Female Dog Sanitary Trim

Female Dog Sanitary Trim – A Complete Guide (2021)

We live in an age where we seek companionship on the internet and would rather spend time alone than with people! Humans have gotten creative to beat the need for companionship. Here’s where we say hello to our cutie pet dogs!

They have become the first child for most of us in these trying times. Have you wondered which dog you are going to adopt? Female or male? We’ll tell you the difference between male and female dogs and the grooming required for female dogs!

The basic difference

Let’s start with the obvious difference between male and female dogs, their anatomical difference. They both have a different reproductive and genital system. The male pooches have a penis and testicles (unless they have been neutered) located on the underbelly. Female dogs have a vagina located on the dog’s rear under the anus. That being said, you can also make out their gender with their personality and behavior.

A male dog, especially if non-neutered, tends to be more competitive, dominant, and aggressive. Female dogs tend to be more on the softer side. They are easier to house, train and connect to. Although, when female dogs are in their heat period, which occurs every six months and lasts for two-three weeks, they can be very demanding. They seek extra attention and tend to be more aggressive due to the discomfort they are facing.

Having understood the difference, irrespective of the sex of the dog, make sure you connect to your pet and have an understanding with them. After all, they are going to be part of your family and support you emotionally and give you companionship.

Your pooch is now part of your home! Say you adopted a female golden retriever, a beautiful, golden flurry companion. Playing fetch in your backyard or local garden. You are thoroughly fascinated and overjoyed with your paw pet, aren’t you? But beware of her estrus cycle that happens every six months. Your companion will want to mate with the male dogs during this period unless you spay her.

The royal mane of your golden retriever will definitely need maintenance to control shedding. So, make sure to keep brushing her mane regularly. Your pet tends to get long hair growth, and it can get tedious to maintain. Regular trims that match your retriever’s natural look will make her hair her crowning glory. There are some amazing hairstyles that you can find for your lovely pooch.

Your fluffy pooch also needs extra care where her private parts are concerned. Especially during her heat period. Below are some things to keep in mind with respect to your female flurry companion.

Female dog sanitary trim

A sanitary trim is basically the trimming of hair on the ‘potty patch‘. It is the hygienic trim of the hair around the anus and vulva. Try to start a proper grooming regimen the minute you.

Adopt her. Make sure to do the sanitary trim before matting or fecal infection occurs. In case of matting or any infection, immediately takes her to the veterinarian or a professional groomer who can help you and your pooch. Invest in a specialized dog hair clipper with specific attachments to do the sanitary trim.

Can you cut a female dog’s pee hair?

A female dog’s pee hair is in a very sensitive as well as delicate area of its body. It is best to educate yourself before you try cutting your retriever’s pee hair. Not cutting the pee hair of your companion can lead to stinking, irritation for her, and leaves her open for infection. Her pee hair will be wet and uncomfortable, so it is best to trim it carefully.

How to clean a female dog’s private area?

Your golden friend will mostly clean up herself through licking. But, it is essential to clean her completely with a dog-friendly shampoo. A bath that starts face first and ends at the vulva is crucial for the comfort of your paw pet. Use a washcloth with a mixture of water and vinegar to wipe her vulva gently.

The vinegar will kill any bacteria and avoid the risk of infection. Make sure to give her mini baths regularly to ensure hygiene. You can watch online video tutorials to get a step by step procedure to help clean your pet and her private parts.

What to do for Dog vulva irritation after grooming?

Your companion is well-groomed and all clean. But, your retriever still seems uncomfortable. This might be because of vulva irritation caused due to overly close cutting of private area hair. It could also occur due to hot and blunt clippers.

What do you do to comfort your pet? Take her to a professional groomer or veterinarian for medicated oat shampoo bath. This will soothe the vulva and reduce the inflammation. After the medicated bath, a greaseless, non-fragrant cream will be applied to her vulva region. Next time ensure that your flurry pooch’s grooming is done with smaller and proper clippers to avoid inflammation.

Summing up

Your golden retriever wants to stay clean and hygienic as much as you. They have an inbuilt natural mechanism wherein they lick themselves to keep clean. You might have noticed your furry friend often licking her private parts to keep clean.

What does it mean when she suddenly stops doing this? Her glands probably need emptying, it could be dietary related, or there could be arthritis which might be in the lower back or tail. It is best to check with your veterinarian when your retriever stops washing herself. She/he will run the necessary tests and give you a legitimate diagnosis for your pet.

So, dog lovers groom your golden retriever or flurry companion regularly and well. Keep up to date with all health checkups and shots with your veterinarian. All crucial to ensure a perfect life with your furry friend.