Dog Ate Sponge

Dog Ate Sponge – UPDATED 2021 – What To Do Now?

Dogs are curious animals, they usually won’t eat a sponge because sponges aren’t the most attractive or tasty things your dog would consider eating. However, your dog might have found a sponge lying around, and out of curiosity, it must have eaten that.

If your dog has eaten a sponge, it usually is not very dangerous. But we highly recommend that you contact your dog’s vet immediately so there are no issues in the future.

You should know the size of the sponge and the amount of the sponge that your dog ate and along with that the type of the sponge he ate, all this is necessary.

Dog Ate Sponge – What To Do Now?

If your dog ate a small piece of the sponge, it isn’t a concerning matter. If your dog looks healthy, does not show any concerning signs, and its stool is also usual for the next 48 hours, it should be fine, but it is better if you consult the vet once.

The size of your dog matters a lot in this case. The doggo’s size can make a difference in it being a dangerous situation or a not concerning situation. If your dog is big-sized, then a small piece won’t be a danger for him, but if you have a small-sized dog or a puppy, then the little bit of sponge can cause some health issues; you should contact your dog’s vet immediately in this scenario.

It is better to give your dog a high fiber and fat food when they eat sponges because it helps to expel them through poop.  The bulky food will wrap around the sponge inside their stomach, and the body will push it with other things through the stool. Also, check your dog’s poop for the next few days.

It will help if you try to feed your pet with high fiber and fat foods like fiber bread, canned plain pumpkin, brown rice, mashed potatoes, bran muffins, cottage cheese, etc.

Are Sponges Toxic For A Dog?

The sponges are not toxic, but the remnants on the sponge’s surface are more poisonous and can cause harm to your dog. Usually, it depends on the type of sponge your dog ate; it is easy to differentiate then what it would have swallowed and how dangerous it might be.

Kitchen Sponge

The sponges that are used in the kitchen for washing dishes can be dangerous. They still might have some amount of soap or detergent in them. This soap makes them very poisonous if the dog ingests the sponge.

Another reason why kitchen sponges are dangerous is that their coarse rubbing sides use polyurethane. The polyurethane can be hazardous to your dogs if they swallow the sponge’s rough side; this can cause wounds in their intestine and stomach along with inflammation.

Beauty Sponge

Beauty sponges usually use foam, and foams are not dangerous if ingested. However, the remnants of the beauty products sponge can be toxic and poisonous.

Some of the products are toxic for both humans and dogs if eaten, so it is necessary to know the purpose of a beauty blender. If your dog ate a beauty blender, then you should immediately call the pet poison helpline or the nearest clinic and describe to them what the product contained.

What Happens If Your Dog Eats Sponge?

Sponges absorb liquid, and they tend to enlarge when filled, this is one of the dangers your dog can face as it might create a blockage in the intestine and prevent them from eating anything, and they will face problems while excreting feces.

In this case, the doggo might need surgery to prevent any damage, so it is better to get your pup examined on time.

Keep your dog under watch to see if they are showing any signs of discomfort or unusual behavior. Sometimes it can take up to days and weeks for them to show any sign of concern.

Here are some common signs and symptoms of concern that you should notice, and if any of these occur, then contact the nearest vet clinic immediately:


If your dog starts to vomit and cough just after he ate the sponge, then he is trying to push that out, it is good that the sponge comes out of his body, but at the same time, it is perilous as the sponge can get stuck in the esophagus and cause suffocation.

If your dog starts vomiting after a few days of eating the sponge, it means the sponge is causing a blockage in his intestine, and you should immediately take your pet to the nearest pet clinic.


You must keep a check on your dog’s bowel movements. It is common for your dog to have constipation or diarrhea when there is some blockage in its intestine or stomach.

If the blockage gets too much, then your pup won’t pass anything and will only pass liquid stools, this can be painful, so it is ideal to take your dog to the vet as soon as you notice this.

Drowsiness and Lethargy

Drowsiness is the most common symptom you can notice in your dog. The sponge will create a blockage in your canine’s intestine, and this will result in its loss of appetite, inability to eat, sore muscles, and high fever.

Your dog will feel drained and tired and will not want to do any activity; he will be weak, low in energy, and might get anemic due to loss of nutrients.

Abdominal Pain

If your dog starts having stomach aches after some time, he ate the sponge; then you should bring him immediately to the nearest clinic as this is a significant warning sign.

Your dog might have lower abdomen pains due to inflammation, indigestion, constipation, and blockage in the intestine. Sometimes these unnecessary foreign objects can cause peritonitis, which can be deadly if not treated on time.


Dogs usually won’t eat a sponge until they find them lying around, or if this common, you should get your dog checked for Pica, which a psychological condition in your dog is obliged to eat all random things.

Always remember to keep things like a sponge out of your dog’s reach, and they manage to ingest it, then contact the vet immediately.