Can Dogs Drink Sparkling Water

Can Dogs Drink Sparkling Water? UPDATED 2022

Many pet owners often wonder whether their pooch can enjoy a few sips of carbonated water      either as a substitute for normal water or just for a taste and feel of the bubbly water. Human beings like to drink sparkling water and carbonated beverages. It is therefore natural to think about how dogs feel about them. And more importantly, is sparkling water safe for them?

In this guide, let us discuss whether sparkling water is safe or toxic for dogs and try to answer common questions pet owners have about carbonated water.

Can Dogs Drink Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water or carbonated water is water with carbon dioxide gas dissolved into it under pressure, causing small bubbles. The short answer to the question is Yes, dogs can drink sparkling water but only in small amounts. While there is not much research on dogs and sparkling water, it is not toxic and should not cause any serious adverse effects on animals.

However, it is important to note that you should prefer to give your dog regular, filtered water over sparkling water on a daily basis. Sparkling water can be given to the pup in moderation just for fun; it should never be used as a substitute for regular water. Moreover, you should make sure you are giving it plain sparkling water without any added flavors.

Sparkling Water For Dogs – A Complete Guide

When pet owners enjoy a carbonated drink like sparkling water, they may wonder whether their four-legged friend can enjoy a few sips to get a taste of the bubbling water. While sparkling water is not known to be toxic to dogs, it is recommended that dogs should not consume it in place of regular water. However, it should cause no harm to the pup when given in small amounts.

Dogs should not drink a lot of sparkling water because it is not intended for them and can result in digestive problems. When pets drink carbonated water in big quantities on a regular basis, they are likely to suffer from problems like indigestion and bloating. If you decide to give some sparkling water to your pup, avoid serving too much to minimize the risk of gastrointestinal problems like gas, diarrhea, or an upset stomach.

Pet owners should also see that they skip giving carbonated drinks containing sugar or caffeine to their beloved four-legged friends. Dogs are quite sensitive to the effects of caffeine and can suffer from several issues including vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, increased heart rate, hypertension, seizures, and more upon ingestion. This means you should avoid taking any risk and stick to serving only fresh water to your pet.

Is Sparkling Water Bad For Dogs?

Sparkling water can be bad for dogs most of the time. It undergoes carbonation which causes small bubble formation. This increases the risk of gas buildup in pets when consumed in considerable amounts. Apart from this, some sparkling water products also contain dissolved minerals like potassium bicarbonate, potassium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium citrate. These minerals are not always beneficial to animals and can cause health problems at times.

Sparkling water sometimes contains Xylitol to give a sweet taste to the water. This ingredient is safe for human consumption but can be fatal for pups. Dog bodies quickly absorb such a substance into the bloodstream. This results in the rapid release of insulin from the pancreas, thereby causing a substantial drop in the blood sugar level. This effect can take place within an hour of xylitol intake and can prove to be fatal if not treated on time.

There are several other issues associated with the consumption of sparkling water in dogs. Carbonation is responsible for bloating, gas, and other gastrointestinal problems. Carbonated water is also somewhat acidic and can prove to be erosive on the canine’s teeth. It is also not diet-friendly for pups. It can increase the appetite when given in good amounts to dogs and lead to overeating and weight gain.

Does Sparkling Water Cause Bloating In Dogs?

Carbonated water, when fed in large quantities to dogs, can lead to a risk of bloating. When humans drink sparkling water, they consume carbon dioxide which gets belched out before reaching the stomach. However, when dogs consume it, the carbon dioxide enters the stomach as they cannot burp. This is why sparkling water causes bloating in dogs when consumed in large amounts.

Your dog is likely to experience pain and discomfort when bloated. Some of the symptoms of bloating include vomiting, swollen stomach, and distress. This problem is more serious for older, larger breeds and overweight dogs. Dog owners should therefore be very careful when giving drinks like carbonated water to their pups.

Is Mineral Water Good For Dogs?

Many dog parents wonder if mineral water is better for dogs. While it is always fine to use mineral water to keep the pup hydrated in the absence of freshwater, the best choice for your pet is fresh tap water. Added minerals can sometimes affect the dog’s system adversely and lead to stones and other problems. Your pup should ultimately drink the same water as you drink, provided it is filtered to remove impurities and does not contain added chemicals.

It is best to stick to fresh tap water to meet the hydration needs of your pooch. There is no point in spending money on filtered, cold, bottled, mineral, or sparkling water and beverages for your pet. The best thing for them is the free-flowing water from the faucet. Make sure they drink enough water for their body weight. A rule of thumb is to give them an ounce of water per pound of the weight of the body every day.

Final Words

Dogs can drink sparkling water but in very small amounts. While it does not contain any instant toxin and it does not hurt to give it a few sips, it is advisable to avoid any such beverages and fill its bowl with plenty of fresh still water. You should never replace a dog’s regular drinking water with sparkling water. You can only serve it to the pet in moderation as a special treat.