Boxer Greyhound Mix

Boxer Greyhound Mix – Temperament, Pictures & More!

Greyhounds are the racehorses of the dog world. They are speedy, graceful, fun-loving, and energetic. An unpopular fact is that they can also be cuddly love bugs who love to cuddle up on the sofa with you.

As long as you can keep up with all the energy, they make ideal family pets. When you combine this elegant dog with another breed, you get the best of personality and appearance from both breeds.

Boxer Greyhound Mix – A Complete Guide

Boxer greyhounds are a cross-breed between a greyhound, the oldest purebred dog, and a boxer, a mixed breed between a bulldog and a mastiff. They make for an intelligent, high-energy, and loyal pet. They have a high need for exercise and they like to stay busy at all times.

They are muscular and powerful with uniquely shaped square heads. Their coat is short and they shed moderately. Some are washed in a rich, fawn shade while the rest are brindle.

If their companionship needs are not met, they can become destructive, especially when left alone. They thrive in a city-based apartment or a countryside estate as long as they have the space to move around and expel energy.

If someone lives in a populated, urban setting, regular walks are needed. They are ideal pets for someone who constantly needs canine companionship or large families who have someone present at the house at all times.

Their overall grooming needs are low. Their coats are short, yet easy to care for. With a decent diet, occasional showers, and regular rub-downs, their coats remain bright and shiny.

Given their strength and size, practicing leash skills and calming behavior is important for pet owners. They also produce a fair amount of drool. Being flat-faced breeds, they tend to overheat easily when kept in hotter temperatures.

Therefore, care needs to be taken to avoid them from getting overheated. Since they are short-coated, they also need to be protected from chilly weather.

Similar to other large breeds, boxer greyhounds don’t live a long life. Their average life expectancy falls between 7 to 10 years.

Boxer Greyhound Mix Temperament

Boxer Greyhound Mix temperament is a reflection of their breeding. They like to stay with their owners and fiercely guard their families against outsiders.

Some boxer breeds bark excessively. In general, they are extremely vocal. They can be found making growling noises which is just their way of communicating.

Italian Greyhound Boxer Mix

The Italian Greyhound boxer mix are lap dogs with an elaborate personality. They are the smallest sighthounds in the world, weighing upto 11 pounds.

They look fragile but they have survived over 2 decades. This breed was popularized in Italy during the Renaissance when toy breeds were seen as a status symbol. Even though they are small, lap dogs, their preying instincts remain sharp. They chase anything that looks smaller than them.

Italian Greyhound Boxer Mix Appearance

The Italian Greyhound boxer mix features all the dominant characteristics of a Chihuahua. They have a small black nose, almond-shaped eyes, and an apple-shaped head.

Italian Greyhound Boxer Mix Personality

They don’t enjoy solitude and they thrive in families. They get along with kids really well due to their happy and playful nature. They make excellent family dogs and also great companions for singles looking for affection.

They can’t be left alone at home so they are ideal for singles who stay home a lot. They are also extremely low maintenance.

Since they are tiny, don’t shed as much, and don’t need to shower as frequently. They don’t require a lot of exercise or grooming sessions either. So, if someone doesn’t want to spend a lot of time grooming their pet. This is the perfect breed to adopt.

On the downside, they are too loud. They bark over anything, from a small fly to people on the streets. Their prey instinct is quite powerful as well, meaning they will go after hamsters, cats, rodents, guinea pigs, parrots, tortoises, etc.

They might not succeed in massacring them but they will give their best shot. If someone already has other non-dog pets, look for breeds with lesser prey drive.

Moreover, they hate being left alone and suffer from severe anxiety issues upon separation. They tend to bark a lot and destroy things. If someone spends a lot of their time being outside the house, they may want to look for a more independent breed to adopt.

Italian Greyhound Boxer Mix Activity

Since Italian Greyhound mixes originate from hunting dogs, they will roam around all day. They are moderately active, spending most of their energy on daily tasks such as checking up on their owners, stalking the cat, barking at the flies, and so on. In practice, they need 20 minutes of walking twice a day and 20 minutes of playing sessions.

Boxer Greyhound Mix Brindle

Brindle colors can be either brown or beige with long or short stripes along the back. The stripes are more distributed forming a pattern. The patterns and colors of brindle boxers can vary a lot.

The most common or “normal” type of brindle is darker markings on a lighter color backdrop. However, there is also a reverse brindle coloring which is rare. It is characterized by a darker background with lighter markings. It is also known as an inverted brindle boxer.

Sealed brindle is the rarest coloring for a boxer. These brindle boxers appear completely black because their black colored stripes are sealed shut so there’s hardly any fawn seen. Some may confuse them as boxers having black coats. However, it is impossible for boxers to have a true black coat. Boxers that look black are actually brindles featuring black-colored, close-set, thick stripes.

On average, brindle boxers can cost between $800 to $3000. The price depends on the breeder and genetics. This is not the only cost you need to take into account.

There will also be the cost of supplies to get your boxer pet settled into your home, enough money for a decent diet, toys, and of course pet insurance to cover medical needs.

Boxer Greyhound Mix Pictures

You can take a look at some popular boxer greyhound pictures below, covering various ages, and stages of development.