What Is Goat Meat Called

What Is Goat Meat Called? All You Need To Know About Mutton!

Do you find yourself obsessed with non-vegetarian meat cuisine? Are you looking to try out different meat-types to enhance your foodie-experience? Well, you are not the only one!

You must have stumbled upon the common stuff, like chicken, turkey, beef, pork — no doubt. But in case you are wondering what goat meant is called and what is it like, this is the guide for you.

Goat meat, or mutton, is a common type of meat in many of the African, South Asian, and Middle Eastern countries. Speaking of which, did you know that goat meat is the most eaten in the world!?

You might be familiar with sheep meat, which is also referred to as mutton. But without any further ado, let us read along with the interesting facts about goat mutton!

What is goat meat Called? –  Multiple names to goat mutton

Well, believe it or not, but goat meat has more than just one or two names. Although the most common one is mutton, chevon is next in line.

That being said, the above-mentioned names are strictly to refer to adult goat meat. Meanwhile, the meat that comes from younger goats is either known as cabrito or capretto.

You must wonder that if both sheep and goat meat are called mutton, how would you know what you were ordering? So, here is the deal. Sure, if the meat is that of an adult goat or sheep, it is called mutton. However, if the sheep is less than a year old, you get the lamb. As opposed to adolescent sheep meat, which is referred to as hogget.

So make sure you know your terms and do not get confused. Then again, when in doubt, just ask the chef!

How does goat meat taste?

Well, just so you know, goat meat is delicious! Unlike a lot of red meats you might have had, it has got a sweet little aftertaste to it. Hey, maybe you would also be interested in knowing that goat meat is gentle on the environment too!

We will go ahead and see how that is the case after we look into a few health benefits of goat meat. But getting back to the taste, you might find it slightly gamy in flavor too. If you are one of those people who like that about your meat, you are going to have a good time.

One particular thing about goat means, just like chicken, is that its popularity is spread over the world. So, depending on what region you are in or what food chain you are dining at, you will get to taste a range of goat meat.

For instance, there is a different way that Mexicans cook it from the way that Jamaicans do. If you happen to be having goat meat in the South Asian style, greater chances are that it will be in curry.

The recipes are so versatile that you could even have it with stew or salsa. Even wrapped up in a tortilla, for that matter! No combination can go wrong with goat meat, so explore away.

goat meat called

How healthy is goat meat?

By this point, it must have struck you that goat meat is popular. Needless to say that one reason for it is that goat meat is super healthy.

Considered in the red meat category, it has considerably lesser fat than other popular meat types like chicken, beef, pork, or such. The same is the case with the cholesterol content.

To make it simpler for your understanding, a goat meat service of, say, three ounces only has about 120 calories. While that may be the case, it is also packed with a protein content that is about 25 grams. You get the idea, right?

If you want to get into the details, you could look up a nutrition chart, which will list them for you.

How is goat on the environment?

If you are a conscious consumer who realizes and acknowledges the harsh effects of meat consumption, know this! Goat is much higher on the environmental-friendliness scale as compared to other meat types out there.

They are known to consume things like weeds and bushes, unlike the average cattle that only goes for grass. Meaning, they have a much lesser impact on the environment since others are widely grazing animals.

In case you have heard that goats eat trash or road-side garbage, that is untrue and just a myth. In case you have come across a goat biting on a carton or can, that is because it is trying to lick off the tasteful leftovers.

Lastly, goats do not take up half as much as land that a cow might, for obvious reasons. Since we are in this comparison, it is also a fact that they are much more efficient in their diet and food habits. Even the milk that they produce is more than a cow might.

Is that not interesting?

How expensive is goat meat?

Ah, you have finally come to the question that is funnily the most intriguing one. And to answer it in short, goat meat generally costs more than other meat types you find in the market.

But why wouldn’t that be the case? After viewing the health benefits along with its versatility in taste, it would only be a given. Then, we also saw how the animal and its meat are on the environment. So, there you go!

Final thoughts on goat meat

Throughout this article, you have read informative insights into what goat meat is actually like. Maybe you came here with the curiosity of getting to know a little bit before trying it out for the first time.

Any which way, be without worry because goat meat will reach up to your expectations if not exceed them. Though it tends to be a little costlier in comparison with other meat types, your experience will be worth it.

In choosing by shifting to goat meat, you will be making a conscious choice not just towards your health but also towards the environment. Have a happy and delicious experience!