Black GoldenDoodle

Black GoldenDoodle – Complete Black Teddy Bear Doodle Guide

Are you a pet lover? And planning to buy one? Then you must first start looking for the type of breed that you want as your pet.  Most pet lovers prefer the ones that have the perfect temperament and the right requirements that suites their lifestyle.  Sometimes, you think that you have found the right breed, but unfortunately, your pet has this one characteristic that you cannot tolerate. For instance, if you take Husky, it has the best personality, but it is too active and doesn’t like indoor life much. Whereas the Dachshund is a perfect dog for apartments, and they are very friendly, but they walk slow especially if you like to take them to jogs along with you.

However, don’t get disappointed, you sure to find the best designer breeds that fit perfectly into your lifestyle.  Designer dogs are made by crossbreeding between two purebred parents.  According to breeders, Black Goldendoodle is one of the most popular and most loved breeds among the designer breeds.  Also, Pomeranian Husky mix called Pomsky is another a very popular designer dog

The Black Goldendoodle is a mix of a purebred Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever, and this crossbreed gets the best of both the parents in terms of personality, intelligence, and looks. These Goldendoodle does not shed coat like other breeds and the black Goldendoodle is the perfect choice for those individuals who are looking for a perfect dog breed.

Black Goldendoodle Coat Types

The Black Goldendoodles have different types of coats as it depends on which characteristic is more overriding.  Each coat type needs certain grooming and gives a unique look to each black Goldendoodle.  However, you should know before buying that it is hard to find the coat type of Goldendoodle when they are still puppies.

Straight Coat

The straight coat Black Goldendoodle sare considered being more ordinary-looking dogs, but they are rare to find. Mostly, Black Goldendoodles have a curly or wavy coat, but if it has a straight coat, then it might have more of Golden Retriever genes.  These straight coat Black Goldendoodle doesn’t have the cute teddy bear look, but they don’t need much maintenance, and they may need a weekly once brushing, unlike the curly Goldendoodles.

Bushy/Wavy Coat

The busy or wavy coat type Black Goldendoodles is the most common type that you find. This type of coat is also easy to maintain as it requires weekly once brushing and the best part is these coat type dogs do not shed at all.

Curly Coat

Curly coat Black Goldendoodles are categorized by its curls. Each curl differs significantly on length and tightness depending on their heredity.  You can find Black Goldendoodle that has loose barrel curl that you find on the purebred standard poodle.  This coat type requires regular brushing to avoid matting.  If you don’t have time to maintain your Goldendoodle’s coat, then you can shorten the fur, but the best part is these coat type dogs also never shed.


 The size of Black Goldendoodle varies as their size depends on the size of their parents.  The most standard sizes of Black Boldendoodle include:

  • Large Black Goldendoodle – Height: between 22 and 26inces, and weight: between 45 and 100pounds
  • Standard Black Goldendoodle – Height: between 13 and 20inches, and weight: between 40 and 50pounds
  • Mini Black Goldendoodle – Height: between 12 and 20inches, and weight: between 15 and 30pounds.

Golden doodles are found in different colors. Black Golden doodle mainly gets the black color coat from the Poodles family. The genes of the poodle also produce other colors like dark brown or chocolate, grey or silver.  If your Golden doodle is dark brown, black, or grey color, which means your dog gets more of poodle genes than the Golden Retriever.

Also, most of the time the black pigmentation of a black coat of a Golden doodle puppy can change into grey when they grow old or grown fully.

f1b goldendoodle

Black Golden doodle Cost

The cost of Golden doodle will vary as it mostly depends on the size, coat, and the color of the puppy. The black Golden doodle is the most popular among pet lover and these dogs cost between 1500-dollars to 2000-dollars.

Personality and Nature of a Black Golden doodle

Black Golden doodles are very loyal, patient, and gentle. They are very friendly and like to follow you wherever you go with a cute smile on their face.  The Temperament of Golden doodle is stable and even, though they get naughty sometimes when they are in playing mood. As a pet owner, you can correct this naughtiness with proper training.

The problem with black Golden doodles is that they are friendly even with strangers, so they cannot be guard dogs because of this reason.  Even if there are intruders, they mostly welcome them with kisses.


Like said earlier, maintaining the Black Golden doodle coat depends mostly on the type of coat that your Golden doodle has. Curly or wavy and shaggy coats need regular grooming compared to the straight coat Golden doodles.  Here you can find more grooming tips that can help you take care of your Black Goldendoodle grooming needs and keep them in top shape:

  • If your Golden doodle loves swimming, then make sure to clean his/her ears often and look if there are any ear infections.
  • Cut or trim their nails when they grow big
  • Make sure to brush your pet’s teeth frequently to protect him/her from the risk of getting periodontal disease.

Health issues

The most common health issues of Black Golden doodles include:

  • Patellar Luxation: This health condition in the dog fails to form the knee correctly. The dog cannot bend its knee joint when it is suffering from patellar luxation. However, this health condition can be controlled by surgery in serious conditions or pain killers in mild situations.
  • Hip Dysplasia: It is a common health condition that is mostly found in large Black Golden doodles, but the best thing is that this disease can be controlled through medicines and if some serious conditions, surgery is required.
  • Eye Problems: Some of these Black Golden doodles will have some eye issues like PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and Cataracts.  If you have noticed that your dog has eye problems, and then makes sure to take him/her to eye-check-up.


As mentioned before, Black Golden doodles are very playful and active; they love to play all the time. That is why it is very important to exercise them frequently so that you can prevent them from becoming troublesome or being naughty. But, these exercises do not need to be something big, all that they need is a long walk or a few minutes of play in a close-by the park is more than enough.

Like any other dog breeds, leaving your black Golden doodle some alone time will also help your dog strengthen the bond between you and him/her.

Do Black Golden doodles shed?

Well, Black Golden doodle does shed coat, but not as much as the original purebred breeds shed. Also, many people say that this breed doesn’t shed because it has more Poodle genes. However, you should know that all dogs shed as it is a natural process that occurs during seasonal changes.

Black Golden doodle shed coat occasionally like other dogs, but these dogs have a curly coat so the hair gets trapped and doesn’t fall out naturally. That is why many people think that they don’t shed, but the fact is this breed also sheds coat but sheds very less.

The black Golden doodle inherits the coat gene more from its poodle parent and that is the reason it shed less than other shaggy or straight coat dog.

Other Popular Colors of Golden doodle

Apart from black Golden doodle, they come in different colors and some of these Golden doodle colors are unique as they inherit unique genes.  Some of these Golden doodle colors include Apricot, Red, and Cream, the breed obtain these colors as they inherit more of Golden Retriever parent genes.  The colors like dark brown, grey, and black are inherited from the Poodle gene.

The F1B Golden doodle

The F1B Golden doodle is a cross that is 25-percent Golden Retriever and 75-percent Poodle, and they come in different sizes and shapes. F1B Golden doodles are more popular breeds as they are very gentle and affectionate and many breeders prefer this cross as they are better generation compared to other generations.


Black Golden doodles are the best and friendly-family dogs. They are great with elderly people, children, and other pets.  If you train them properly, then they can fit into your lifestyle quickly and easily, for that matter it can fit in any lifestyle and family as well.  Black Golden doodle is the perfect pet for people who love hiking and swimming.  As they are easy to train, this makes them the best service dogs.  Golden doodles are also the best pet choice for people with allergies as they shed very less and also they are considered the best therapy dogs.

Before buying a Black Golden doodle, you should find out the reputation of the breeder. Also, it is advisable to avoid puppy mills completely as they might dissatisfy you finally.