Dog Walking Sideways After Grooming

Dog Walking Sideways After Grooming – Should You Be Worried?

Dog Walking Sideways After Grooming? Grooming is a necessity for your dog as it helps maintain its fur and keep your house clean. It also eliminates any ticks, mats, fleas and helps detect any other health conditions you might not be aware of. However, some dogs act a little weird after a grooming session. If you too are worried about this sort of behaviour from your canine friend, you are not alone.

At times, dogs exhibit strange behaviour and start walking sideways after grooming. In this post, we discuss if this is a matter of concern or something normal. We also talk about other behavioural changes in dogs after grooming to help you understand what you should expect.

Dog Walking Sideways After Grooming?

Dogs have different attributes and their own ways of walking. Some dogs always walk sideways and it is completely normal because their body is built that way. However, if you notice that the dog’s gait changes suddenly, it indicates something else. It means your dog is uncomfortable and might be suffering from some problem.

Such a sudden behaviour change is common in many situations, including grooming. It is normal for your dog to start feeling weird after he comes home after a grooming session. Grooming can irritate the skin of your dog and it can start acting strange because of this irritation. Another reason for a strange behaviour is the effect on its sense of security. The dog’s session with a groomer with the tools can be stressful for it. Such a sense of insecurity and anxiety is what you see in the dog’s behaviour after grooming.

Dog Behaviour After Grooming – What To Expect?

Some dogs would love the feeling from grooming and their new haircut and may not show any changes in behaviour. They are likely to be happy and playing after grooming. However, there are dogs who don’t feel comfortable with the grooming session and start behaving weirdly after coming home. If it is a big change, you can expect the dog to behave really odd, though this is completely normal.

Your dog may hide from you, look annoyed or angry and even sad. It may avoid moving or eating for a few hours or days. While this behaviour change can be worrying, it is natural for the dog to behave differently after a change. The dog doesn’t anticipate the big change so it may experience discomfort. As the fur is trimmed, it feels lighter and different and this induces confusion and a strange feeling.

Can A Haircut Change A Dogs Personality

Dog Acting Strange After Grooming – Here’s What It Means

If your dog starts acting strangely after a grooming session, you are likely to feel worried. However, it is common for these animals to exhibit such a change for many reasons. The first reason is the unfamiliar feeling the pooch experienced. Your dog might have a lot of hair and feel light and airy after the haircut. Such a feeling might make him confused, irritated or anxious. It may take some time for the dog to get used to the new feeling.

Another reason your dog acts strangely after grooming is the feeling of powerlessness it experiences when you take him to the groomer without his consent. It is completely fine for the pup to feel confused for a day or few after the session. A big factor influencing the dog’s behaviour after a grooming session is the owner’s reaction. Some owners and family laugh at the dog’s new haircut or react in some other way. Such reactions can make the dog feel embarrassed and confused.

Is Your Dog Lethargic After Grooming?

Some dog owners find their dog feeling lethargic, sleepy or lazy after a grooming session and wonder whether it is normal. It is natural that your dog feels exhausted from the procedure, particularly if it is done without any breaks. Even if the groomer takes a few breaks, the entire session lasts for a few hours and can make the dog stressed and tired.

It is completely common for a dog to feel sleepy and lethargic after grooming because the experience is stressful and new for the animal. It is not a part of its regular routine and can cause stress and anxiety. It is not something you should worry about and resolves on its own. However, if you find some other symptoms like shaking or bleeding after the grooming session, you should check on your dog to see if anything is wrong.

Can A Haircut Change A Dog’s Personality?

Some dogs tend to behave strangely after a haircut and this is absolutely normal. If your dog doesn’t get its hair cut often and you get it cut really short, it makes a drastic change for him. While some dogs would love the feel of a new haircut and airiness, others start feeling different and act strangely. The dog doesn’t feel like himself any longer and seems to be confused, sad and depressed.

While these behavioural changes from the haircut are normal, they usually go away on their own as the dog gets used to the new style and feel. It is unlikely that a haircut changes the dog’s personality forever. Grooming can induce a feeling that something is wrong and the pooch may show he is upset about it.

As a dog owner, you may feel a personality change in the dog after a haircut, particularly if the experience was not a pleasant one. However, as time passes, the dog should start getting normal. Remember to look for any signs of cuts and nicks if your dog behaves strangely after coming home from grooming.