Dog Ate Wasabi

My Dog Ate Wasabi – UPDATED 2021 – What To Do Now?

Wasabi refers to a Japanese plant that is often added to food as a spice in paste or powder. Although wasabi is said to have several health benefits for human beings, spiciness levels can make even the strongest people tear up.

When it comes to your pets, wasabi must be kept away from your dogs at all costs as it can lead to severe gastric problems and agony. However, in case your dog has accidentally eaten wasabi, here’s what you should do!

This article covers almost every aspect of this problem, starting from the signs your dog has eaten wasabi to its possible dangers, consequences, and remedies.

What is Wasabi?

As mentioned above, wasabi originated in Japan and is used to make food spicier. It is best suited for people who’ve lost appetite. Wasabi is also a popular choice to consume with sushi rolls.

However, nowadays, several people have begun feeding on wasabi in the form of a paste or powder that takes a green shade and has several advantages for the human body, listed below. These pastes consist of ingredients like horseradish, mustard, and coloring.

Despite this, we cannot guarantee if the advantages work for your fur-friends as well or not! In such cases, it is always best to avoid taking any risks and be more cautious.

Do Dogs Like Spicy Food?

Before delving into the issue of dogs eating wasabi, it’s essential to understand the likeness or hate your dog may have for spicy foods in general. While most dogs do not like eating spicy food, it merely doesn’t mean that they won’t eat them at all.

For example, as dogs have fewer taste buds than humans, the first lick of wasabi may not seem extremely hot to them. It’s only later that the spice begins to kick in properly.

So, while dogs dislike spices, it’s ultimately dependent on the dog’s strength to continue tasting spicy foods like wasabi even after their first sliver.

Is Wasabi Good For Dogs?

Wasabi is a healthy element added to food items for human beings. It is known to treat allergies, asthma, and other neurological diseases due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-bacterial properties.

However, when it comes to dogs, wasabi isn’t preferred. In dogs, wasabi can cause sinuses to blow up because of the severe amount of spice. Although wasabi doesn’t contain toxins, it can cause your dog to fall sick for several days.

Thus, it is always best to stick to dog foods when it comes to feeding your pets. You should never make unnecessary changes to your dog’s diet without consulting a vet. Besides, there are many other tastier treats for a canine.

Are Dogs Allergic To Wasabi?

Wasabi has often proved to be a source of allergic reactions and irritation in human beings. Similarly, wasabi peas, almonds, or any other food item containing the Japanese plant can cause severe allergies and dogs’ irritation.

Although the effects may not be life-threatening, it can lead to your dog falling sick for several days. Plus, the spice levels can trigger allergic reactions in many doggos.

Can Dogs Eat Sushi Without Wasabi?

Sushi rolls made without the use of wasabi are excellent for the dog to feed on, provided it doesn’t contain other triggering elements such as mayonnaise or avocado that contain high amounts of fat.

Sushi rolls mostly contain wasabi cream that you should not be feeding a hungry canine! Rolls made of rice only are the most suitable for your furry friends.

Signs Your Dog Has Eaten Wasabi

Some of the most commonly noted signs in these fur-balls on eating wasabi include the following:

  • Constant sneezing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Continuous lip licking
  • Rubbing of face or nose on the floor to get rid of the excessive spice
  • Gastric issues
  • Running around with their tails stuck in between their legs.
  • Dropping of ears
  • Whining because of abdominal or stomach aches
  • Drinking tons of water repetitively.

Dog Ate Wasabi: What Should You Do?

A small slice of wasabi may not cause severe or extreme side effects in your dog. However, it is always good to take precautions. In such situations, here are a few steps you must take from your end to make your pup feel better!

  • Rinse your dog’s mouth and nose properly with cold water
  • Remove or rinse out any leftover wasabi in your dog’s mouth.
  • Give lots of water
  • Monitor your dog’s reactions and behavior
  • In case your dog has been severely affected by the spice, do not delay contacting the vet.
  • Throw out or keep away any kind of wasabi from your dog

How To Keep Your Dogs Away From Wasabi?

Keeping in mind the consequences, as mentioned earlier, that may arise if your dog feeds on wasabi, it’s vital to take up specific actions to keep your dogs away from wasabi at all costs. For the same, you can adopt the following techniques:

  • Place wasabi or food containing wasabi at places that your dog cannot access
  • Use dog-proof trash bins to ensure that your dog doesn’t access the trashed wasabi.
  • Clean all tables and floors after eating to avoid leaving any leftover wasabi
  • If nothing works, lock your doors till you finish eating to keep your dog safe and healthy!

Summing up

To conclude, we can say that wasabi isn’t good for your puppy’s health. Whether it has eaten wasabi directly or indirectly in the form of foods containing wasabi, both are most likely to have the same kind of effects, including those mentioned above.

In such cases, you must keep wasabi away from their dogs at all costs to keep them safe and sound. It is important to remember that the human body’s built is very different from your dog’s internal built.

Hence, if you love your fur-balls, take good care of them and avoid making any unnecessary changes in their diet without consulting the vet.

We hope this article has cleared all your doubts and concerns in case your dog has eaten wasabi.