Does Pine Sol Deter Bears

Does Pine Sol Deter Bears? [Answer Here]

Living in the countryside comes with its own benefits. You are away from the constant commotion of the city. You can live and enjoy yourself in the peaceful environment of the countryside with your family. Being said that, the countryside does carry its baggage of problems.

The very first problem, for that matter, is dealing with wildlife. If you live around the jungle or an open area, there are chances you might encounter a bear. But, you can deter bear through Pine Sol.

Yes, Pine Sol deters bears. This article will discuss how Pine Sol deters bears and other useful tips to keep bears away.

How Does Pine Sol Deter Bears?

Bears usually stay within boundaries around people. However, they can cause injuries, problems, and damage when they get used to obtaining food around the area.

If you want to keep bear out of your area, Pine Sol will do the trick. Bear dislikes everything which is pine-related, even Pine Sol. Pine Sol contains pine oil, which has a powerful smell that deters bears.

Thus, it is good practice to spray Pine Sol around and outside your house. Especially doors, windows, and porch properly as these are the target areas for the bears to enter.

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How To Use Pine Sol While You Are Hiking?

Hiking through the jungle means you can encounter many animals on the way, including bears. Therefore, you need to be prepared how you can protect yourself from a bear or keep them away from your camping area.

Pine Sol, being an excellent repellent for bears, is your best solution. Before you go hiking, fill your sprayer bottle with Pine Sol or spray some pine oil on your backpack. Another thing you can do is tie a cloth coated with pine oil around your backpack. This way, your backpack will smell fresh and keep the bears away at the same time.

Remember to dilute Pine oil with water to make a solution to spray it easily. Additionally, if you use pure pine oil to deter bears, mix six to eight drops of pine oil in one cup of water in the spray bottle to retain the strong smell.

How To Use Pine Sol At Home To Deter Bear?

Bears have strong sense of smell, and they are most interested in finding calorie-filled food. That’s why your home is their perfect place to find food.

As we mentioned, you should spray Pine Sol mixture around your home and backyard to keep the bears away. Bears can smell from 20 miles away; therefore, a Pine Sol spray will not allow the bear to come nearby your home.

Another stop that can attract a bear to your home is the garbage cans. If you throw any leftover food in your garbage can, bears will notice the smell. Therefore, you should practice spraying the Pine Sol inside and outside the garbage cans.

Once the Pine Sol smell goes away, the bear will again attract other scents from a distance. So, keep your home sprayed with Pine Sol regularly to keep the bears away.

Other Useful Tips To Keep Bear Away

While Pine Sol is the best possible solution you can have that deter bears, you can also practice other techniques.

Hide Food

Let’s think why do bear visit your home? Most likely, the answer is food. Thus, you can solve the problem yourself by hiding food. For that, you can use bear-proof trashcans to prevent bears from having access to your trash cans in search of food.

Also, make sure to never leave food out in the open.

Stay Inside Your Home

In any situation, if you encounter a bear outside your home, for all reason, stay inside. Do not approach the bear as, in most cases, the bear will not enter your home, and you are safe inside.

Once the bear has left, you can report to the local authorities so that bear will not terrorize other families in the neighborhood.

Make Loud Noises

Bears are afraid of loud noises. Whenever they hear loud noises, they get startled and run away. If a bear constantly comes around your home, you can leave the volume of your television high to frighten the bear.

Use Bear Spray Or Flashlight

Loud noises work, but you can also use a headlamp or flashlight to keep the bear away. As bears can see much better in the dark in comparison to a human, don’t let them enjoy the advantage.

Also, you can use bear spray if the bear tries to get too close to you. Make sure the nozzle of the spray bottle is pointed in the right direction before you spray.

How To Protect Yourself When You Encounter A Bear?

Even after you have used Pine Sol to deter bears, there might be a chance you encounter a bear at some point outside your home or during your hike. So, in that situation, what should you do?

Never Run Away

This applies to every wild animal. If you run away, you can trigger the predatory instinct of the animal and allow it to attack you.

Therefore, whenever you cross path with a bear, face it and slowly and steadily backs away without giving the bear a chance to attack you.

Make Yourself Appear Bigger In Size

Make yourself as big as possible in size from the bear. If you are hiking or camping in groups and have kids around, put them on your shoulder to appear big. Also, make a loud noise to startle the bear.

Final Thoughts

So, we have already explained and answered the question that Pine Sol does deter bears. It would help if you always carry a Pine Sol in a spray bottle with you whenever you go hiking. And, at home, use the full-strength of the Pine Sol on the target and entry points to your home.

Last but not least, stay inside and do not approach the bear. The best method to keep bears away is to avoid them, and they will stay away from your personal space. Even if you encounter a bear, remain calm and follow the necessary precautions.