Mylar Blankets For Cats

Mylar Blankets For Cats – Best Bedding For Outdoor Cat Houses

You might have been taking care of a feral cat who you know will never accept an indoor lifestyle. Or you have a barn cat that is not happy when brought inside. You certainly don’t want to be an evil person who leaves the pets outdoors in the winter but you can’t help. It is possible to keep outdoor cats warm in the winter without getting them in.

In this post, let us discuss some effective ways to keep cats warm through the cold months. Whether you have a cat that likes to stay outdoors or looking to provide some shelter to stray or feral cats, this guide should help you keep all your feline friends warm and cozy.

Mylar Blankets For Cats – UPDATED 2021

One of the best ways to help feral cats is to give them an outdoor shelter where they can rest when it gets too cold in winter. You can either buy a cat house online or make one yourself using some materials that work in low temperatures. One such aid is the mylar blanket or space blanket made out of heat-reflective plastic sheets.

Mylar blankets are low-weight blankets without much bulk designed to reduce the heat loss in the person that would otherwise occur. These blankets are a great choice for the interior of a cat shelter. You can use them to line the interior walls, ceiling and floor of a cat house. Mylar blankets are quite inexpensive and can be easily cut to fit the interior of the shelter and attached with glue.

You can find a wide variety of Mylar blankets sold as safety blankets for people. These blankets, when used as the interior of cat shelter, keep the cats protected from the cold by reflecting the body heat back to them. Mylar blankets are also known to be effective when laid on the floor of the shelters. They don’t take away body heat like other blankets when the animal sits on its top.

Best Bedding For Outdoor Cat Houses

The bedding used in an outdoor cat house is quite important as it decides whether or not the cat is safe and comfortable. You can always purchase insulated cat shelters but this option doesn’t work when trying to protect a large number of feral cats. Making an outdoor cat house on your own and repurposing items into a shelter is easy and cost-effective.

The best bedding for outdoor cat houses will not only keep the cats warm and dry but also make it easy to clean and replace. A lot of people use newspapers as bedding. Shredded newspaper is light and fluffy and holds heat during winter nights. It is an inexpensive bedding option for outdoor cat shelters and can be easily replaced to prevent mess.

Another excellent option for cat house bedding is straw. It does a great job at repelling moisture, meaning the cat doesn’t get cold when sleeping on it. Straw also traps heat and protects the felines from cold during nights. You should avoid using hay, old towels and blankets. They are not good options for bedding as they can absorb moisture and chill the outdoor cats.

Bedding For Feral Cat Shelter

A great way to keep feral cats warm in their shelter is to provide the right bedding. You can easily make self-warming cushions by sewing a Mylar blanket inside another fabric. Wool is a good choice as it doesn’t absorb the cat’s body heat and repels water. The reflective properties of the Mylar blanket send the body heat back towards the feral cats to keep them warm when sleeping on it.

Here are some options for self-warming bedding suitable for a feral cat shelter.

Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Cat Bed

This pet bed contains a layer of insulating Mylar film that retains and reflects the cat’s body heat while protecting it from the cold floor. The velvety cover provides a soft surface for comfort during cold nights. It also has a hypoallergenic foam that offers a bouncy surface for older pets with aches and pains.

Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds

The large round cat bed comes with an interior Mylar layer that reflects the body heat for warmth and comfort. It is made out of faux wool with plush sides and is lightweight in design. It requires no plug or electricity. Overstuffed bolsters give support to the head, neck and back of the pet while the non-skid bottom keeps the bed stable and in place.

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat

The soft and soothing cat mat creates a cozy spot for pets. The mat contains a thermal layer that reflects the animal’s body heat to make it warm. Dual-sided use allows the pet to choose the side to sleep on. Ultra-soft fleece construction offers a combination of durability and comfort.

Mylar Blankets For Feral Cats

Let us take a look at some of the best options for Mylar blankets to use for outdoor shelters aimed to protect feral cats from cold.

Marunda Thermal Cat Mat

A high-quality pet mat designed to keep the animals comfortable when sleeping, this mat is made up of soft material with an innovative thermal inner layer that reflects the cat’s body temperature to keep it warm.

Arcturus Survival Blanket

This multi-purpose blanket makes an excellent choice for an outdoor cat shelter as it features a Mylar reflective side that reflects the body heat and keeps the cats warm during cold nights. It is a lightweight blanket that can be used as a tarp or shelter.

NYKKOLA Emergency Mylar Blankets

A non-bulky and easy to carry blanket that works perfectly for cat houses, the mylar thermal blanket reflects 90 percent of the body heat to give warmth. It is made up of sturdy materials and is water and windproof.