ from each other and which one is more effective for dogs.

Milbemax Vs Drontal – A Complete Guide

Dogs can fall victims to different types of intestinal parasites like tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. If you see your dog behaving strangely, losing appetite, or being lethargic, it is possible that it is affected by such worms. There are many deworming treatments available for pets but it is often difficult to select the right one.

Milbemax and Drontal are two of the most popular and effective wormer treatments for pets. Both these medicines come as chewable tablets and treat different types of intestinal worms. They are generally administered as a monthly treatment to protect canines from serious issues and prevent any re-infestation.

Difference Between Milbemax & Drontal

Milbemax and Drontal are both broad-spectrum medicines that treat a wide range of worm parasites so they are considered to be effective at deworming. They have been used for years for the treatment and prevention of worm infestations in cats and dogs and heartworm infestation in dogs.

The two medicines differ in terms of their active ingredients. Drontal contains a mix of Praziquantel, Febantel, and Pyrantel Pamoate while the active ingredients in Milbemax are Praziquantel and Milbemycin oxime. Both these can be given as oral medication to dogs and pups over two weeks of age.

Milbemax is available in two different variants for pups weighing more than 0.5kg and for dogs weighing over 5kg. On the other hand, the Drontal tablet comes in three sizes for different weight groups of dogs – small, medium, and large. Drontal and Milbemax are also available in bone-shaped, beef-flavored chewable for better compliance.

What is Milbemax?

Milbemax is a combination of two powerful anti-parasitic drugs that help deal with roundworm, hookworm, heartworm, and tapeworm infections in pets. It is a medication developed for cats and dogs and works effectively with two active ingredients to eliminate parasites.

Milbemycin disrupts the nervous transmission in species inside the intestines to kill them after paralyzing. Praziquantel works by affecting the ability of the worm to attach to the walls of the intestines so that they can be easily eliminated through bowel movements.

Milbemax is generally used in tablet form for dogs. The medication comes in a variety of sizes and dosage options. The dosage for a pet depends on its size and existing medical conditions as well as the severity of infestation. The tablet is given with food, mostly mixed with treats or meals to be effective. The drug is considered to be safe for dogs of almost all breeds but should not be given to pups younger than 2 months.

What Worms Does Milbemax Treat?

Milbemax is a broad-spectrum medicine which means it effectively deals with several species of worms in dogs. It helps protect dogs against common parasites including hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm, lungworm, and other worms. It is also known to be an effective treatment for heartworm in dogs if detected.

Milbemax is available in two different variants as an oral chewing tablet in a convenient dosage of one month. It can be used as a wormer for pups over 3 months of age to prevent infestation. It should be given every month to pups until they are one year old. After completing one year, dogs need worming treatment every three months for the rest of their lives.

For pups and small dogs weighing 0.5-1 kg, Milbemax for small dogs should be given as ½ tablet per dose while bigger dogs in the weight range of 1-5 kg can be given 1 tablet in a single dose. Milbemax for dogs over 5kg can be used as 1 tablet per dose for dogs in the weight range of 5-25kg and 2 tablets for 25-50kg.

Milbemax For Pregnant Dog – What You Should Know?

Milbemax is safe for use in all breeds of young, old, working, and greyhound dogs. It can also be given safely to pregnant and lactating females.  Both the ingredients of the medicine, milbemycin, and Praziquantel are known to possess a good safety profile in breeding male dogs and pregnant and lactating female dogs.

When using Milbemax for worming in dogs, it is advisable to give medicine to female dogs before mating. It should be administered to pregnant dogs in the last days before whelping and should be repeated again in weeks 2 and 4 after whelping. It also works in conjunction with other medications like the prevention of flea, heartworm, and tick.


Any responsible pet owner should be serious about protecting the furry friend against parasitic infestations. Milbemax is one of the best oral worm treatments available for dogs and works effectively in all breeds and sizes. When used properly, this medication keeps your canine safe from different types of parasites and lowers the risk of future infestation.