Lilac English Bulldog

Lilac English Bulldog: Full Breed Information (UPDATED 2021)

If you’re looking for a dog that is majestic to begin with, but would never hesitate to cuddle on your lap, a lilac English bulldog is the unsurpassed breed for you.  Any English bulldog who carries chocolate and blue colors can create a lilac by being bred to another chocolate and blue bulldog.

Popularly used as watchdogs due to their fierceness, they are practically babies who make wheezing sounds and snore a lot. The words ‘English bulldog’ may have a negative connotation, and many people think they are terrifying. But they are actually quite compliant and act aggressively only when they are jeopardized.

A lilac English bulldog is a quick-witted and unfailing companion that forms close human bonds. It is well known for its gentle disposition, fondness of children, and clownish antics. It is a healthy breed with an average life expectancy of ten to thirteen years.

Physical appearance and size

The slack skin of the head, wrinkled brow, and tiny ears practically scream, “Hey there, I’m a lilac English bulldog!” In front of the upper jaw, the lower one juts out to barely disclose the lower incisors, creating a comical smile to die for.

The ears are lean, little, and angled forward like flaps that mount the forehead. The chest is intense and squared, and the back is barreled and a bit curved. The stubby tail is stocky, either straight or aquiline.

Mature male dogs can weigh up to about fifty pounds, and mature females can go up to forty pounds. They stand twelve to fifteen inches tall when standing straight. But guess what, that would never stop them from trying to reach your shoulders any chance they get.

Breeding history  

The lilac English bulldog comes from an aggressive background. They were bred to be used as farm dogs and alas for bull-baiting. This sport was eventually disallowed, and English bulldogs were literally out of any use.

After this, most of the lilac English bulldogs immigrated to different countries throughout the globe. Some of them were bred to be a mate dog, what we now have as the English bulldog.

The old English bulldog was cross-bred with the Pug to generate a more obedient and adorable family pet. It retained its safeguarding and dauntless temperament. But hostile and predatory tendencies were removed from the breed.

Personality and natural temperament

The temperament of the lilac English Bulldog is dutiful and affable. Careful breeding has altered its disposition quite a bit since the bull-baiting times. But all dogs certainly do not possess similar attributes. Some still have peevish tendencies.

It is imperative that the lilac English bulldog acquires proper socialization and training from a young age. This would assist it in absorbing how to react and be compatible while meeting unfamiliar dogs or strangers.

Veterinarians often remark that the lilac English bulldog is not terrorizing at all and is less truculent than most of the breeds. It is a trustworthy family pet and tender to children.

Health and grooming needs

Like all dog breeds, the lilac English bulldog is susceptible to certain health conditions and risks. Most of the diseases are genetic. Acquiring your dog from a reliable breeder will certainly help ensure that you get the healthiest dog possible.

Other health conditions include brachycephalic syndrome, demodectic mange, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation. It is quintessential to take proper care of your dog to avoid such risks.

Some basic measures include keeping an active check on its diet, ensuring that it gets plenty of exercises, and regularly brushing its teeth and coat. Lilac

English bulldogs have deep wrinkles that need proper washing and drying to avoid infections. Look after your dog the exact same way you would look after your toddler.

Feeding a Lilac English bulldog

Feeding your lilac English bulldog can be rocket science, especially if you have newly adopted or acquired one. Different sizes obviously need a different amount of nutrients per day. But how much exactly are you supposed to be feeding your lilac English bulldog or puppy?

Adult dogs should stick to two meals per day at predetermined times so that they have a proper schedule. This would lower the chances of your dog trying to seek out food for the rest of the day.

Puppies are still in the active growth stage and can burn calories briskly, meaning their diet schedule should be three times per day.

Tips for socialization

It is cumbersome and tiring for us to cut through life without friends. It is equally challenging for your lilac English bulldog to go through its day without socializing with other dogs or individuals.

    • The most basic yet worthwhile tip would be to frequently take your lilac English bulldog out for walks. It is most likely that your dog would try to sniff other dogs. This is the first physical move for it to socialize. This is the time to be attentive since it will spontaneously react.
    • The instant reactions of both the dogs would make it clear whether they like each other or not.
    • However gross it may sound, let your lilac English bulldog smell the waste of other dogs so as to establish some kind of familiarity between them.
    • You should also let your dog walk side by side with other dogs. These tips would surely do the trick and make your dog outgoing and gregarious.


  • Lilac English bulldog is one of the rarest dog breeds of all time. Despite being unassertive and even shy sometimes, they have a stigma surrounding them. People often question whether lilac English bulldogs are menacing and scary.
  • But with proper training and socialization, they can be one of the most amiable dog breeds out there. They are extremely loving and tend to protect their family at all costs.

Final words

Though they are quite easy to maintain, it is indispensable to take good care of their physical and emotional health. They should be well trained to react to arduous situations smoothly. All in all, lilac English bulldogs are one of the most adorable and loved dogs in the World.