Can You Eat Possum

Can You Eat Possum – Are There Dangers of Eating A Possum?

Possums are very popular in survival food. They are easy to cook and taste yum. Yes, you can, of course, eat a possum, provided you have the right means to cook it. However, if you are truly interested in the wild part of eating a possum, catch it on your own instead of buying it from the market.

Depending on where you live, you would be able to find a possum quite easily. They are small creatures but are a bit too fast. If you can lure them properly, they will be on your plate in no time.

You mostly find possums on trees. If you don’t keep careful, you might find something else instead of a possum. Chances are you might end up catching a skunk instead! Moreover, you cannot use a torch as they will get alert and start to run away.

You could set up some traps that are sure to lure possums only. Set more than one trap so that at least of them catches the right prey. You can also find one or two running on the roads, most probably hunting for lunch.

Can You Eat Possum – What happens when you catch them?

Yes, a human can eat Possum meat. However one thing to remember is that possums can eat almost everything. They might be eating something very gross that you would never want in your system. Therefore, once you have managed to catch a possum, keep it alive for one or two days and feed it corns only.

This will get all the unwanted foods out of its system, after which you can have it without much safety issues. Possums can also feed on garbage for a very long time. They have no regard for hygiene whatsoever when it comes to keeping them properly fed.

The kind of dirt taken in by your possum would affect its taste. If you don’t care about this factor, you might end up having a very bad experience with your meal. Possums that feed on fresh foods and vegetables will, however, give you a very good taste.

Possums are fast and run here and there quite quickly. You might lose patience after a while because they just don’t come into your hands that easily. Even if you catch them and keep them trapped for one or two days, you will realize they are quite hard to kill.

Moreover, if they find themselves out of options, they can simply play dead or ‘possum.’ This trait helps them get away from becoming prey quite easily. These animals are very popular for this and can use this for getting away even from hunting birds such as eagles.

Are there dangers of eating a possum?

Possums offer very rich and quality meat. They are yummy and contain a fine amount of fat too. However, consuming them may result in some issues. The biggest problem that you may find yourself in would be the chances of having tuberculosis.

Yes, TB is a very common problem associated with having possums. There is no solution to this problem, and that is why even experienced possum hunters suffer from it. The real reason behind this is that possums usually suffer from TB themselves and thus pass on the disease to you.

The best way to ensure that your possum meat is free from this disease is to skin it properly. Thorough skinning would let you have an idea of exactly what is wrong with it. If you find some signs of ill health, say goodbye to your catch. If you end up eating the meat anyway, you will surely get TB.

One way to tell if the animal has the disease is to check if their arms and legs are normal. A possum suffering TB would have big swollen regions under the arms and in the groin area too. In some cases, the swelling gets even larger than that of a golf ball.

Advantages of eating possums

If you have ensured there are no problems associated with your prey and it looks healthy and clean enough, you are in for a nice delicious feat. As mentioned above, make sure the possum is corn fed for at least two days.

Once that is covered, you can start preparing your feast. Certain methods will help you cook possums in the right ways. By doing so, you get to taste a slice of soft meat that is very rich in proteins and has the right amounts of fat.

Don’t worry; the fat found in the possum is not unhealthy for you. You are not going to lose your hard-earned body because possums contain fats that are good for your health. They provide your energy and keep you active for a long time.

Various possum lovers suggest that by cooking the possum for more than around ninety minutes on low flame, you can make it taste somewhat like a lamb! This would mean the meat you are about to have a highly nutritious meal with all the vitamins and proteins.

The real reason why people are so crazy about possums is that they taste delicious. Their meat is quite distinct and has a softness you can’t compare with any other meat.

To Sum It Up

Possums are a good catch if you are ever able to catch them. In case you are a newbie, you will not be able to catch them unless you have a whole plan prepared and a team in position to assist you. No matter how many traps you place there, you don’t develop the eye to recognize them in the dark; hunting could get very difficult.

You also should develop rapid motor skills to catch them while they are running at a very high speed. The advantage of catching a possum on your own is that you would know exactly what kind of meat it has and the diet it will take in before you consume it.

Make sure to go through each point mentioned above so that you know how to eat a possum the right way.