What Does Dove Taste Like

What Does Dove Taste Like? – UPDATED 2021

Most of the hunters look for migratory birds for their meat. In the case of doves, people hunt them and eat them for sport. A majority of the people hunt for mourning doves. Every year there is a dove season wherein people participate in hunting the doves and eating them. This event happens in Alabama.

People may wonder what exactly the doves taste like, and the mourning doves are almost the same as ducks or geese. This is mainly because they are migratory birds. Such birds have very dark meat, which is very ripped and lean as well.

Is it different from other meat?

Since the doves are migratory birds, their breasts and legs are in shape due to the long flights. They are considered gamy, and even though they are lean, the dove’s meat does have a rich flavor.

What most people don’t take note of is that it is important to prepare the meat in the usual manner. Some people tend to spend a lot of time preparing the meat and end up overcooking it. This meat can be cooked just the way chicken is cooked and might turn out to be very delicious.

The taste and other descriptions

The taste of dove meat is often compared to the flavor of a wild berry. It has a comparatively mild taste and is fine-grained as well. They even do taste a bit like ducks. Since it does have a rich flavor, it tends to overpass the other migratory bird’s taste.

Dove meat also has a lot of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It is said to have a rather silky texture, which goes well with a lot of sides, bacon, cream cheese, to name a few.

Nutritional value

Dove meat is said to be richer in nutrients than chicken. They have almost the same amount of protein as cows. Since protein helps in creating a healthy metabolism and is essential, most people tend to prefer doves over chicken.

Since some markets do provide dove meat, their nutritional value and taste attract more people than other meat. Selenium is another mineral that protects people from muscle pains, heart diseases, and even cancer. It also reduces the risk of arthritis.

What are Eurasian doves

Points to consider while preparing

Dove meat doesn’t have enough moisture. This must be taken into consideration, especially while preparing it since the meat might end up being dry. As mentioned above, this meat tastes exceptionally good with a lot of different sides.

Preparing it with bacon will add more flavor to the meat. The breast must be wrapped in bacon and will not leave the meat being completely plain and dry. The dryness can also be avoided by marinating it.

The breasts need to be soaked in the marinade or even water, for that matter. This will be able to provide enough moisture for the meat. The meat will automatically retain it and avoid dryness. Cooking for a long time will also result in making the meat dry.

Most people don’t like the taste of dove meat because it may seem too plain and dry. One of the reasons for this could be overcooking. It may seem as though the meat isn’t edible and needs to be cooked more. This leads the meat to lose all its nutrients, taste, and moisture as well.

Cooking the pieces separately by splitting them can also be helpful since it takes lesser time for the meat to be fully cooked. Adding seasons and spices will bring in more flavor. Some people dislike the taste of dove because it has a similar taste to the liver. This is mainly because it is either overcooked or is cooked plainly.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of meat is dove?

Dove meat is generally red meat, and they are gamy most of the time. The breasts are also not white-meat and are considerably tough with great flavor.

What are Eurasian doves?

Eurasian-collared doves are a bit larger than mourning doves, and they can be hunted all year. Since its size is bigger, its meat is also larger in quantity as compared to other doves. This is one of the main reasons so why hunters have always enjoyed hunting such Eurasian-collared doves.

How do you cook dove breasts?

Dove’s breasts taste well if they are grilled. After splitting the breasts into two parts or more, if you like, it should be grilled. Each side should be grilled for about 4 minutes. The breasts should be firm and look pinkish; it should be then taken out and kept out for another 4 minutes.

Serving it with some sides or even wrapping it with bacon will do wonders. It can also be served with rice and other spices and seasonings. Overcooking will completely dry out the meat and will have a different taste. Since dove is red meat, grilling it to a medium is a must.

Is hunting for a dove tough?

Since mourning doves do migrate a lot, their legs and wings are strong. Hence, hunting them down can get a bit difficult at times since they tend to move quickly. Male mourning doves especially can be a bit more aggressive, and they try to protect their territory as much as possible.

Being vigilant and quick is essential while hunting for doves, especially mourning doves.


Hunting doves can be a bit difficult than expected. Nonetheless, the hunt will be worth what it has to offer. Even though doves are quite small in size, they can provide quite a rich nutritious meal.

The taste of the bird isn’t quite like the chicken or even turkey, for that matter. The best way to cook the meat is by grilling with a bit of side and seasonings. Meat also provides a lot of nutrition and minerals for good health.

Moreover, overcooking the meat can lead to a rather odd taste due to its dryness. This is an integral part to consider while preparing the meal. With a lot of benefits and rich taste, trying it out at least once will be worth it.