Dog Ate Uncooked Rice

Dog Ate Uncooked Rice? Here’s What You Should Know!

Hello, I’m Tom, a lifelong dog lover and today we are going to discuss most wanted topic related to dogs “Can Dog Ate Uncooked Rice” ?

Dogs love different kinds of foods including rice. In fact, a number of leading brands use rice as an ingredient in their pet foods. It is certainly a healthy food option for your pet.

It is a good idea to include rice in your dog’s daily diet, particularly when he is sick. This is because it can be quickly prepared and is low in fibre. It gets easily digested and provides the nutrition that helps boost the health and vitality of your pooch. Vets often recommend rice to dogs suffering from gastrointestinal problems because of its ability to calm the tummy.

But what if your dog likes to eat raw, uncooked rice? Should you be worried if your dog ate uncooked rice? What you should do if your pooch has had some raw rice? In this post, we answer all these questions and discuss all you need to know if your dog ate uncooked rice.

Dog Ate Uncooked Rice? Here’s What You Should Know!

No matter how cautious you are about your four-legged friend’s safety and health, he may tend to find and gulp something he should not. While some things like your medicine, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, chocolate and raw meats can be fatal to your dog’s health and should be avoided altogether, there are some food items that can cause harm if consumed on a daily basis.

Uncooked rice is one such food that most pet owners are confused about. While cooked rice is good for the dog’s health, most people are doubtful whether raw rice can be dangerous for the pet. Most dogs like chewing raw rice and other grains occasionally. It is common for the pet owners to be worried if it can cause any harm to the dog’s stomach or overall health.

Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Rice?

It is likely that your dog eats up whatever smells tasty. Most cooked and uncooked foods including rice can please your pet. While you may feel strange about uncooked rice, dogs are created differently and they consider food in a different way than humans. They have a different mind structure that guides them to eat whatever they find in front of them.

This means your dog can easily eat uncooked rice if it falls on the floor accidentally or you leave a container of raw rice open. You should know what to do if your dog eats uncooked rice, depending on how much he ate.

Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Rice

Is Raw Rice Bad For Dogs?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Raw rice, brown or white, is bad for dogs. Uncooked rice can easily soak moisture after entering the dog’s stomach and give rise to problems like constipation and indigestion. If your dog eats up raw rice, he can have a disturbed gastrointestinal balance and suffer from a variety of problems including indigestion, diarrhea and constipation.

The extent of problems the dog can face after eating raw rice depends on a variety of factors like the size of the dog, breed of the dog and the amount of uncooked rice he consumed. While properly cooked white rice adds to the nutrition value and helps improve digestion, raw rice is quite far from getting digested. It is much likely to trigger some type of GI upset followed by indigestion or diarrhea. You would certainly not want your pooch to get such a problem and should prevent him from eating raw rice.

My Dog Ate Raw White Rice, Now What?

There is so much that your dog can eat accidentally without any problem. However, it is unlikely that you give raw rice to your dog by mistake. But if in an event your dog swallows some raw rice, the first thing you should do is keep calm and not panic. You may feel like getting your dog throw up but this will only increase the stress levels in both you and the pooch. You surely don’t want to do this.

In most scenarios, the dog will vomit the raw rice out. But if that does not happen, you can make sure there is enough fresh water available to your dog. This is because raw rice tends to soak up a lot of moisture from the stomach and lead to a variety of problems like indigestion, diarrhea and constipation. Eating raw rice can be fatal in rare cases and cause organ failure. While there are very less chances of such a danger, you should be aware of all the potential adverse effects.

Is Raw Rice Bad For Dogs

What To Do If Dog Ate Uncooked Rice?

Once you know that your dog has eaten uncooked rice, the first thing you want to do is try to find out what quantity of rice he has consumed. It may be difficult to decipher but it is important to decipher this information as it is useful in trying to handle a situation where the pet has eaten something he should not.

Fortunately, raw rice takes some time before affecting the dog’s stomach and gastrointestinal tract. This means you need not rush to a veterinarian immediately as you find this. You can, rather, take time to call a vet to ask what you should do. In most cases, the raw rice would pass through the digestive system of the dog without causing severe issues or discomfort aside from the digestive issues mentioned above.

However, it is a good idea to seek professional advice before trying to induce vomiting and if you think the dog has eaten a significant amount of uncooked rice. While it is quite unlikely that eating raw rice would cause serious adverse effects on your dog’s health, it is essential to stay safe and calm. Give plenty of fresh drinking water to your pooch and call your vet for advice.