Red Goldendoodle

Red Goldendoodle – 7 Things You May Not Know About Them

Are you looking for more information about the Red Goldendoodle or do you want to adopt him? Then, you are on the right page here you can find more details about the Red Goldendoodle.

The red covering is just the beginning…

Get to know the Red Goldendoodle

You can find many dog lovers and I am one among them.  I love all types of dogs, but I love this Red Goldendoodle named Chloe a bit more than other dogs.  This pup Chloe has a cinnamon-red curly coat that covers her goofy personality. The Red Goldendoodle is a very friendly and affectionate dog that can fit right in any family, and also it is very playful with little kids and other pet dogs.

red goldendoodle puppy

If you are like me a doodle-obsessed, self-professed dog mom, then you should check this quiz “10-Signs You Might Be a Doodle Dog Fanatic.”  I am not just that, but also a passionate researcher and I have acquired quite a bit of information about the Goldendoodle and their lifestyle. Why I gathered information about its lifestyle is because you can learn doggo lingo, join doodle meet-ups and romps, and you can shop for gear for your pet and you, and enjoy many exciting adventures along with you Goldendoodle.

Inspired by Ruby and Chole, (BTW Ruby is Chloe’s cousin), here are 7-things that I have studied about Red Goldendoodles:

1. Red is one of many colors of Goldendoodles

Are you thinking from where these Goldendoodle designer dog breeds get their adorable looks? Then, you should know that these adorable and good looking dogs get their cute looks from their adorable parent breed. As you all know Goldendoodle is a cross between Poodle and Golden Retriever.  Both the purebred Poodle and Golden Retriever are found in red, apricot, and cream color coats. Also, the purebred Poodle breed is found in chocolate, black, and parti combo color. Check out my article “What is a Goldendoodle” for more facts about this designer breed.

Here are some of the standard Coat Colors of Goldendoodle

  • White
  • Red
  • Apricot
  • Cream
  • Brow or Chocolate
  • Black
  • Parti ( a combination of black or brown and white)
  • Other Phantom combinations

It doesn’t matter what color coat doodle you want to adopt, it is sure that it will add color to your life.

red goldendoodle mini

2. The coat color of a Goldendoodle can change as they grow

Ruby and Chloe both had a red coat when they were puppies, but gradually the color changed as they grow old.  As per my study and gathered information from other Goldendoodles moms, it looks natural that most of these red Goldendoodles coat colors lighten as they grow old.  Even a dark deep red puppy coat may fade or lighten when they become adult dogs.

When I adopt Chole, it came with a deep red coat, but as it was growing big her body has lightened, but her tail and ears remained the same.

I believe Goldendoodle gives a similar feeling as when you open a box of Cracker Jacks. Because you don’t know what’s inside the box and what kind of surprises you will get. Similarly, you don’t know what will be the coat color and its personality of your Goldendoodle. But, it is sure that you can expect lots of fun and happiness.

3. Color changes are regular

When Chloe was around 5-months old, I have noticed some white hair growing in her red coat. Gradually, her red coat lightened and changed to kind of cinnamon red.  Chloe is now a mature adult, and I have noticed some small white hair growing around her eyes.

Also, Chloe has black toenails, why I am telling you this is because cutting black nails of your dog can be a tough task than trimming light nails. Cutting black nails is challenging as it is hard to see the nail clearly, and there are more chances of cutting the nail deep into the skin.

It is sure that these lovable Goldendoodle’s coat changes as they grow old, but their energetic and adorable personalities make you happy all the time.

4. Red Goldendoodles are a lot more than their cute teddy bear looks

Goldendoodles dogs no matter what coat type (curly, wavy, or fleece), coat, or size, they are so much more than their cute teddy bear looks.  As they are social, smart, and easily trained dogs and many Goldendoodles are working dogs including service dogs or therapy dogs.  If you want to know more about the certification of a therapy dog, then check out the McSquare Doodles blog where you can find more information on certification of a therapy dog for your pet.

Also, you can look at the daily routine of Jaxson and Harley, two Goldendoodle therapy dogs trained to help patients feel relaxed at a hospital.

5. Goldendoodle breed dogs most of them love energy burns, exercises, brain games, and adventures

Like any other Goldendoodles, Red Goldendoodle requires daily exercises and a lot of mental stimulation or brain games. Basically, they are very active dogs and they love to play with kids and other pet dogs. Whether it is a hike on nature trails, walking through a neighborhood, or jogging in a park, you and your dog can lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

red goldendoodle f1b

6. A Goldendoodle can bring happiness in your life

Adopting a Goldendoodle into your family can be very exciting and also you need to take care of these new responsibilities. That is why it is important to spend more time with your little pet and give lots of love and care for this new member of the family. Also, they need to socialize, family-time, suitable exercises as per their age, and also you should take your dog to veterinary care regularly, and give your time and attention. Like said before, your pet brings more joy to you when you give your pet the required attention.

7. Goldendoodles are the best breed

Goldendoodles are very fast learners, and they can easily socialize with the entire family and adapt your lifestyle in just a matter of time.  Goldendoodles are smart, a bit naughty, and loveable breed and they come in different coat colors, including white, cream, red, black, and golden color