Woof Washer 360 Review

Woof Washer 360 Review – Updated 2021 – As Seen On Tv Dog Washer

Are you tired of chasing your dog around to take a bath? Woof washer 360 is here to save you. Giving your dog a good bath might be the most challenging activity of all. You would have tried a hose, swimming pool, or even a bucket, but dogs are not that easy to convince when bathing.

Some dogs might enjoy taking a bath; some dogs do not. Some dogs enjoy baths but hate soaps and shampoos.
Even if your dog loves to take a bath, it is hard to keep him in one place.

Woof Washer 360 is here to save your time and energy.

You would have already seen whoof washer 360 in some commercials.

In the commercial, they show some people bathing their dogs with woof washer 360. You would have seen the washer washing away the dirt on a dog’s legs.

There are different sizes of washers for small and big dogs. The washer has a small bottle attached to its mouth. This bottle can contain soap or shampoo.

This washer attachment can be fixed to any hose and sprayed. The commercial shows people using it on different dogs. The washer attachment is a circle hook with small holes in it to pour water.

The water sprayed is also of less volume.

It might be confusing to watch it spraying water from all sides on a dog. If you see the washer’s whole structure, you might get an idea about how it works.

This is one of the best products in the market for bathing a pet. The creative design and easy to use nature became so popular among people.

Woof Washer 360 Review – UPDATED 2021

woof washer 360

Taking your dog to parlors and giving them a head to toe wash might cost hundreds of dollars. Dogs also hate being at the same place for a long time. Some dogs find it boring and frightening.

Woof washer 360 is here to end all the pain. It gives you complete control over the bathing time of your pet. Woof Washer 360 can be useful in many aspects. Let us look into the aspects one by one,

  • It saves you time
  • It is easy to use
  • It’s flexible
  • It provides adequate water pressure
  • It’s travel friendly

It saves you time

If your baths consume less time, it will slowly rise up the fear for your dogs. Parlor baths are more time-consuming. This is why most dogs cannot stand them.

You do not have to take separate time for shampooing. It all happens in one go when you use whoof washer 360. Your dog will feel more comfortable around the house.

Woof washer saves time because it washes your dog from all sides at the same time. You don’t have to spend scrubbing the whole body multiple times.

The holes in the hook spring water all over without leaving any free space.

Easy to Use

Woof washer 360 is comparatively easy to use than typical garden hoses. You have to attach the washer to the hose, fill up the bottle with shampoo or soap, keep the washer around your dog and turn it on. That’s it. You can set up the washer in three simple steps. There are no other complications.

The setting up of an average hose or bathtub will take forever. You have to convince your dog to take a bath, hold him in one place, spray, rub, and rinse. Sounds tiring, right?

Woof washer has come to save you from all this work and save your energy.


Even if you wash your dog with the hose and he is happy with it, you cannot completely clean him. You might not want to touch his private parts and underbelly. Do not hesitate anymore about it.

The Woof washer moves throughout and washes all aspects of his body. This washer can keep him clean throughout.

There are no customized products to use in this washer. It can work with any shampoo or soap you pour in the bottle.

The uses of woof washer 360 do not stop here. You can attach it to your bathroom shower and bathtub. You don’t have to come to the garden every time you have to bathe your pup.

It is handy and goes well with any equipment.

Provides adequate water pressure

There is a pressure control in the washer. You can increase or decrease the pressure whenever you want.

Some dogs like to bathe in sprinkling water others like more force. You can adjust the pressure according to your dog’s preference.

Dogs who are terrified of the water from the hose will start loving this Sprinkle. You can increase the pressure eventually when your dog becomes more comfortable with the device.

Most dogs prefer gentle care and wash.

Dogs with a medium for lesser fur are the most benefited from this washer. The holes are not so large to spray much water. Even if the pressure is kept high, it will not be flowing with force. For dogs with a high density of fur, you will need an even more pressurized water sprayer.

However, none can tell this for sure. Some dogs might enjoy cleaning their body in this washer. Check your dog’s compatibility with the machine, and then decide.

This washer is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Starting from the smallest to the largest, the watcher has various dimensions.

Smaller dogs might like the washer better. The pressure for a small washer is much lesser than the normal hose pressure, which will give it a tickling feeling over their skin. Small breeds of dogs and typical dog puppies love how to take a bath in woof washer 360.

Travel Friendly

It is not easy to get a travel-friendly bathing product for your pet. You either have to take a hose or give a bath to him with whatever you get. With woof washer 360, you can provide a bath for him anywhere.

The washer itself is easily foldable. You have to disconnect the hook into two and fold them inwards. You can place it easily inside your travel bag. The shampoo spray bottle isn’t that big. You can carry that easily anywhere you go.

You may not have seen such a travel-friendly and easy to use the shower in your life. This washer is a blessing to dog owners and travelers, especially.

It is small when folded and also fits in any bag.

There is no special equipment to fit in. It also goes well with every house you find.

In your next trip, don’t forget to include Woof Washer 360.

Will all dogs love Woof Washer 360?

Woof washer 360 is a tool that normal dogs are not familiar with. They might feel different around it for some time.

For a dog that is used to bathing in a hose or a swimming pool, this might be alien. Not all dogs might like it at first sight. It will take time for them to get used to the tool and process how it works.

Some dogs get scared after using this washer. Some dogs might hate it. Since we cannot give a 100:100 proportion for all dogs to like it, it is best to run a trial before you start using it.

The answer to the question would be precise no. Not all dogs are bound to like it. With time they may get used to it and start loving it.

A host pumps water over, and this washer sprinkles water all around. This might startle your dog initially, but with time, they will get used to it.

If they do not get used to it and are still scared after some attempts, then go for some other product in the market.

Woof Washer 360 Price

In the United States, Woof Washer 360 costs only about $10. The best part about buying this washer is, you get a free bath brush to dry your dog after bathing.

This bath brush will cost around 3 to 4 dollars, but with woof washer 360, you get it for free.

A regular hose will cost around 39 to 50 Dollars. If you want a specific sprayer, you have to pay for it too—all of these sum up to $70.

If you choose woof washer 360, you have to pay one-third of the cost. You could never get a cheaper product than this.

The price of the washer might differ for each country. If you do not have delivery charges, it might slightly go down up and down between 10 to 15 dollars.

There might also be variations in delivery for each province. Ultimately, it will never cost you more than $20. This is cheaper than your one-time parlor visit. Giving a bath to them with woof washer 360 will be the best saving for you this year.

Summing up

Woof washer 360 is an innovative product designed to ease your work. You can save time and money, your dog will also be happy after using this.

You will love the design and the mechanism of the washer. You cannot always guarantee your dog’s satisfaction, but at least you can give it a try.